Ultimate Acoustics UA-WPW-12 Absorption Panel Studio Foam

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Don't just deaden your room, get control of it. These 12"x12"x2" foam acoustic panels absorb sound to help you achieve acoustic balance in the studio.

The Ultimate Acoustics UA-WPW-12 professional Absorption Panel is the perfect blend of form and function for acoustically treating small, medium or large spaces. The wedge style holds traditional design, while the foam base provides maximum absorption in the smallest possible space. And Ultimate Acoustic's free Room Analysis App helps you plan and execute the ideal deployment for your space and application.

More Foam for More Absorption

In acoustical foam, quantity matters more than shape. This is because the softness of the foam provides no reflections on its own - it simply absorbs. So cutting the foam into egg-crate or similar shapes only reduces the amount of foam available to absorb sound. The UA-WPW's foam base gives the maximum amount of sound absorption in the smallest possible space.

Controlled, Not Dead

There is a tendency when treating a space to simply "deaden" the environment by completely covering surfaces in absorptive materials. But this is not the best approach to critical listening. Better is to have the right balance of live and dead surfaces, so as to create a room with a controlled response to sound. Using the UA-WPW-12 in combination with other Ultimate Acoustics products provides the range of surfaces needed for precise room tuning. This gives a much more realistic, pleasing and productive reference situation for mixing, tracking, or just plain listening!

Room Analysis App: Design with a Purpose

Take the guesswork out of your room design read more with Ultimate Acoustic's Room Analysis App. This free iOS app takes the exact parameters of your room and your intended application, and creates a detailed diagram that takes in account using different types of treatments (panels, bass traps, partially reflective vs. fully absorptive) to maximize acoustical response. Built by Ultimate's leading acoustic engineers, the app helps you choose the right combination of surfaces in the right places to pack some real intelligence into the design of your space.


- Professional 12" x 12" x 2" professional studio foam panels
- Solid foam base for maximum absorption
- Free Room Analysis App for design & deployment
- Design Style: Wedge
- Sold in Pairs
- Adhesive squares included
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- Part Name: UA-WPW-12
- Part Number: 17609
- Size: 12 x 12 x 2"
- Type: Wall Panel
- QTY: 2
- Design Style: Wedge
- Color: Charcoal

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-525-5628
Email: info@ultimatesupport.com
Web: http://www.ultimatesupport.com/contact

No longer available at zZounds

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