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November 22, 2022

All-Star Gear: Guitar Amps

Our customers' favorite combos, heads, and stacks

A great amp should hit every mark for a guitarist: the right volume range, ease of use, necessary features -- and of course, it should capture the tone they dream of. But every player is different. Some want oodles of high-gain saturation, and others covet the smooth, subtle breakup of an all-tube, hand-wired circuit. Regardless of taste, when a guitarist finds the amp, they want to let everyone know (and hear)!

zZounds customers have favorites of their own, and gladly sing the praises of their most cherished amplifiers. From budget wonders to pro-level monsters, this All-Star list is chock full of sweet tonal goodness. Read below to hear from our customers, and see if your top amp made the list!
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Eddie Van Halen 5150 III Amp Head

Eddie Van Halen 5150 III amp head
Our customers say...

"Its second channel has more gain on tap than on the 100, and both have more gain on Channel 3 than any human being could EVER use! If you can't get enough gain out of either, you don't need a stompbox. You need an exorcism!"
- Michael in Gary, SD

"Nothing short of AMAZING! This amp is incredibly well-made and sounds brutal, responds to the volume knob on your guitar like no other amp I've ever played."
- Mike in Cape May, NJ

"I couldn't stop playing 2-3 hours a day almost every day when I first bought it, because when the tone sounds this good, you cannot stop playing!"
- Darien in North Hollywood, CA

Fender '65 Princeton Reverb Combo Amp

Fender '65 Princeton Reverb Combo Amp
Our customers say...

"The shiny silver grill perfectly sums up the tones you get -- squeaky clean, sparkly, and beautiful. The overall color scheme is great too. It's not super heavy either."
- Jordan in Westland, MI

"This amp is super responsive and sounds wonderful. It's just the right physical size too. I have it up on an amp stand that tilts it back so it plays towards me. I have a renewed interest in playing my guitar now!"
- David in Cantonment, FL

"What a fabulous amp! You can't beat that Fender sound, and even with the smaller size and somewhat lower wattage it has the sparkling clean tone that we all love."
- Erik in Burlington, WA

Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus Combo Amp

Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus combo amp
Our customers say...

"The JC-120 has earned its classic status because of its great clean sound, road-worthy construction, and maintenance-free dependability. This is the greatest clean amp in the world. It should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

"Very easy to use and tweak. The EQ is very musical. Makes a great acoustic guitar stage amp, and works well with keyboards, too."

"Roland engineers did their homework well and it's no wonder this amp has become an industry standard like the SM57."

Marshall Studio Classic JCM 800 Amp Head

Marshall Studio Classic JCM 800
Our customers say...

"Finally found the one that can steal me from my wife, and the tones emanating from this little honey sends shivers up and down my back and makes my toes curl up, I'm in love! Marshall is KING!"
- Mario in Laguna Beach, CA

"I must say this is the amp I've been dreaming about. Something I can play in my apt to the stage. This bad boy has all the wow factor as my original 1987 JCM 800 without leaving me deaf for two days."
- Roel in Harlingen, TX

"Why is the JCM 800 regarded as one of, if not to some the greatest Marshall ever made? Plug in and see."
- John in Garland, TX

Vox AC10C1 Combo Amp

Vox AC10C1 Combo Amplifier
Our customers say...

"Really happy with this little amp. I got it for smaller gigs and studio work. I was shocked by the tone! This amp has the Vox sound, but cleans up nice and without the ice-picky highs."
- Ryan in Amity, OR

"It has sweet tone, and great volume for a 10-watt model. I mic the amp on a guitar stand if I play the occasional gig, and it does really well. Very happy with this amp, and it will be my main squeeze from now on."
- John in North Ft. Myers, FL

"I use a blues pedal and through this amp it sounds so sweet it just blows me away. Totally exceeded my expectations."
- Bill in Temecula, CA

Laney Lionheart L5T112 Combo Amp

Laney Lionheart L5T112 Combo Amp
Our customers say...

"Reactive to pick attack is an understatement, I have not experienced such a sensitive amp. Laney has this one just right."
- Tim in Philadelphia, PA

"Wow. I have a lot of very nice amps, but this little monster is the real deal! Sounds like 'your guitar;' not like a Marshall, or like a Fender, or like a 'whatever'...just smooth, accurate, detailed reproduction of what's plugged into it."
- Phil in Grand Rapids, MI

"This amp is everything I've been searching for. The tone is heaven sent. The clean channel is lovely and anyone who says it isn't loud must have blown their eardrums out from standing in front of too many 100-watt stacks."
- A Happy Owner

Boss Katana-50 MkII Combo Amp

Boss Katana-50 MkII Combo Amp
Our customers say...

"Great sounding models straight-away of the panel options and nice effects. Using the software opens up so, SO much more. This is a useful tool in a myriad of ways, and for the cost of a pedal, if you know how to tweak it: pure gold."
- William in Spring Hill, FL

"This has possibly the best tones of a solid state amp its size. The “brown” or metal tone can hold its own to some of the more well known metal amps on the market especially when played on its “variant” setting."
- Dennis in Riverside, CA

"The delays in this amp are outstanding and there are many. The power switch has 50w, 25w, and 1/2 w settings so you can crank it or choose low volume without losing tone. This has to be the best amp at this price point."
- A Happy Owner

Blackstar HT Venue Club 40 MkII Combo Amp

Blackstar HT Venue Club 40 MkII Combo Amp
Our customers say...

"I live in an apartment so I can't afford to be loud all the time. The 4-watt mode tames the amp very nicely. It can get plenty of saturation at volumes lower than the TV."
- Mikolai in Clarksville, OH

"It sounds GREAT! Also it's LOUD! I'm glad it has that 4w setting -- sheesh! It has many features for all kinds of tone shaping and will do everything from totally clean to over-the-top distortion."
- Tim in New Egypt, NJ

"I must say this amp has the real mojo I've looked for - that basic tube warm growl - yep you can dial that in no problemo."
- Ivy in Grandview, MO
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