Thorpy FX Gunshot Overdrive Pedal

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At the heart of the Thorpy FX Gunshot Overdrive is a cascading "gain engine" tuned to deliver maximum tonality for as wide a range of amps as possible.
The Thorpy FX Gunshot was designed to be the overdrive to beat all others. Sonically, most overdrives can sound thin or lack a certain “something” when compared to a real valve amplifier. It’s an unfair comparison really, but it is possible to solve this problem. This is where the Gunshot comes in, at the heart of the pedal is a proprietary cascading "gain engine" tuned to deliver maximum tonality for as wide a range of amps as possible. Through tweaking the pedal's two interactive gain controls to taste, you can achieve overdrive flavours from subtle through to searing, from slightly hairy blues to hard rock. The tones produced are addictive and inspiring in equal measure.

The Thorpy FX Gunshot is based upon a British flavour amp and also boasts a powerful tone control which can dial in the pedal to your personal rig to maximise its massive sound.

External enclosure made from powder-coated steel wraparound and a stainless steel laser-cut centre piece. Internally the pedal is immaculately built using premium 1% metal film resistors, Wima and Panasonic capacitors, Neutrik jacks and a Burr-Brown Op-amp. Coupled with a robust gold-plated PCB and dust-sealed Alpha potentiometers. A mechanical foot switch is used to turn the pedal on and is powered using a 9V centre negative power supply.
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Submitted November 10, 2019 by Keith J in Boston, MA
"A Future Overdrive Legend"
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Let me tell you this. I have over 150 effects pedals in my collection, with over half of them being an overdrive, distortion or fuzz of some kind. From Tube Screamers to my ever precious Analogman King of Tone, or my locked in the safe original Klon, to a number of boutique overdrives. How does the Gunshot compare with such a prestigious list? Up near the top! If not on top! It’s become my main overdrive this last year and it works unbelievably well for any type of music one may play. From subtle blues driver breakup to maximum gain Marshall JCM 800. It covers it all. If I was off to the island and could only bring one overdrive pedal. One that sounds great no matter what it’s stacked with or all by it’s lonesome. This may be the one. I’m not exaggerating! It’s that good!
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