Arturia B-3 V Software Instrument

Harness the legend. This faithful B-3 plugin puts the power of a beastly 300-pound organ at your fingertips, complete with drawbars and rotary emulation.

B-3 V is the most authentic and soulful software emulation of the legendary tonewheel organ and rotary speaker available today. It puts all the classic sound plus a slew of state-of-the-art sonic extras at your fingertips.

The Ultimate Virtual Organ
B-3 V captures all the grit, grind, and greatness of the classic tonewheel organ and rotary speaker, then adds modulation, FX, and sound design options perfect for modern music.

Vital to rock, jazz, gospel, R&B, soul, reggae, and house, the iconic organ could go from gentle to roaring on a dime. Players carried the 400-pound beast to gigs. Any serious studio had to have one. With B-3 V, you'll have all the character and attitude of the genuine article in a form that fits seamlessly into today's musical workflows.

Mechanical Perfection
B-3 V emulates every step of this machine's complex mechanical process for a virtual instrument that doesn't just sound like the real thing - it behaves like it too.

The B-3 V's namesake was electromechanical, combining spinning tonewheels with pickups to produce flute-like tones in octaves and harmonics for each note. These could be variably mixed via a set of 9 drawbars per manual for a variety of additive timbres, from soft and airy to pronounced and resonant.

But the B3 had a number of distinguished features up its sleeve. The percussion feature, which added a quickly-decaying sound at the second or third harmonic, gave each key press an edgy attack, perfect for solos and rhythmic playing. The read more unique modulation feature offered three different depths of vibrato or intensities of chorus.

Features:- Physical Modeling Engine (no samples)
- Dual manual Interface
- Each manual has separate MIDI channel preferences
- 9 Drawbars per manual
- 3 modeled chorus and vibrato settings
- Separate upper and lower ON/OFF
- Preamp drive
- Modeled rotary speaker emulator
- Advanced controls for adjusting the model
- Convolution based Reverb
- Traditional Leslie performance controls
- Swell pedal
- Percussion controls:
- On/off
- Volume soft/normal
- Slow/Fast decay
- Harmonic selection
- Output effects where you can change the order:
- Volume, wah, auto-wah
- Flanger
- Compressor
- Chorus
- Analog Delay
- New Advanced Drawbar modulators:
- LFO's with multiple waveforms and phase
- Multipoint envelopes
- Step sequencer
- Drawbar destinations with positive and negative amount controls
- Output effects where you can change the order:
- Drawbar leakage
- Tonewheel leakage
- Brilliance
- Background noise
- Polyphonic Percussion
- Key click volume
- Attack and release controls
- 50 factory presets
- Easy to use MIDI mapping
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