Yamaha MG12 Mixer, 4-Bus

Yamaha MG12 Mixer, 4-Bus

Run the show on this great-sounding 12-channel mixer! You get 6 of Yamaha's discrete class-A XLR mic preamps with 1-knob compressors on the first 4 channels.

Yamaha MG124C Stereo Mixer

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Submitted March 24, 2010 by a customer from hotmail.com
"Great mixer. Perfect ALT3/4 mix."
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Great product overall. Hate the compressors. Invest in the FX and USB version. Quiet preamps. Very good alternate 3/4 channeling. Excellent design by Yamaha.

Sound is very good. Microphone preamps are very quiet. The only thing about the mixer is you can't use dynamic microphones with a 1/4inch connector due to the lack of preamps on the line imputs. If you do its VERY noisy. I have run sound thru the mixers several times in a loop using Aux and ALT3/4 channels and did not notice any degradation of the sound.

The compression feature really killed the mixer. The one knob compressors do very little. They do raise the noise floor considerable while reducing loud noises very little. Another complaint I have is the first 4 channels have inserts but 5/6 7/8 do not. I think this sucks because they give you plenty of stereo inputs without having to take up your XLR jacks. I can't use an external compressor on mics 5-6 because of this. One way I worked around this is by using the Aux channel for mic 5 only allowing me to run that thru a compressor. One last note about the features, the board offers a record out with RCA connectors. This is the same output as stereo mix. The impedance is at -10 for consumer equipment.

Ease of Use
I love the on/off switch. This is uncommon for most mixer brands. Usually they have a mute/Alt 3-4 button which is useless. The purpose of read more having a alternate sub mix is so that you can have a live monitoring output as well as a final recording mix. Yamaha allows you to do this. Other brands only allow you to use a microphone on one or the other mix but not both. The turn knobs have a nice nitch in them at the zero mark so its easy to find.

Quality is very good. The housing is plastic but its high impact plastic. Not cheap junk. The sliders are smooth but not so loose that they move accidentally. The led level indicator works great and displays the mix you are monitoring.

This is a very good value. However after purchasing this mixer I am disappointed that I didn't spend just a little more money on the FX version. And for just a little more than that the FX with USB version. Both of these feature would be nice to have for a little extra money.

Manufacturer Support
Never needed it.

The Wow Factor
I would by the MG124 with USB and FX in a heart beat if this one broke.

Musical Background:
videographer / amatuer audio engineer

Musical Style:
none i just record it
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