Victory V4 Kraken Pedalboard Guitar Amplifier (180 Watts)

Get all the power of a Victory amp on your pedalboard! The Victory Kraken pedalboard amplifier delivers 180 watts of Class-D, solid-state power.

The Victory V4 The Kraken guitar amp partners a V4 Series all-valve preamp with a solid-state, 180-watt Class D power amp. Building on the success of the V4 The Duchess, the V4 Kraken guitar amp continues the ultra-compact size and huge tones by adding even more features. The V4 Kraken guitar amp features Two Notes Torpedo-embedded DynIR Virtual Cabinet technology making it so easy to go direct to FOH, headphones or your audio interface.

Watch Rabea Massaad take you through the V4 Kraken from a zZounds Livestream:

Speaker Cabs, Power & Impedance

Speaker choice is critical with V4 The Kraken Guitar Amp. V4 The Kraken can put out a staggering 180 watts at 4-ohms (through the Victory V112 Neo cabinet, for example). However, 4-ohm speaker cabs aren't exactly common, and nor are single speakers that can take 180 watts, so please proceed with caution with a 4-ohm load. The nature of Class D, solid-state power sections such as this means that the amp's output is dependant on the speaker load. If you use a more common 8-ohm cab, output power drops to approximately 90 watts. 16-ohms gives you a still-very-healthy 45 watts. The principal reason Victory went with the 180-watt output is because lower-powered solid-state devices can run out of volume and headroom very quickly once you get to 8- and 16-ohm loads. No such problem here: there's plenty of power no matter what cab you use.

Victory Two Notes Virtual Cabinets

Victory have partnered with the incredibly talented folks at read more Two Notes Audio Engineering to embed their incredible tech in the V4 Kraken Guitar amp. Straight out of the box, you have access to six presets created by Victory artist and Kraken collaborator Rabea Massaad. These have been specifically created by Rabea for the V4 Kraken guitar amp. There are all together ten Victory virtual cabinets Victory has picked for the V4 Kraken, the rest of these cabinets can be accessed by plugging the V4 Kraken guitar amp into your computer and linking it with the Two notes remote software.


- Gain 1 & 2: The V4 Kraken Guitar amp has two channels. Gain 1 is a slightly looser more 'vintage' British-inspired gain sound. Gain 2 is tighter in the bass with a more cutting midrange character and, of course more drive.
- Three-Band EQ: Powerful bass, middle and treble controls to shape your tone. These also have an effect on the gain character and drive levels just like in any valve guitar amp.
- Reverb: Lush sounding digital reverb gives you ambience aplenty. Run it low for a subtle feeling of space, or max it out for washy, splashy hugeness! The reverb is foot-switchable using a TRS cable (sold separately).
- Two Notes Technology: Two Notes Torpedo-embedded DynIR Virtual Cabinet technology is onboard the Kraken. The Cab Sim XLR makes is super easy to take you Victory virtual cabinets anywhere.
- Series Effects Loop: Sits between the preamp and power amp. Run your time-based effects here for maximum clarity.
- Balance Line Out: Send a direct feed to a separate speaker simulator, front of house or wherever you like. Can be used with or without a speaker connected.
- 9V DC Power Output: Want to power some extra pedals and stick this on your board? Victory included a 9V DC centre-negative output that will put out a maximum of 500mA. This is more than enough for the vast majority of drives, fuzzes and analogue delays and so on.
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- Aluminium chassis
- Reverb
- Two Notes Cab Sim Technology with 6 position preset control
- Three-band EQ
- Series FX loop
- Balanced DI out on TRS 6.3mm jack
- Additional 9V DC power outlet for pedals etc (maximum total current 500mA, centre-negative)
- Format: Guitar amplifier head
- Preamp valves: 1 x EC900, 3 x CV4014
- Power output: 180W @ 4 ohms (approx 90W @ 8 ohms, 45W @ 16 ohms)
- Power requirements: Mains IEC
- Size (W x H x D): 258 x 174 x 105mm, including feet & knobs
- Weight: 3.75 lbs (1.7 kg)
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
with Two Notes
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 7 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): V4 PWR VX TN HP

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:

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"What a versatile amp!!"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Received this on a Wed afternoon. Dropped it onto my pedalboard and gigged it with a cover band 4 hours on Friday and 4 hours on Sat in the hot sun followed by 2 hours on Sunday with a horn band. Used the IR output into the board which sounded great and was hassle free. For stage volume, I started with a 16 ohm cab which was a bit spongy. Switched to a Suhr 8 ohm 1 X 12 cab which was the perfect balance of punch and feel. I know this is marketed as a metal amp but channel 1 is pure rock and roll. (I like a little hair on my base tone.) I used my volume control to clean up when needed and I goosed it with a Prince of Tone pedal for solos. Delay in the loop and used the on-board reverb. So far I can not recommend this amp enough. It is build like a tank so I expect it to run for years. This is a purely unsolicited review motivated by my outstanding first experiences with this amp!
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