Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Duo + Shure SM7B Bundle

Stock your studio with industry-standard gear: a Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Heritage Edition interface, Shure SM7B mic, and Shure SRH-440 headphones. Apollo Twin MKII requires a Thunderbolt 2 cable, sold separately.
Stock your home studio with industry-standard recording tools: a Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Heritage Edition audio interface, a Shure SM7B microphone, Shure SRH-440 headphones, and an XLR microphone cable. The Apollo Twin MKII requires a Thunderbolt 2 cable, sold separately.

Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII DUO Heritage Edition audio interface

Unlock powerful UAD plug-ins and Unison mic preamp modeling with the Apollo Twin MKII, Universal Audio's desktop Thunderbolt 2 interface for Windows or Mac.

The Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII DUO is the world's most popular professional desktop recording interface -- delivering enhanced audio conversion with the tone, feel, and flow of analog recording. This 2x6 Thunderbolt audio interface for Mac and Windows features on-board UAD-2 DUO processing, Unison(TM) technology, and the next-generation A/D and D/A conversion you've heard on hundreds of hit records.

With UAD-2 DUO Core processing built in, Apollo Twin MKII lets you offload plug-in processing to your audio interface instead of your host computer, giving you the horsepower for running Universal Audio's industry-leading analog emulation plug-ins.

In addition to all the plug-ins in Universal Audio's "Realtime Analog Classics" bundle, the Heritage Edition gives you 5 premium plug-in titles: the UA 1176 Collection, Teletronix LA‑2A Classic Leveler Collection, Pultec Passive EQ Collection, UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection, and UA Pure Plate Reverb.

Shure SM7B dynamic

read more cardioid microphoneCapture pro-quality vocals with Shure's classic cardioid dynamic mic. A favorite microphone for broadcasters and rappers, the SM7B handles up to 180 dB SPL.

Shure SRH440 headphones

Stock your studio with these closed-back cans. With replaceable ear cups and cord, the SRH440s are made to last, and deliver a wide, flat frequency response.


- Premium audio quality from two of the music industry's most iconic brands
- Ideal for Musicians, Vocalists, Podcasters, Streamers, and Gamers
- 12 channel strip presets designed specifically for use with the SM7B
- Apollo interfaces deliver 65 dB of clean gain for use with theSM7B
- Unison mic preamp emulations (unique to Apollo) allow tonal textures just like the real thing. Some Unison emulations feature adjustable impedance that can further complement a mic like the SM7B (see preset descriptions), as well as additional digital gain.
- Get the sound you want in real time, using mic preamps, compressors, equalizers, and more within the UA Console App. If you are not recording, a DAW is not required.

Channel Strip Presets: Build your best SM7B sound with these plug-ins!

Download and import Universal Audio's Channel Strip Presets, and use them as "starting points" to build your best SM7 tone! These Channel Strip Presets focus on Unison mic preamps with basic filtering, EQ, and Dynamics processing. Time-based effects such as reverb and delay should be added via the Aux Sends and returns in Console or on ARM enabled buses in LUNA.

- Shure SM7B #1 610B and Precision Channel Strip: This preset showcases the 610B preamp and Precision Channel Strip. Note that the 610 has its impedance set to 500 instead of 2k to "open up" the tone and give a boost to the level. The final clean digital gain is also used to deliver plenty of signal to your DAW or LUNA. The Precision Channel Strip is doing a 100 Hz Highpass Filter as well as some compression that uses the Auto Make Up Gain feature for a fast workflow.

- Shure SM7B #2 610B with Precision Channel Strip and Legacy Pultec EQP1: This preset is identical to #1, but with the richness of the Pultec EQ that is cutting some mids and boost somelows. Note the compression is "pre Pultec" here.

- Shure SM7B #3 610B with Precision Channel Strip, Legacy Pultec EQP1, and Legacy LA2: Building on #2, for this preset, the Precision's compression is turned off and instead the Legacy LA2 is used. This way we're making it bigger with the Pultec while allowing the LA2 to react to the tonal change.

- Shure SM7B #4 610B with Precision Channel Strip, Legacy Pultec EQP1, and Legacy 1176: The same as #3 but with the Legacy 1176. Notice how the 1176 changes the tone to be a bit more "midforward" compared to the sheen and warmth the LA added in #3.

- Shure SM7B #5 610B with Precision Channel Strip, Legacy Pultec EQP1, and Legacy Fairchild: The same as #4 but with the Legacy Fairchild. Notice how the
Fairchild adds warm low-end to your voice.
- Shure SM7B #6 610B with Precision Channel Strip, Legacy Pultec EQP1, and 1176 Rev A: Built on the previous presets, this one now introduces the MKII 1176 RevA. Note the aggressive coloration this compressor adds.

- Shure SM7B #7 610B with Precision Channel Strip, Pultec EQP1, and 1176 Rev A: This preset swaps out the Legacy Pultec for the updated MKII. Notice how much richer the tone is as the added harmonics beef things up!

- Shure SM7B #8 Helios Type 69 with Pultec MKII and 1176 Rev A: Switching to the Helios with its internal HPF, we stick with the MKII Pultec and 1176 Rev A. Here the Helios adds it's own rich harmonics for a classic chain!

- Shure SM7B #9 Helios Type 69 with Pultec MKII and LA3A: Same as #8 but with the cleaner LA3, for when you don't want as much coloration. Note the HPF screw has been rotated counter clockwise to keep the low-end from triggering too much gain reduction.

- Shure SM7B #10 V76 Preamp with Pultec MKII, Fairchild 670, and OXIDE Tape: V76 Preamp with its 80hz HPF for more vintage tone, compression is the MKII Fairchild set to its fastest time constants. We're also utilizing the side chain HPF so your lows don't trigger too much compression.

- Shure SM7B #11 V76 Preamp with Pultec MKII and LA3A: A cleaner version of #10 without tape.

- Shure SM7B #12 V76 Preamp with Pultec MKII. LA3A and OXIDE Tape: A cleaner version of #10 with tape. Toggle between #11 an #12 to hear what OXIDE can add to your tracks.
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Apollo Twin MKII System Requirements:

- Apple Mac computer with available Thunderbolt port
- macOS 10.12 Sierra, 10.13 High Sierra, or 10.14 Mojave

- PC computer with built-in Thunderbolt 3 port
- Windows 10 (64-Bit Edition)
- Qualified Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter (sold separately)

- Thunderbolt 2 cable (sold separately)
- 6 gigabytes available storage
- Internet connection to download software and authorize UAD plug-ins
- Compatible VST, Audio Units, RTAS, or AAX 64 plug-in host DAW software
- Quad Core i7 or better processor recommended

For additional compatibility information, visit help.uaudio.com
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If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 831-440-1176


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