Arturia Hip Hop Producer Music Software Suite (Mac and Windows)

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Start writing and recording chart-topping hip hop hits as soon as this software arrives. The package includes all the sounds and software a producer needs.

The Hip Hop Producer is a bundle of 4 products offering everything you need to create Hip Hop music.

Ableton Live Lite Arturia Edition is the production environment in which you open instruments, samples and loops. Analog Factory Hip Hop is a top-notch synthesizer loaded with 250 relevant presets, while Lounge Lizard Session offers the electric pianos heard in so many Hip Hop tunes. Modernbeats Hip Hop Sounds adds samples and loops to the equation.

With the Hip Hop Producer, 4 reference manufacturers partner to bring you a reference solution.

Great Value: the reference software titles in their respective categories gather to offer the reference Hip Hop solution.

Great Deal: Analog Factory Hip Hop + Lounge Lizard Session + Modernbeatz Hip Hop Sounds + Ableton Live Lite (a non-time limited version of the most successful DAW today).

Great User Experience: One DVD with a single Installation process, one manual holding quickstarts, one single approach toward copy-protection.


- Complete Hip Hop production environment
- 44.1 KHz and 16 Bit
- Includes great sounding virtual instruments and a Hip Hop sample collection in a user friendly Digital Audio Workstation
- All virtual instruments playable through a MIDI keyboard
- More than 1200 samples in Ableton Live Pack format (MIDI loops & drumracks) and in wave format
- Analog Factory Hip Hop is a synthesizer offering 250 preset sounds carefully selected from the Arturia Classics collection - The original analog sounds read more thanks to Arturia TAE technology
- Polyphony up to 32 voices with Unison possibilities

Ableton Live Lite Arturia Edition:

- Maximum of 8 tracks (either audio or MIDI)
- Audio Effects, MIDI effects, Instruments/Racks
- MPC-like sampler included

Lounge Lizard Session

- Four engine presets covering the classic Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos
- High-end effects: tremolo, distortion, chorus, flanger, phaser, vibrato, wah, delays, and reverb

ModernBeats Hip Hop Drums

-- From L.A. based sample artists ModernBeats, this custom built sound bank includes more than 1200 Hip Hop drum samples (beatbox, claps, scratch, analog drum machines, acoustic drums) and music loops (Tribal Xplosion)

Analog Factory Hip Hop Edition

Analog Factory Hip-hop offers 250 legendary synthesizers' sounds, all essentials in the hip-hop producer's arsenal. From classic phat bass riffs to crystalline digital pads, this virtual instrument provides the urban musician with a broad, versatile and instantly striking sonic palette. Based on TAE, Arturia's award winning proprietary technology for analog emulation, Analog Factory is a real synthesizer which allows you to build and save your own sounds.


- Virtual synthesizer playable through a MIDI keyboard
- 250 synthesizer sounds dedicated to hip-hop production
- All preset are carefully selected from the Arturia Classic Synths: the Minimoog V, the ARP 2600V, the Moog Modular V and the CS-80 V.
- Smart preset manager: fast filter the presets to your requirements, by instrument, type, characteristics.
- Organize presets view by Name, Instrument, Type, CPU Usage, Favorite or user Presets.
- Straightforward editing: only the key parameters are accessible to modify the sounds (filter, LFO, Chorus and Delay mix, ADSR envelope).
- 8 Snapshots buttons
- Optimize your screen space (preset manager only, keyboard only, both at the same time)
- Full compatibility with major formats and hosts on Mac OS X and Windows XP or Vista (VST, AU, RTAS)

Customized Version of Ableton Live

Live Lite provides a fresh and easy way to write music, features for audio recording and production as well as powerful tools for live performance. It's not time-limited and you can save and mix-down your work.

All the fundamentals of Live 8 are included: Live's intuitive workflow, Session View, Arrangement View, effects and two software instruments: Simpler (a sampler) and Impulse (for drums). Live Lite also includes 200 MB of audio loops from Loopmasters and 50 Instrument Racks (tweakable instrument plus effect configurations) so you can start making music straight away.


