Two Notes LeBass 2-Channel Preamp/Cab Simulator

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Give your bass tone some authentic tube saturation! Sporting two channels and cab simulation, the LeBass is a great solution for on-the-go musicians.

The heart and soul of the Le Bass are the two fully independent and footswitchable tube preamps. These preamps are voiced to give you the character of clean and driven bass amplifier tones. Preamp A is clean, clear, and extremely quick to respond, while preamp B adds more grit to the sound, maintaining a tight low end. The two footswitches let you select either sound or blend them together to taste in Fusion mode to pile on even more gain that can take you into high-gain and fuzz territory.

The Torpedo Wall of Sound

To compliment the LeClaen, you will also receive a free license of the Two Notes Torpedo Wall of Sound speaker-cab simulation software. Highly regarded in the industry, you'll be able to send Le Clean's tones direct to the board with your choice of simulated speaker cabinets, microphones, rooms, reverbs, EQ and tube power amplifiers. The Wall of Sound also lets you mix and match cabinets and microphones, and position the mics to get your optimal tone. Running into an amp live? Just push the SPKR SIM button and defeat the simulation.

A powerful set of I/O options

The Le Clean preamp pedal boasts multiple I/O options to integrate easily and quickly into even the most complicated of rigs. An effects loop lets you place your time-based stompboxes after the preamp. The DI Output is optimal for sending your signal direct to the board for live performance or recording. MIDI in and out are perfect for control from external controllers. And the Thru jack sends read more your unaffected signal to an onstage amp if you choose. As if this wasn't enough, a 1/8" headphone output lets you get all of this power while silently practicing.


- Fully featured tube electric bass preamp pedal
- Designed around the tonal needs of a modern bassist
- 2 blendable preamps that are fully footswitchable
- Free Torpedo Wall of Sound software for cab and mic emulation
- MIDI in and out
- Effects loop for patching in time-based pedals
- DI output
- Unaffected Thru output
- Headphone output for silent practice
- Ruby 12AX7AC5 HG PreAmp tube
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A channel: Passive Bass/Treble tonestack
B channel: Passive Bass/Treble tonestack - Active Mid/Sweep control - Gain : -18 to +6 dB - Freq : 220Hz - 1.5kHz
Input: Jack 6.35 mm unbalanced (TS, Tip/Sleeve) - Impedance : 1 Mohms
Return: Jack 6.35mm unbalanced (TS) - Max input level : 17 dBu - Impedance : 2,2 MOhms - Unbuffered, directly connected to Output when active
Output: Jack 6.35 mm unbalanced (TS) - Max output level : 11 dBu - Impedance : 300 Ohms
Thru: Jack 6.35 mm unbalanced (TS) - Unbuffered, directly connected to Inpu
Send: Jack 6.35 mm unbalanced (TS) - Max output level : 11 dBu - Impedance : 300 Ohms
DI Output: XLR, balanced - Impedance : 600 Ohms - Max output level : 10 dBu
Phones: Jack 3.5 mm stereo (TRS, Tip/Ring/Sleeve)
Mains power adaptor: DC Jack 2.1mm, negative center
Input voltage: 12V DC
Power consumption: approx. 6W
Current draw: 500mA
Width x depth x height: 124 x 189 x 50 (mm) - 4.88 x 7.44 x 1.97 (in)
Weight: 750g - 1.65 lb

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: +33-484-250-910