Behringer DCX2496 Ultradrive Pro Digital Crossover System

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The owners manual states that an RS232 cable is included. We confirmed with Behringer that this is a typo. No such cable is included.
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Submitted March 28, 2012 by Ernest G in Midlothian, VA
"Great addition to my rental gear"
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This box made my life easier just as it should have. I don't want to go back to life without a loudspeaker management system. From FOH Behringer mixer to Behringer EQs one to mains one to monitors, then to a Behringer effects processor for the mains before going to the stage rack in back. Then, on to this box (which handles peak limiting/gate, crossover, EQ and compression when needed). The DCX is makes 3 stereo pairs of the outputs (outut 1- left sub, output 2- left mid, output 3- left high, output 4- right sub, output 5- right mid, output 6- right high) the default setup with appropriate settings and crossovers out the box. Changes are not hard at all even from the little screen on front. After the DCX a Behringer compressor, 8 channel DI box and a sonic maximizer are available, but not used for the main signal nor the monitors. I am a beginner at this, so I have no other speaker managment systems to compare this to. However, I do feel that this product and the entire line of Behringer processing gear in the same line, make a great starting point for a new sound guy. With the price I was able to fully equip my PA and as I learn and grow I can imagine I will then have a better basis to choose if the more expensive brands offer enough ROI overall.

I have been a touring guitarist so I have heard many PA setups. This box does the job nearly as well as other more expensive brands. Behringer cuts corners to deliver on the price (so do ALL read more of the other popular brands of gear thats how they make a profit) and while that may not be acceptable for some applications, it is fine to start out this way.

The crossover and the input/output settings are the most used features by me and the delay/timing feature is not used because I do not need it.

Ease of Use
The learning curve for a virgin is a painful, tedious, frustrating one, but you MUST learn the fundamentals of using EQ, crossover and dynamic controls one day so you might as well jump in, I did. I admit there was some gnashing of teeth and cursing at first, but (thanks to Behringer customer service and QSC customer service -GX5 is what I use for my top cabinets-, I have finally grasped what it does and what I can and cannot expect to get out of the device. Like I said I am still learning, but in the past month I have been cramming like I haven't done since midterms and finals in college and it has paid off!

It is made well. It looks hard as steel in the rack and I think it is made out of steel or at least aluminum. You would never want to drop a rack case, but if you did (god forbid) this thing would stand just as good a chance of survival as the high end expensive gear would.

Yes. It costs a couple hundred less than the DBX box with similar specs.

Manufacturer Support
Yeah I was. I have heard that it varies, but the guy I talked to really knew his stuff. Reminded me of another gear company with top notch customer service. The CSR at QSC had to call me back after doing some research, but the Behringer guy had the answers in his head (even questions about non Behringer gear)! He helped me set up my PA for the first time.

The Wow Factor
It is in a dark rack behind the stage I don't know if anyone is paying attention to whats in there except for other sound people.

Musical Background:
I toured as the lead guitar player in a ten piece, spoken word group that used a rhythm section, horns, and an aux percussionist

Musical Style:
Spoken work, jazz, hip-hop
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