Thomastik-Infeld JF365 FW 5-String Electric Bass Strings

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Bring back '50s bass sound and feel on your modern 5-string! Thomastik-Infeld JF365 flatwound strings deliver a classic warm, percussive tone.

Back in the '50s when electric basses first appeared, the concept of "good bass tone" was very different. The upright bass set the standard - a warm, woody thump that was felt as much as heard. String sustain was actively avoided, to the degree that all early basses had string mutes built in to dampen the sound. Strings of the day were different too. At first, many were constructed just like upright strings with a fabric or "silk" inlay between the windings and the core. This construction added to the warm, upright-like tone, while also damping out off-color harmonics. But time passed and tastes changed.

Players sought to create a more treble, sustaining tone that could cut through the mix with ever-louder guitars. Silk inlays went out of style too, a move that was welcomed by string makers who could now cut a costly step out of manufacturing.

Today, modern bass tone is easy to come by. But fans of rich, vintage tone have a harder time creating the tone they seek. For Thomastik-Infeld, warm and deep vintage tone never went out of style. They've kept their original Jazz Bass strings in the product line for decades. They start with a round, steel core and then wrap it with highly polished windings made of pure nickel for extended life and a supple, responsive feel. And though they cost a bit more to make, they've never abandoned the silk inlays. Remember that pulsing, booty-shaking throb that made you want to play bass in the first place? Here's where to find it!


read more - Specs: 5-string super long scale set; p. nickel flats
- Type: 5-string
- Winding: Flat
- Gauge/Tension: Medium 36"
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