Arturia Clavinet V Software Instrument

This plug-in harnesses the power and versatility of a full Clavinet rig, sampled meticulously with physical modeling technology for era-accurate tones.

Get the unmistakable sound of "Superstition" and countless other soulful classics. The Clavinet makes heads bob and bodies bounce like nothing else - with exclusive physical modeling technology, Clavinet V reproduces it down to the last detail.

That's Where Clavinet V is Different
Almost every keyboard has a handful of Clav patches. Almost none get it right. Arturia's physical modeling technology creates a detailed audio hologram of the Clavinet. Instead of a sampled snapshot of a sound, you get a spot-on virtual Clav that lives and breathes. It barks and sparkles just like the real deal and will draw out musical ideas you didn't know you had.

Even the golden ears in your audience will think you used the real thing.

How does it work?
You can strum or pick a guitar, but you can also mash one finger onto the fretboard and the string will vibrate. This was the core of the "hammer-on" technique Eddie Van Halen made famous. Make a keyboard do that, give it a string for every note, add pickups like a guitar, and you have a Clav.

The Clavinet had humble beginnings. German company Hohner -- known for harmonicas and accordions -- aimed a series of electrified keyboards at classical practice and recital. Designer Ernst Zacharias had tried other techniques and materials, beginning with the Cembalet in the 1950s. It plucked a reed using a motion like a harpsichord. Next, the Pianet family had foam pads that actually stuck to the reeds. Pressing keys unstuck the pads, making the reeds read more vibrate.

A real Clav, piece by piece
Meticulous component-level modeling is the secret to authentically recreating a legend.

The Clavinet is a unique combination of discrete electro-acoustic components that each have a dynamic life force all their own as they interact with each other.

Capturing that behaviour - and subsequently that sound - requires more than sampling. Instead, we've modeled each component to bring the signature sound and continuous playing dynamics of the Clavinet fully to life under your fingertips.

Physical modeling:
The Clavinet sound comes from its strings contacting metal plates, giving it that characteristic bright sound similar to a slapped guitar or bass string. Releasing the key triggers the yarn damping mechanism. Each of these components has been remodeled to accurately reflect differences in volume and brightness depending on how hard you play - right down to the master damper slide for softer muted plucked sounds.

Algorithmic circuit emulation:
The Clavinet's string vibrations are converted to an electric signal via a pair of 6-core humbucking pickups similar to those found in electric guitars, Left-hand rocker switches determine the pickup engagement and phase, as well as all-or-nothing passing of low, mid, and high frequencies. Arturia emulated these individual parts of the Clavinet's chain using advanced algorithms to give you the exact response you'd expect from the real thing. Clavinet V is as close as it gets.


- Advanced Physical modeling engine (no static samples)
- Hohner Clavinet
- Mute bar
- Accurate pickups model with generated pickup noise (4 lower and upper pickup combinations)
- Circuit Modeled tone circuit (4 bands, brillant, trebble, medium, soft)
- Volume control
- Fender Twin amp
- Modeled spring reverb
- On and off axis mic placement
- Tone controls
- Mono vibrato
- Effects are post output circuit
- Output effects where you can change the order
- Wah, auto-wah
- Flanger
- Phaser
- Compressor
- Chorus
- Analog Delay
- Overdrive
- Vocal Filter
- Advanced mode for editing the model itself
- Harmonic profile selections
- Velocity curve editor
- String resonance
- Release time
- Tuning
- Key release noise
- Dynamics
- Hammer hardness
- Hammer noise
- Pickup noise
- 74 factory presets
- Easy to use MIDI mapping
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