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November 19, 2022
Beginner's Gear Guide: Guitar -- First-time player? Start here.

Beginner's Gear Guides: Guitar

Ready to start playing guitar? Find the one that's right for you with this guide.

If you're picking out your first guitar, the first step is to decide whether you want to go with an acoustic or an electric. There are many factors to consider when making this choice, but we suggest you choose the style of guitar you're most excited to play. In this Beginner's Gear Guide, we'll help you find a guitar and gear that fits you and gets you pumped about playing.

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Acoustic Guitars for Beginners
Many first-time players prefer acoustic guitars for their inviting shape and mellow tones. Strum around the campfire or launch your singer-songwriter career with an entry-level steel-string acoustic. Or pick up a classical guitar -- these models feature soft nylon strings and smaller body sizes, and are often recommended for younger players.
Electric Guitars for Beginners
For beginners that want to experiment with different tones, the electric guitar is a great place to start. Keep in mind that an electric guitar will require a few more accessories than an acoustic. In addition to the guitar itself, you'll also need an amplifier and a guitar cable to connect the two. But fret not! Our Beginner's Gear Guide to Electric Guitar has plenty of recommendations to help you get geared up!
Guitar Accessories
No matter which guitar you choose, the right accessories can make all the difference for first-time players. Straps, picks, and other tools add a whole new level of playability, while a reliable tuner can help turn grating noise into actual music.