Arturia Minimoog V Software Synth (Macintosh and Windows)

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Required Minimum Configuration
Windows: Windows 2000/XP/Vista -- 512 MB RAM; 2 Ghz DualCore CPU

Mac: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and Universal Binary -- 512 MB RAM; 2 Ghz DualCore CPU

Sound Card: Any sound card compatible with DirectX, ASIO, SoundManager or CoreAudio

A 230-paged paper manual is provided in 3 languages: French, English and Japanese.

Copy protection: the installation CD is only required each time you want to import new banks of presets or when you install an update patch of the product.

Minimoog V 2.0 is protected by Syncrosoft.
This is a free upgrade for 1.6 owners. You'll be able to download your Minimoog V 2.0 and request your Syncrosoft Activation code. A short online guide will help you in upgrading your product.
Submitted March 26, 2007
"Real Moog for 10X less"
The best Minimoog emulation i have ever heard to this day.

The new and update version of this beast is hands down amazing. The sound is nothing short of the classic moog sound we all love. I was going to buy the gforce minimonsta and after a week on demo, i was not so impressed with the emualtion. It was not far off from the moog sound but not as analog like as the Minimoog V. I really like how the sound of the Arturia minimoog has a living character, it has a sound that vibrates and moves. This reminds me of real analog sound, not the plastic we listen to on many soft synths. The minimoog v also responds very well to controls and syncs perfect with playback on the daw, unlike the minimonsta, which constantly caused audio drop outs. Overall i think the minimoog v sounds as good as it gets when it comes to software emaulations of the moog sound.

Same as the real Minimoog, plus extras like fx, poly mode, matrix, and multiple instances. This makes Minimoog V even more pleasing to use, as it is identical to the control panel of the real thing.

Ease of Use
Very easy once you get past basic synthesis.

Top sound, amazing moog filter...period.

Well worth the dough, if like moog synths. this is a real moog, more than 10 times cheaper.

Manufacturer Support
Average, not brilliant, read more but not that bad either.

The Wow Factor
Looks great, and makes you feel like you have a vintage synth inside your cpu. Aside looks, the sound is the most important part, and it doesn't fail.

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No longer available at zZounds

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