Casio PX-780 Privia Digital Piano

Casio PX-780 Privia Digital Piano

Casio packed this Privia with 250 sounds including gorgeous grand pianos, 180 inspiring rhythms, a room-filling 4-speaker system, 17-track recorder and more.

Casio AP-420 Celviano Digital Piano

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With Casio's Tri-Sensor hammer-action, Ivory Touch keys, and Morphing AiF sound source, you won't be able to tell the AP-420 Celviano from the real thing.

Perhaps you're a hobbyist musician, a student, or even a gigging pianist looking for a quality practice instrument. Regardless of your musical background, it goes without saying that your digital piano needs to deliver an authentic playing experience. For over 30 years, Casio has designed their line of Celviano pianos to do just that. The AP-420 Celviano's matte-finish "Ivory Touch" keyboard provides a comfortable playing surface, while the cabinet's built-in 40-watt speaker system produces rich stereo grand piano sound, thanks to Casio's AiF Sound Source multi-sampling technology. Handy features like an on-board recorder, metronome, and USB MIDI make the AP-420 an excellent composition and educational tool. And the height-adjustable padded bench, sliding keyboard cover, and front stabilizer legs make this cabinet-style Celviano a beautiful piece of furniture.

Mid-Priced Piano, High-End Features

The AP-420 Celviano offers a host of pro-quality features you'd be hard-pressed to find in other pianos in its price range. The springless, scaled hammer-action keybed responds with a heavier touch as you move toward the bass notes, recreating the authentic, mechanical feel of a real piano. There's even a felt strip to dampen the sound of the keys as they come back up. Casio's exclusive "Ivory Touch" keytops provide a tactile surface to keep your fingers from sliding, adding to the realistic playing experience -- and adding to the piano's sophisticated look. You can even adjust the read more AP-420's touch response to fit your needs: softer for a young student, or stronger for a seasoned player. Your piano also comes with a heavy-duty, padded, adjustable bench that can accommodate pianists of varying heights.

Rich, Detailed Piano Sound -- And More

Casio's Linear Morphing Sound Source technology realistically reproduces the rich, complex sound of a grand piano with 4 dynamic levels of sampling -- and piano sound is only the beginning. Your AP-420 comes with 16 tones: acoustic and electric pianos, organs, string ensembles, harpsichord, and even bass. You can layer piano with strings, or split the keyboard with bass in the left hand to recreate a whole ensemble with your own two hands. The 4-speaker system delivers 40 watts of room-filling power. And when it's time to practice without disturbing others, two headphone jacks accommodate a teacher and student, or a pair of duet partners. In fact, the AP-420 has a handy Duet Mode that divides the keyboard into two equal ranges, great for lessons or four-hands duets.

Traditional Looks, High-Tech Brains

With their stylish, wood-grain cabinets, Celviano pianos may look like fine furniture, but they're packed with high-tech features under the hood. Easily access settings like reverb, touch response, and brightness by holding the Function button and pressing keys on the keyboard. You can transpose the keyboard for accompanying a singer, tweak the piano's tuning for playing a duet with another instrument, shift octaves, switch to a non-standard temperament, and control the tempo of the built-in metronome. Your AP-420 Celviano comes with a built-in library of 60 classic tunes, including duets that you can play along with at any tempo. And with the on-board 2-track recorder, you can record your own performances -- an excellent practice tool for students. Using the 2 separate tracks, you can record your left-hand part and play along on the right hand, and vice versa.

USB and SD Card Connectivity

When it comes to making connections, the AP-420 Celviano is no slouch. Stereo 1/4-inch Line Out jacks connect to professional recording gear, or PA equipment in school or church settings. The SD Card slot provides plenty of room for songs you've saved with the on-board 2-track recorder, and core-compliant USB output means you can hook up your computer or even an iPad. When you plug in your AP-420 to a computer via USB, it will appear on your desktop or devices as "PIANO." Now you can load a MIDI file from your computer onto the piano to play along with, or copy the songs you've saved on the AP-420 to your computer.


- 88-key Ivory Touch keyboard recreates a real piano's tactile surface
- 16 tones -- from piano to acoustic bass
- 4 reverb and 4 chorus effects
- 60 stored songs to listen to and play along at any tempo
- 2-track recorder: save and play along to your own performances
- Duet function: split the keyboard into two individually-transposable sections
- Metronome
- Core-compliant USB MIDI
- SD Card slot
- 3 pedals, with half-pedaling supported
- Built-in 2 x 20-watt speakers
- Two headphone jacks and handy headphones hook
- Stereo 1/4-inch outputs connect to pro PA or recording gear
- Heavy-duty, padded, height-adjustable bench included
- Power Supply/AC Adapter Included (AD-E24250LW)

About Casio

For over 30 years, Casio has been manufacturing digital pianos for the discerning keyboardist. They are a favorite among budget-conscious students, teachers, and professional musicians alike.

