Casio Celviano AP-550 Digital Piano

Get the authentic piano experience with an elegant cabinet with an opening lid, and 39 meticulously sampled sounds -- including a C. Bechstein 9-foot grand.

The Casio AP-550's 9-foot Hamburg concert grand piano delivers a sought-after pinnacle of musical expression. Captured using dozens of exceptional microphones and meticulously matched to the AP-550's keys and speaker system, this stunning piano tone is incredibly rich, detailed, and versatile. Damper and string resonance add the natural "bloom" of a full-size grand, along with subtle mechanical sounds that complete the sonic atmosphere of one of the world's most coveted and majestic pianos.

In addition to the Hamburg grand, the AP-550 also boasts a distinct New York variant of the same marque, voiced with the same painstaking attention to detail. This brilliant recreation completes a tapestry of the most famous acoustic pianos ever played. In your hands, it represents a completely different piano personality that will take your playing in new directions.

The AP-550's 26 onboard Tones also cover essential instruments like electric pianos, organs, strings and more, inviting a lifetime of musical exploration.

A Touch of Greatness
The Celviano Edition Smart Hybrid Hammer Action keys deliver a gratifying touch-to-sound connection, drawing you ever deeper into the immersive feel of playing a concert grand. These award-winning keys have been refined to harmonize not only with the instrument's sound source, but also with its unique cabinetry and acoustic structure.
Made from a combination of Spruce and resin, they provide the dynamic and natural response you'd expect from a well-regulated read more grand piano, including replicating the individual hammer behavior of each of the 88 individual keys.
Using fine-grained Spruce as opposed to coarser-grained wood adds resilience, density, balance, and a familiar and stately aesthetic. Advanced damping materials make the keys whisper-quiet, and the playable surfaces are subtly textured to provide extra comfort and confidence.

Controls On Demand
Select Tones and adjust various settings with the illuminated touch sensor controls on the left-hand panel. While playing, these controls vanish in order to provide a natural, distraction-free piano experience. Simply touch the panel to activate them again.

Music to Your Ears
Get comfortable on the included adjustable bench, adjust the volume, and let the AP-550's four-speaker amplification system envelop you with natural, evocative, and powerful sound. Rich and clear at any level, the AP-550's speakers are an integral part of its piano authenticity.
Two discrete amplifiers and four resin-core speakers simultaneously project sound upwards from beneath the lid, towards the player, and downwards, mimicking the audible behavior of an acoustic grand. Connect headphones to keep it all to yourself, with an automatic Headphone Mode accentuating bass levels at lower listening volumes.
The AP-550's advanced Hall Simulation places your dream piano in your choice of four dream venues, be it an NYC club, a Berlin concert hall, or a British stadium. Add the Surround effect to place yourself right at center stage, enjoying your chosen piano and ambience from all sides.

See the Light
Above the keys is the Visual Information Bar, a unique and innovative visualizer that reacts to and empowers your playing. As a metronome, it facilitates practice by displaying a pulsing beat in your choice of patterns. By displaying playing strength and pedal depth, it also helps teachers to better help their students to refine their technique. It can even react to incoming Bluetooth audio, providing beautiful and customizable visualization to match any mood. The Visual Information Bar can also be disabled, keeping the front panel distraction-free as you play.

Instant RePlayer
With a piano this inspiring, you'll find musical ideas flowing faster than ever, leading to those inevitable "I wish I'd recorded that" moments. The AP-550's new Instant RePlayer allows you to go back in time and revisit your recent performances. At the touch of a button, you can immediately hear the last few minutes of your playing, even if you forgot to begin recording. As you review your playing, the Visual Information Bar serves as a timeline, allowing you to pinpoint the exact musical memory you want to revisit.

Expression at Every Step
The AP-550's generously-sized pedals are based closely on the design and operation of grand piano pedals. Freedom of expression is preserved with a continuously variable damper pedal and two-level soft pedal, allowing you to select your desired amount of sustain and soft effects at any given time.

Elevated Elegance
The AP-550 is a graceful and luxurious addition to any space in your choice of Black, White, and striking Rosewood finishes. With its handsome cabinetry, gentle curves, and thoughtful details such its reflective front panel and gold-trimmed soft-close key cover, the AP-550 lends traditional piano elegance in a fraction of the space of a full-size grand.

Untethered Exploration
The included WU-BT10 Bluetooth Audio and MIDI Adapter opens up a whole world of wireless communication with your favorite apps. Use the Casio Music Space app to adjust your piano's settings, view and annotate sheet music, work with audio files, and much more. With Bluetooth audio, the AP-550 becomes a powerful, rich, and clear speaker system that easily fills any room, and begs you to play along.


- Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keys (Celviano Edition) with Spruce construction
- 26 Tones featuring a new Hamburg grand piano plus a New York variant
- String & damper resonance, key-off simulation, mechanical sounds
- Elegant, compact design with sliding soft-close key cover and three fixed pedals
- Illuminated touch sensor controls that disappear while playing
- Visual Information Bar displaying metronome beats, key/pedal velocity and more
- Layer, Split, and Duet Mode capability
- Four Hall Simulations plus chorus, brilliance, and preset DSP effects
- Instant RePlayer continuous recorder
- MIDI & Audio Recorder with USB storage
- 60-song Music Library with easy learning via the free Casio Music Space app
- 40-watt, 4-speaker amplification system plus dual headphone outputs
- Class-compliant USB-MIDI plus included WU-BT10 Bluetooth MIDI & Audio Adapter
- Included height-adjustable padded piano bench
- 88-Key Digital Scaling
- Hammer Response (4 levels, tone, off)
- Key Off Response (3 levels, tone)
- String Resonance (4 levels, tone, off)
- Damper Resonance (4 levels, tone, off)
- Key Action Noise (4 levels, tone, off)
- Damper Noise (4 levels, tone, off)
- Key Off Simulator
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- Number of Keys: 88
- Key Action: Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard CELVIANO Edition (Hybrid of Wood & Plastic)
- Touch Sensitivity: 5 sensitivity levels, off
- Counterweight: Yes
- 88-Key Digital Scaling: Yes
- Hammer Response: Yes (4 levels, off)
- Key Off Response: Yes (3 levels, off)
- Polyphony (maximum): 256
- Number of Built-in Tones: 26
- Grand Piano Tones: 6 (Hamburg new waveform)
- Sound Source: Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR
- Layer: Yes
- Split: Yes
- Simulator: Key Off Simulator: Yes
- String Resonance: Yes (4 levels, off)
- Damper Resonance: Yes (4 levels, off)
- Key Action Noise: Yes (4 levels, off)
- Damper Noise: Yes (4 levels, off)
- Digital Effects: Sound
- Mode: Hall Simulator / Reverb - Hall Simulator 4, Reverb 8, off
- Surround: 2 levels, off
- Chorus: 4 levels, off
- Brilliance: Yes
- DSP: Yes (Preset for some tones)
- Volume Sync EQ: Yes
- Headphone Mode: Yes
- Music Library Songs: 60
- Lesson Function: Part ON/OFF
- Part Select: Right hand, Left hand, Both hands
- Concert Play: App:CASIO MUSIC SPACE
- Demo Songs: 2
- Song Expansion (User Songs): Max. 10 songs, appriximately 320 KB/song
- Connection to App: CASIO MUSIC SPACE
- Piano Remote Controller: Yes
- Bluetooth Feature: Included - Wireless MIDI & AUDIO Adaptor (WU-BT10)
- Bluetooth version: 5.0
- Audio: Profile:A2DP, Codec:SBC
- MIDI: Profile: GATT(MIDI over Bluetooth(R) Low Energy)
- MIDI Recorder/Playback: Yes, 2 tracks (1 system track + 1 solo track), 1 song
- Audio Recorder/Playback: Yes
- USB Memory: Max. 99 songs, approximately 25min/song
- Recorder: WAV (Linear PCM, 16bit, 44.1kHz, Stereo)
- Playback: WAV (Linear PCM, 16bit, 44.1kHz, Stereo)/MP3
- Instant Replayer: Yes
- Data Capacity: 270 sec.
- Duet Mode: Yes
- Octave Shift: -2 octaves ~ 0 ~ +2 octaves
- Metronome: Off, 1 to 9 beats; tempo range: 20 to 255
- Tempo Marking Setting: Yes
- Tap Tempo: Yes
- Guide Type: Metronome
- Pedals: 3 built-in pedals(included): damper (continuously variable), soft, sostenuto
- Harf Damper Pedal: Yes
- Key Transpose: -12 semitones ~ 0 ~ +12 semitones
- Tuning Control: A4 = 415.5 Hz ~ 440.0 Hz ~ 465.9 Hz (0.1Hz Unit)
- Scale Tuning (Temperament): Equal temperament + 16 variations
- Operation Lock: Yes (ON / OFF / AUTO)
- Others:
- Touch button:6 (Tone Select Button:1)
- Slide-type keyboard cover
- Auto Power Off
- Auto Resume
- Visual Information Bar: Yes
- MIDI: Yes
- PHONES/OUTPUT: 2: Stereo standard phone jack (TRS phone)
- Connector for 3-Pedal Unit: Yes
- USB Type A: Yes
- USB Type B: Yes
- Speakers and Amplifiers:
- Size: 12cmx2 + 3.5cmx2
- Speaker System: 2-Channel/4-Speaker
- Amplifiers: 20W + 20W*
- Power Supply: AD-E24250LW
- Power Consumption: 20W
- Dimensions: 1,401 x 440 x 891 mm
- Weight: 49.5kg
- Accessories:
- Wireless MIDI & AUDIO Adaptor (WU-BT10)
- Music Stand
- AC Adaptor (AD-E24250LW)
- Adjustable-height Piano Bench
- Headphone Hook
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Black, AP-550BK
Shipping Weight: 152.12 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 60 x 23 x 22 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): AP-550BK
Brown, AP-550BN
Shipping Weight: 152.12 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 60 x 23 x 22 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): AP-550BN

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-435-7732

Black, AP-550BK

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