Bose L1 Pro8 Portable Line Array System

This 39-pound column PA is ready to gig when you are! With 8 hi-mid drivers, an integrated subwoofer, and a built-in mixer, it's perfect for intimate venues.


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Bose L1 Compact Portable Line Array System

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Fill the room with clear, even sound with the Bose L1 Compact PA system. The lightest, most affordable Bose L1 available, it covers audiences of up to 100.

With the L1 Compact Portable Line Array System, Bose appears to have completely redefined the meaning of the word "portable." You've probably heard this word applied to other PA systems before, only to find your back and knees protesting to the contrary. But at just 29 pounds, the Bose L1 Compact system truly reclaims the word. This is really an amazing step forward for compact PA design, and it will easily fill a room with sound for up to 100 listeners.

The Bose L1 Compact is the smallest, lightest, and most affordable system in Bose's series of L1 portable line array systems.

Bose's Andy Kyte explains why the L1 Compact is a great portable PA solution:

Ingenious Integration

The Bose engineers have totally rethought the entire concept of live sound to bring this the L1 Compact system into existence. By eliminating the need for separate front-of-house speakers and the performer's monitors, they've also managed to solve the age-old discrepancy between what people are hearing on different sides of the array. Intimate venues and spaces used to be a challenge for anyone carrying separate speakers and monitors. Now small spaces can actually be an advantage!

Six Small Speakers, One Subwoofer

Bose achieved this miraculous design with their Spatial Dispersion technology. Six independent mid/high-frequency drivers are precisely balanced and mounted within the L1 Compact's slender profile. This allows the L1 Compact to deliver nearly 180 degrees of coverage. Dynamic levels read more remain consistent, even when you're standing flush with the system itself. This is why you'll hear as clearly on stage as the person in the first row of the audience.

Two Versatile Setup Options

The Bose L1 Compact can either be used in a Collapsed mode or in an Extended setup. In Collapsed mode, the mids and highs play from below, just above the integrated bass driver in the L1 Compact's base. When you want to fill more space and achieve greater frequency distribution, simply insert the extension unit to raise the mid-to-high drivers at a natural, standing ear level.

Two Channels -- Great for Guitar and Vocals

The L1 Compact features an onboard mixing console with two channels, bridged by Bose's ToneMatch technology. The ToneMatch system allows you to adjust EQ and tonal settings quickly and easily. A single balanced XLR input on Channel 1 is ready for you to drop in a vocal microphone, while the Channel 2 is pre-optimized for any 1/4-inch, 1/8-inch, or RCA input. Your guitar and your iPod will sound equally clear piped through the 1/4" and 1/8" jacks, respectively, while your turntable rig takes advantage of those RCA inputs. And did we mention how great this system is for a singer/songwriter with one guitar and one vocal mic?

Awesome for Anyone On-The-Go

The entire L1 Compact system breaks down into three pieces -- one base, one extension, and one speaker array -- and fits neatly inside the two included carrying bags. All told, the L1 is a brilliantly designed and great-sounding small scale PA system. It will be ideal for your musical performances, your DJ gigs, or for use in a classrooms, lecture hall, or business presentation.


- Totally complete PA system at less than 29 pounds
- Simple, portable design with included carry bags
- Covers an audience of up to 100
- Bose Spatial Dispersion: Vertical array of 6 speakers plus bass driver deliver 180 degrees of balanced sound
- Built-in Bose ToneMatch presets for your dynamic vocal mic and acoustic-electric guitar
- 2-channel mixer for one XLR source, and one 1/4", 1/8" or RCA line/instrument source
- Two-stage clip lights on both channels for monitoring levels
- No need for a separate monitor with the L1 Compact behind you on stage

What's in the Box?

- L1 Compact Power Stand
- L1 Compact Loudspeaker Array
- Power Stand Cord
- Power Stand/Loudspeaker Array Slip Cover
- L1 Compact Extensions
- Extensions Carry Bag
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Bose L1 Compact Power Stand with Loudspeaker Array:
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 16.5 x 13.25 x 16.75 in. (41.8 x 33.9 x 42.6 cm)
- Weight: 24.6 lbs (11.2 kg)

L1 Compact Loudspeaker Array:
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 16 x 2.75 x 2.75 in. (40.8 x 7 x 7 cm)
- Weight: 3.0 lbs (1.35 kg)

Each L1 Compact Extension:
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 32.5 x 2.75 x 2.75 in. (83 x 7 x 7 cm)
- Weight: 2.3 lbs (1.5 kg)

Collapsed Position (assembled):
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 16.5 x 13.25 x 16.75 in. (41.8 x 33.9 x 42.6 cm)
- Weight: 24.6 lbs (11.2 kg)

Extended position (assembled):
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 78.5 x 13.25 x 16.75 in. (199.5 x 33.9 x 42.6 cm)
- Weight: 29.2 lbs (13.3 kg)

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-869-1855 or 800-379-2073

Bose L1 Compact Portable System

A portable PA classic, the Bose L1 Compact is one of the original L1 systems and helped to shape an entirely new category of portable PA invented by Bose. With a six-driver articulated line array, the L1 Compact delivers 180-degree horizontal sound coverage, making it a great, ultra-portable, all-in-one sound system for acoustic musicians, as a secondary PA for DJs, and for backyard parties, public speaking, and events.

