Gifts for Guitarists

Gifts for Guitarists

Does your holiday shopping list include an aspiring guitarist or a pro-level axe wielder? Our Gift Guide for Guitarists is chock full of presents that will make any guitarist giddy. Find the perfect stocking stuffer or the gift to make their year, right here!

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Gifts for Beginner Guitarists
You wouldn't start school without your supplies, so why start on guitar without all the gear you need? Electric guitar packs arm you with all the essentials -- guitar, amp, picks, even instructional materials -- so you're ready to learn and rock right away.

With uber-realistic drum sounds and improvisation capabilities, Singular Sound's BeatBuddy drum machine has become an essential part of many players' practice and songwriting routines. Digitech's Trio Band Creator pedals are also generating plenty of buzz. Just play some chords, and it instantly adds drum and bass parts in a number of music styles! Choose the pedal that fits your budget -- they've all got great reviews from our guitarist customers.

Know a guitarist who could use a spark of inspiration? Sometimes, the right piece of gear, be it an amp or classic pedal, can get them fired up about playing again.
Gifts for Advanced Guitarists
If you're looking to really impress this holiday season, your favorite guitarist will never forget getting a new guitar. Our wide selection caters to any player, and you won't have to rethink your budget to make that lasting impression. From the bedroom to the main stage, any of our guitars under $500 will sound and play great anywhere.

Does the guitarist on your list have a vacation trip planned soon, or are they always on the road for work? A compact, travel-sized guitar is sure to become their new travel companion.

Pedals: they're fun, they're inexpensive, and guitarists always want more of them. Help add new tones to your player's repertoire with a new overdrive or modulation pedal.

Still stumped for gifts? You can't go wrong with the essentials. Your guitarist is bound to need a fresh set of strings soon, so why not get a pack to keep them supplied? A well-made cable will sound great and last for years to come.
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