- Intuitive audio recording and MIDI sequencing
- More than twenty built-in audio effects, including a host of creative delays, filters, distortions, studio compressors and EQs
- Includes two software instruments: Simpler for creative sample-based synthesis, and Impulse for dynamic, sampled drums
- Supports VST and AU effects and instruments
- Real-time time-stretching and warping of AIFF and WAV files for DJing and instant remixing
- Tweak Live's controls in real time with any MIDI controller: just MIDI map it
- All editing of your musical creations are non-destructive so you can experiment without worries
- Integrated single-screen user interface for simple, creativity-focused operation
- ReWire Master and Slave, to integrate with other music software
- MIDI Out for controlling hardware and MIDI Sync for use with external sequencers
- MP3 import makes working with your music library much easier
- Track Freeze, to relieve your CPU
- Tempo Nudge, to sync up with live musicians and turntables
- Brand new content from the Ableton Suite 8 Library
- Crossfades (in the Arrangment View) for seamless edits

Lounge Lizard Session

Lounge Lizard Session is a great sounding electric piano based on Applied Acoustics Systems' amazing sound modelling technology. Professional and amateur musicians will enjoy its simple and straightforward layout. Offering four different types of pianos and a great selection of effects, Lounge Lizard Session is the perfect solution for anyone in need of the legendary Rhodes and Wurlitzer sounds in their sonic arsenal.


- Four engine presets from the award-winning Lounge Lizard EP-3 covering the classic Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos
- High-end effects: tremolo, distortion, chorus, flanger, phaser, vibrato, wah, delays, and reverb
- Standalone and plug-in format support for live and studio use
- The benefits of physical modeling
- Sound manipulation at the source core
- Presets load in a flash
- Super smooth dynamics--no velocity layers
- Small memory footprint
- Installs in less than a minute

ModernBeats Hip Hop Sounds

From L.A. based sample artists Modernbeats, this custom built bank includes Hip-Hop drum samples and and multitrack music loops (From Tribal Xplosion).


- BeatVox Drumz Series: Vocal drum samples merging classic beatbox expressions with modern hip hop drum textures; the most stunning hip hop vocal drums ever
- Klub Klapz Series: warm, organic, slammin'clap samples and rhythms representing the latest Hip Hop trends.
- Vinyl Scratchez Series: A large array of genuine Hip Hop scratches splices performed by real Hip Hop DJs
- Dre-mendous Drumz Series: Super-sub kicks, tight crackin' snares and sizzling percussion samples in Dre style
- Neptunian Drumz Series: In the style of Neptunes, Just Blaze, and the KeeMaster, discover stompin' ambient kicks, "snap-clap" layered style snares and much more percussion soundz.
- Vintage Machinez Series: A vintage collection offering you to play with old drum machine classics such as Rhythm Ace FR-1, Electro-Harmonix 16, Electro- Harmonix 32, Linn 9000, Roland TR-66, Roland TR-505, 606, 626, 707,727, 808, 909...

The music loops are modeled in the style of platinum producers like Timbaland, Darkchild, Neptunes, Scott Storch, Dre, Bloodshy & Avant, and more, in order to offer an easy path towards. More than 1200 samples included.
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System Requirements
- PC: 1GB RAM; CPU 2 GHz (Multiple cores recommended)
- Mac: 1GB RAM; CPU 2 GHz (Multiple cores recommended)

- Windows: XP/VISTA
- Mac OS X: 10.4 or higher and Universal Binary

Package includes:

- One DVD-ROM containing a unique installation program
- One Registration Card (credit card format) holding license numbers and activation codes
- One 68-page paper user's manual in English

Copy Protection: Internet connection required

In order to obtain:

- the activation code to authorize Analog Factory Hip Hop Edition
- the serial number to authorize Live Lite 8
- the serial number to authorize Lounge Lizard

You need to register your Hip Hop Producer pack at Arturia's website.

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:

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