Classic Bose clarity

The L1 Compact system's six-driver line array delivers even sound dispersion across the whole range, including the audience or the stage. So instead of dialing in a stage monitor while wondering what the mix sounds like from the crowd, with the Bose L1 Compact, you'll always hear what the audience hears.

Convenient capability

On the back of the L1 Compact power stand, you'll find a convenient two-channel mixer. Channel 1 has an XLR input for a microphone along with a ToneMatch preset that will take a dynamic microphone from sounding good to sounding great instantly. Channel 2 has a 1/4" input for an instrument, stereo RCA inputs, and a selectable ToneMatch preset for acoustic guitars. With these ToneMatch presets, singer-songwriters will find that their vocals retain clarity and a full-sounding presence, while acoustic guitars shine through with richness and texture.

Carry in one trip. Set up in one minute.

Beyond its excellent clarity and capability, the L1 Compact system is easy to carry and set up. You won't need to call in help just to get the system into the gig, and you won't have to labor through tons of cable connections and audio-testing steps. Weighing just 13 kilograms (29 pounds), the Bose L1 Compact is light enough for one person to carry, and it sets up in under a minute. You can also choose between three setup positions, depending on the space: a collapsed position for smaller spaces, mid-height for medium-sized audiences, and the fully extended position to fill larger rooms.

If you're looking for minimal complexity and outstanding clarity, the L1 Compact is for you. Carry it in one trip. Set it up in one minute. Fill the room with one system and leave audiences wanting more.


- Deliver clear, full-range sound with smooth tonal balance for musicians, as a secondary PA for DJs, and for music playback, backyard parties, and public speaking
- Maintain wide, consistent sound coverage with a C-shape line array featuring six-driver articulated 2″neodymium drivers and 180-degree horizontal coverage
- Fill out your sound with an integrated bass module featuring low-frequency performance down to 65 Hz
- Carry in one trip, set up in one minute with a modular three-piece system that weighs just 13 kilograms (29 pounds) and is easy to pack, carry, and assemble
- Connect various audio sources easily with an integrated mixer featuring volume control, XLR microphone input, 1/4" instrument input, RCA stereo input, 1/8" stereo input, 1/4" balanced line output, and RCA stereo output
- Sound great instantly with ToneMatch EQ presets: dynamic microphone preset on Channel 1 and
acoustic guitar preset on Channel 2
- Adapt to audience size with three setup configurations -- full height for large events, mid-height for medium-sized rooms, and collapsed for small gatherings

What's in the Box?

- L1 Compact Power Stand
- L1 Compact Loudspeaker Array
- Power Stand Cord
- Power Stand/Loudspeaker Array Slip Cover
- L1 Compact Extensions
- Extensions Carry Bag

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Submitted September 3, 2017 by Joshua E in Parma, OH

"Absolutely awesome"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I have to admit, when it showed up and I saw how small it was I didn't think it would be loud enough. I play in an acoustic duo and my gig last night was at a bar that is legendary for being loud. For some reason, the way the bar is set up, the patron' s talking volume gets very loud. Smaller PA systems I've tried to use struggle to combat the volume of the people there "yell talking" to each other haha. I've used bulky behringer 15" eurolive speakers and they work well there. I was tired of lugging around heavy speakers and stands. Trying to find a power source to plug both in etc...This bose l1 compact BLEW ME AWAY! I couldn't believe how well it filled the room with volume. We cranked it to an unbearable volume to just see if it would clip. We never got to the red clipping light. Had to back it off. We played in a noisy bar with around 40 to 50 people and the sound was great. It was crisp and clear no matter where you were sitting. It's almost as if the sound surrounds you. Unbelievable what this thing can accomplish for being so small. I needed 3 channels so I ran the right side output of my mixer to the right side line level 1/4 inch input of the L1. I panned all channels to the right. Ran the mixer main at noon and the L1 at around 11 o clock. It was perfect. At one point we ran mixer main to 3 o clock and L1 to 3 o clock. Not even a little blip of red on the "clip o meter". Hands down best desision to buy this. Love it.

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Playing music for 22 years. Play guitar, sing, drums, bass, harmonica,

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Rock, metal, blues, country, r&b, funk, bluegrass, etc...
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