Yamaha GO46 FireWire Audio/MIDI Interface (Mac and Windows)

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4-in/6-out multi-channel audio. Includes Steinberg Cubase LE, Groove Agent SE, and HALion SE.
On the move or at home, you're good to GO!
The Yamaha GO46 is a mobile audio solution that features high quality mic preamps and world-class MIDI and audio recording software enabling professional quality recording to a computer in a compact package that can be carried and used virtually anywhere.

Strong, Compact and Highly Portable
The GO46 was designed from the outset to be portable. The body is made from diecast aluminum, which is light yet exceptionally rugged. Recording can be done virtually anywhere -- all you need is a laptop computer and the GO46.

Pro-Quality Recording with up to 24-bit/192kHz Resolution
The GO46 boasts up to 24-bit/192kHz* resolution on the analog inputs/outputs -- the best in its class -- and 24-bit/96kHz on the digital I/O. This pro-level quality makes the GO46 perfect for any type of recording, and allows you to capture the full details and nuances of the original source -- from the breathiness of a vocal to the delicate finger slides of an acoustic guitar performance.

* Simultaneous playback of audio and input/output of MIDI is not possible when recording at 24-bit/192kHz.

Multi-channel output/input with FireWire (IEEE1394)
The GO46 delivers 4-in/6-out multi-channel audio by simple 1-cable FireWire (IEEE1394) connection to a computer. Analog input is handled by 2 combo mic/line terminals (for both XLR and phone jack) with high-quality mic preamps on the front panel and two phone jack input terminals and four phone jack output terminals on the rear panel. The unit also has digital input/output read more with S/P DIF optical connectors, providing exceptional flexibility and allowing use in virtually any application, including mobile recording. Moreover, built-in MIDI IN/OUT terminals allow connection of a MIDI keyboard and external MIDI synthesizers and tone generators.

Bus-Powered Operation
When the GO46 is connected to a computer equipped with a 6-pin FireWire (IEEE1394) terminal, power can be supplied from the computer without having to use the AC adaptor. This lets you record anywhere you want on your laptop's battery power, and actively use the device in places having few, or even no electrical outlets.

ASIO 2.0 Compatible Driver for Ultra-Low Latency
Included with the device is an ASIO driver for near-zero audio delay (latency). This makes for efficient recording and mixing, by letting you apply VST plug-in effects and play your VST instruments with a MIDI keyboard in real time.

Bundled Software Lets You Get Started Recording Right Out of the Box
In addition to Steinberg's Cubase LE audio/MIDI sequencer, the GO46 package includes the VST plug-in instruments Groove Agent SE, which generates drum patterns, and HALion SE, a virtual sampler that can be played via MIDI keyboard. With your computer, all you need for complete MIDI and audio recording to hard disk is right in this box. This is a full-featured yet exceptionally easy-to-use professional music/sound production system, with up to 48 tracks of audio and MIDI, compatible with VST, and featuring a host of preset effectsall in one compact package.

Mic/Line Input Combo Terminals with Independent Phantom Power
The GO46 features combo mic/line terminals (for both XLR and phone jack) on the front panel. Phantom power is also available and independently switchable for each input channel. In other words, you can use a condenser microphone on channel 1 with phantom power switched on to capture the delicate sounds of a vocal while simultaneously recording an electric/acoustic guitar plugged into channel 2.

Separate Insert Terminals for Connecting External Effects
The GO46 has 2 rear-panel insert terminals for 2 channels of analog input. This lets you use external effects such as reverb and chorus, and apply your favorite compressors and limiters to the microphone signal while recording.

Compatible with Surround Playback Systems Such as AC-3 and DTS
The digital outputs on the GO46 are compatible with the AC-3 and DTS surround sound formats. Simply connect a surround compatible amplifier/speaker setup, and enjoy the powerful sonic experience of surround sound.
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System Requirements
The system requirements below are necessary for using the GO46 and the included software.

* The system requirements below may differ slightly depending on the particular operating system.

* For details on minimum requirements for each DAW software, refer to the respective owners manual.

OS: Windows XP Professional/XP Home Edition (SP1 or SP2) and Vista

Computer: Pentium3/800MHz or higher (Pentium4/2.8GHz or higher recommended)

Available Memory: 384MB or more (512MB or more, recommended)

Free Disk Space: 1GB or moreover

*The computer must have an IEEE 1394 (FireWIre) terminal installed. If there is no such terminal, install an IEEE 1394 interface card (PCI or PCMCIA)

OS: Mac OS X 10.3.6 or higher (Mac OS X 10.3.8 or higher, recommended)

Computer: G4/867MHz or higher (G5/Dual 1.8GHz or higher, recommended)

Available Memory: 384MB or more (512MB or more, recommended)

Free Disk Space: 1GB or more
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 714-522-9011
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"I'm glad I bought this"
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I think I'll be keeping this bad boy until firewire is obsolete. So basically I'll be satisfied for a very very long time.

Amazing sound. The first thing I noticed was that my music had more punch. The resolution settings were at 44.1, so it must be those awesome Yamaha ADConverters. Great sound, no hiss, no crackling.

Came with a good length 6-pin firewire cable, and a 6-pin to 4-pin adapter. Also included a power adapter. Package included a ton of software that I won't use. I was only concerned with installing the driver and being on my way (the same driver was on their website). It has easy to find knobs, the layout is simple and elegant, and the footprint is small. No noticeable latency issues (MacBook Pro, 2.2 GHz, 2GB RAM). For the price, this actually comes with anything you might need. I might play around with the optical in/outs soon.

Ease of Use
Extremely easy to use. The input gain knobs were turned down all the way so my head didn't explode when I starting throwing sound at it. Connected the GO46, installed the drivers, rebooted, BAM - worked. After tweaking the knobs for a couple of seconds I had just the right levels.

Top notch. I've been a Yamaha fan for years. Their products hold up extremely well, and I expect no less from this little guy. Metal casing, solid knobs, and the craftsmanship around the in/outs is read more very tidy. After jamming with this thing for almost 4 hours, there was very little heat dissipating from the case either.

For a wicked fast fw interface, I feel that I received a good value for my buck.

Manufacturer Support

The Wow Factor
Blue LED's! The black and silver theme is nice. I really appreciate the low profile of the case, and that it won't stick out like a sore thumb.

Musical Background:
Active Musician, Recording Engineer, Composer

Musical Style:
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