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January 3, 2022
Guitar Parts Buying Guide

Guitar Parts Buying Guide

Looking to make a tonal, functional, or aesthetic change to your rig without investing in a new guitar or pickups? Installing a fresh set of tuners, electronics, a bridge, or even a new neck can make a world of difference, transforming your tone and your playing experience.

We've assembled a Guitar Parts Buying Guide to help you sort through our selection and find the right parts you need to upgrade your axe. Many of these parts can be installed easily enough, but don't hesitate to contact your local luthier for more complex jobs.

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Guitar Tuners
Installing a new set of tuners is one of the most straightforward modifications you can make to a guitar. If the holes drilled into your headstock match the holes of the tuning machines, the whole job can be done in a few minutes.

Upgrade to a higher tuning gear ratio for a smoother tuning experience that's more precise. Or go for a set of locking tuners for quicker string changes. Tuning keys can also make a big aesthetic change to your guitar, whether you opt for a vintage look or want to add flair with a gold finish.
Guitar Necks
Nothing makes a bigger impact on your guitar's playability than its neck. Whether your neck is damaged, your frets are worn, or the neck shape doesn't do it for you, an all-out neck swap can have you playing with renewed panache.

Bolt-on guitar necks are relatively easy to install, so long as the holes line up with those in the neck pocket of your guitar's body. Shop our selection, find the tonewoods and profile that suits your needs, double-check the holes, and enjoy the feeling of a brand-new neck!
Guitar Bridges & Tailpieces
Guitar bridges tend to get overlooked, but they shouldn't. There is no shortage of benefits to investing in your guitar's bridge.

Upgrading to a higher mass bridge or tailpiece will yield a notable increase in your guitar's sustain. Finding a bridge with saddles that are coated or treated using certain materials will enable longer string life by lubricating the point of string contact and reducing friction. Different types of tremolo systems, while requiring more work to install, will totally transform your playing style, opening up pitch fluttering techniques or dive bombs.
Guitar Electronics
Enhance the tone of your guitar, or add complete new tonal possibilities with a few electronics mods! New pots and capacitors can increase the output of your guitar, or lend more vintage character to your signal. Go for a complete wiring harness for all the electronics you need in a handy kit!

If you're looking to expand the functionality of your axe, we carry push/pull pots that allow you to coil-tap a humbucker to achieve single-coil tones, activate a boost circuit, or do anything you can wire up!
Guitar Nuts
A crucial component on any guitar, the nut plays a role in many factors, including action (string height), the radius of your strings along the fretboard, tuning stability, and how often your strings break! With this in mind, it's important to choose the appropriate height and radius for your guitar, and look for nuts made of material with slippery or self-lubricating properties -- those will reduce friction and help your strings last longer.
Guitar Knobs, Switches, Covers, and More
If you play a guitar long enough, chances are you'll knock off a switch tip, the numbers on your knobs will rub off, or you'll scratch the "Standard" off your Les Paul's truss rod cover. Have no fear -- we carry an array of replacement and upgrade parts to ensure your guitar isn't missing any of these small but important components.