Note: Some assembly required.
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- Keyboard: 88 Keys, Weighted Scaled Hammer Action with Touch Responsive Tri-Sensor Keys
- Polyphony: 128
- Multi-timbral: Not Specified by Manufacturer
- Synthesis Method: Linear Morphing System, 4-Level Stereo Samples
- Presets: 16 tones, 60 songs
- Sequencer: No
- Record and Playback: 2 Tracks, 1 Song
- User Memory: Internal and SD Card
- Effects: 4 reverb types, 4 chorus types
- Controllers: No
- Sample RAM: No
- Expansion Slots: SD Card Slot
- Inputs/Outputs: 1 x Power Input, 1 x USB (MIDI) Port, 2 x 1/4" Line Outputs, 2 x Headphone Jacks
- Storage: Internal and SD Card
- Amplifier: 2 x 20W
- Speakers: 2 x 4.7 in. (119mm), 2 x 1 in. (25mm)
- Display: No
- Dimensions (WxDxH): 54.9 x 16.8 x 32.9 in. (1394 x 427 x 836mm) (With Stand)
- Weight: 82.2 lbs (37.4kg) (With Stand)
- System Requirements: Mac or PC with USB Port (Optional)

Power Supply: AD-E24250LW AC Adaptor (Included)

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-435-7732

Casio AP-420 Celviano Digital Piano

Full of expression and joie de vivre: The AP-420 unites truly authentic piano sounds and exceptionally realistic keystroke behaviour with versatile modern features such as an SD card slot and line-out. With this extensive range of sound and functional options, the CELVIANO is perfect for players at any level. The powerful speaker system (2 x 20 watt) shows off the instrument's acoustic quality, while the elegant front consoles give it an eye-catching appeal.


- Linear Morphing AiF sound source
- "Tri-Sensor" hammer action
- "Ivory Touch" keyboard
- Speaker system with 2x20 Watts
- 16 tones
- USB terminal, SD Card slot, Line-out

16 AiF tones

The excellent AiF Sound source produces 16 top-quality tones, which truly come into their own in both classic piano repertoire and many other genres.

AiF Linear Morphing

The innovative AiF Sound Source technology produces top-quality tones perfectly suited to both classical piano music and other genres and enables gentle transitions between individual samples and dynamic levels. Complex stereo recordings from a top-quality concert piano (samples) with four dynamic levels provide a particularly authentic sound and allow you to play across various intermediate stages from piano to forte without any sound discolouration or audible leaps.

128-voice polyphony

Guarantee an absolutely first-class piano sound. The expansion of the range of voices has made interpreting complex works a true pleasure and lets you play sweeping chords and make extensive use of the damper pedal.

"Tri-Sensor" scaled hammer-action keyboard

Piano feeling: The scaled hammer-action keyboard with 88 touch response, weighted keys is based on the keyboard of a concert piano and provides an authentic playing experience. A third sensor in the keyboard allows players to use particularly fast techniques without the notes sounding unnaturally cut off.

Sequencer (recorder)

With the sequencer (2 track/1 song), you can record your own ideas quickly and easily in real-time (capacity: 5,000 notes).

Two piano setting keys

Piano sound tailored to your own taste: The piano setting key switches to grand piano sound at the touch of a button. Two settings are available: "classic" for a soft, discreet sound and "modern" with a more lighter, brighter character.

High-quality DSP effects

The AP-420 digitally reproduces the high-quality sound of a top concert grand piano complete with first-class reverb effects. The simulation of the resonating strings that is provided by the "Acoustic Resonance" Casio effect rounds the sound experience off perfectly.

60 songs

Listen, sing along, play along: 60 top quality songs are stored on your AP-420.

8 digital effects

Live before an audience or at home in the living room: The sound diversity of your keyboard is enhanced by 4 reverb / 4 chorus effects.

88 Keys

The scaled hammer-action with 88 touch response weighted keys are based on the grand piano keyboard and make for an authentic playing feel.

Ivory touch keyboard

Both an audible and visual delight: The refined, matt keys with ivory touch not only look sophisticated and high quality, but provide a comfortable playing surface and additional stability to prevent your fingers from sliding. Enjoy a realistic playing experience!

Duet function

Ideal for lessons: the duet functions allows teachers and pupils to play parallel to each other. The AP-420 can be divided into two keyboard areas, which can be transposed individually.


Safe: With the PANEL-Lock function, the control panel is protected from unintentional moves while playing.


Keep to the beat: The integrated metronome helps you keep to the rhythm.

2 headphone connections

Duet delight: two headphone connections are available.

3 pedals

The AP-420 features a 3-pedal unit with expanded damper capability.

Powerful speaker system

Impressive sound: The powerful two-way system with four speakers and 2 x 20 watts of output power ensures an exhilarating sound delivery. The sound is not only projected in the direction of the player but also to the rear or downwards, depending on the model. This creates a three-dimensional and more natural sound.

SD card slot

The innovative SD memory medium offers a simple but limitless way to expand the internal song memory of the AP-420.

USB Plug & Play/Song expansion

The USB/MIDI connection enables further Midfile songs to be loaded into the internal memory via the "Song expansion". The memory capacity is 65 KB, enabling up to 1 song to be saved. No software installation from a CD-ROM required thanks to Plug & Play and the USB driver is compatible with both Mac and Windows (from Mac OSX and Windows XP/Vista).

Power Supply: AD-E24250LW AC Adaptor (Included)

Note: Some assembly required.

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"What I needed...what I wanted"
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
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You really need to know what you want before you start looking into pianos. I wanted a good piano sound, just the basic extra sounds like harpischord, etc., weighted keys, and a bench. This product gave me all of that. If you want all the bells and whistles, by all means, pay the extra several hundreds of dollars but if you want an digital piano that feels and sounds like a real one, the AP420 gives great value. I live in an apartment and required volume control so this piece is just right. ZZsounds really do email answers to queries quickly (less than a day) and their match program is satisfactory. I have been playing it now for a month and I am happy with the purchase. If I had to pick one thing to improve...I might say...I would like the sound to be a bit more "bright and spritely" as it seems just a touch muted but that really could be my ears.
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