Gifts for DJs

Gifts for DJs

Get the DJ in your life the gear they want for the holidays. From DJ controllers and turntables to headphones and beat machines, we've got gift ideas to match any budget and suit any DJ, no matter what style of music they play. No clue what to get? Let them decide with a zZounds gift certificate.

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Gifts for Beginner DJs
Pioneer DDJ controller hardware has proven to be hugely popular with beginner DJs and pros alike. Pioneer DJ makes a few beginner-friendly DDJ models that won't break the bank, with rekordbox DJ software included for your laptop. Meanwhile, the DDJ-WeGO4 pairs perfectly with an iPad (but works with a laptop, too).

Another affordable option for the beginner digital DJ: Numark Mixtrack and PartyMix controllers. The Mixtrack PartyMix controller comes with Serato DJ Lite software to get you started, and features a built-in light show! Step up to the Mixtrack Pro FX, and you'll get a built-in audio interface and effects processor. Learn more about portable, affordable DJ rigs in our DJing on a Dime buying guide!

Unsurprisingly, many DJs still prefer the combination of classic vinyl feel and modern electronic media access. DJ CD players allow the beginner to spin CDs, and some have USB ports that let DJs simply plug in a USB drive with their audio files. Complete DJ systems combine two decks and a mixer into one device that is one audio cable away from pumping up a party.

For the beginner DJ that wants to spin vinyl, you'll need a turntable (or two). The Pioneer DJ PLX-500 ticks off all the major checkboxes needed to perform with vinyl, or transfer vinyl to audio files on your computer via a USB output. For something more gig-ready, the Reloop RP-8000 MK2 includes features rarely seen in other turntables. Avid vinyl listeners can find something special in our selection of audiophile-grade Audio-Technica and Pioneer turntables. Plus, DJs can use any of these turntables with a DVS interface to spin and scratch their digital music libraries.

DJs don’t just play records -- they make them as well. Producers and DJs use drum machines, samplers, and sequencers to craft those epic tracks you hear on the dance floor. These grooveboxes make excellent gifts for anyone who wants to craft their own beats.
Gifts for the DJ with Everything
Every DJ needs a great pair of DJ headphones. With rotating ear cups, amped-up bass, and volume to hear over the crowd, good DJ headphones are an easy way to upgrade any live rig. Find more ideas in our Headphones Buying Guide.

If you're shopping for a DJ that plays gigs anywhere outside of a club, chances are, they're bringing their own lights, karaoke machine, and sound equipment.

For the DJ that wants to go beyond spinning and wants to get into live performance DJing, a mini MIDI controller is a great gift! As an add-on to spice up pre-recorded tracks, or as a way to recreate new jams on the spot, a mini MIDI controller allows you to give the crowd back a little extra something.
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