Taylor T5z Pro Electric Guitar (with Aerocase)

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Three discreet pickups offer players authentic acoustic and electric guitar tones, in Taylor's comfortable hollowbody hybrid electric-acoustic guitar.

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Feature: What it does:
Maple top Long sustain with crisp, bright tone
Ebony fretboard Dark color, tight grain; premium fretboard wood
Jumbo frets Makes bending strings easier
Taylor T5 electronics with 5-way switch Wide tonal range; two humbuckers plus body sensor

As part of Taylor's series of T5 hybrid acoustic-electric guitars, the Taylor T5z Pro offers the same compact hollowbody design and electronics as the groundbreaking T5z Standard, with the added bonus of a stunning flamed maple top. In addition to making this instrument heartbreakingly beautiful, the maple top imparts a distinctive tone with a notable amount of sustain and splendor. This guitar's fretboard also sports the progressive spires inlay scheme that is unique to the T5z Pro and the T5z Custom.

Nothing But the Best Tonewoods

The T5z uses select sapele in the neck, heel, back and sides, which is matched tonally to a Sitka spruce top. The unique internal bracing pattern follows the patented design found on the original T5 models. Even if you strum a chord when the T5z isn't plugged in, you'll immediately hear its rich, crisp voice. The 12-inch radius ebony fretboard is carved to ensure perfect intonation at every point on the neck, and is set with super-comfortable jumbo frets. When you play the T5z, string bends feel effortless -- yet sustain gloriously.

Get an in-depth look at the Taylor T5z:

Revolutionary Acoustic-Electric Pickup/Sensor System

In addition to its one-of-a-kind body design, the sound of the Taylor T5z is derived from the presence of the T5 electronic system and its 5-way position switch. With two custom-designed humbuckers and a separate acoustic body sensor, the T5z brings the best of two worlds together and yields astonishing tonal read more range.

Position 1 combines the output of the Neck Humbucker and the Body Sensor. This is undoubtedly the coolest feature on the T5z, and opens up a vast tonal palette. By fine-tuning the controls for the pickups and the sensor respectively, you'll be able to explore a wide range of sounds and colors.

Position 2 employs the Neck Humbucker to get a warm, round tone. If you roll back on the Treble here, you'll get sounds perfectly suited for jazz and swing styles. Conversely, if you pull back on the Bass, you'll get more of a solid body electric sound suitable for rock and metal.

Position 3 employs the Bridge Humbucker, and is possibly the most versatile single setting. This one pickup can serve up sounds ranging from bright twangy leads to and searing overdriven leads or chords.

Position 4 puts the Neck & Bridge Humbuckers in parallel and creates a clean sound reminiscent of a vintage hollow or semi-hollow body. With just a little chorus and/or verb, this setting instantly transports you into a realm of vintage shine and sparkle.

Position 5 puts the Neck & Bridge in series and creates a dark, full tone that is as compelling as it is hard to describe. It sounds like an even larger hollowbody in this position, and is well-suited for deliving thick rhythm playing as well as distorted, singing leads.

Treat It Like an Acoustic, Or an Electric

The Taylor T5z features dual crossover compatibility with electric and acoustic amps. With so much intrinsic range, the Taylor T5z and is more than ready to take your guitar playing in a completely new direction.

Grammy award winning guitarist Wayne Johnson performs a touching solo on the Taylor T5z Pro:


- Flamed maple top
- Compact hollowbody design
- 12-inch fretboard radius
- Jumbo frets
- 24-7/8-inch scale length sapele neck
- 2 x custom humbuckers
- 1 x acoustic pickup
- Five-way position switching
- Onboard tone controls
- Crossover design compatible with electric and acoustic amps
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- Shape: T5z
- Top Wood: Figured Maple
- Back/Side Wood: Sapele
- Neck/Heel: Sapele
- Electronics: T5 with Five-Way Switch
- Bracing: Standard T5z
- Binding: White
- Fretboard Wood: Ebony
- Fretboard Inlay: Spires
- Headstock Overlay: Ebony
- Bridge Pins: Ebony
- Nut & Saddle: Bone
- Tuners: Taylor Nickel
- Truss Rod Cover: Black Plastic
- Back/Side Finish: Gloss
- Top Finish: Gloss
- Neck Finish: Gloss
- Cutaway: Venetian

Includes Taylor Aerocase

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-943-6782

Taylor T5z Pro Electric Guitar

Say hello to the T5z Pro, the spunky addition to the Taylor T5 family. Designed with electric players in mind, the T5z brings more of an electric guitar look and feel to the popular hollowbody hybrid electric-acoustic T5 series. Electric-friendly features include a more compact body than the original T5, plus a 12-inch fretboard radius and jumbo frets that making bending strings easier. If you're looking for a versatile stage or recording guitar that blends the feel of an electric with a full range of acoustic and electric tones, the T5z Pro gives you an essential musical tool.

Electric/Acoustic Versatility

Like the original T5, the T5z bridges the electric and acoustic worlds like no other guitar, unleashing a sweeping array of amplified tones. The hollowbody design features an active soundboard to produce a natural acoustic voice and incorporates three pickups: an acoustic body sensor, a concealed neck humbucker, and a visible bridge humbucker. Crossover design features include dual compatibility with electric and acoustic amps, plus five-way switching and onboard tone controls that let you shift from shimmering acoustic to screaming electric in an instant.


- Compact hollowbody design
- 12-inch fretboard radius
- Jumbo frets
- 24-7/8-inch scale length
- 1 acoustic pickup / 2 electric humbuckers
- Five-way switching and onboard tone controls
- Compatible with electric and acoustic amps

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I love this guitar. The feel is amazing and the sound and sound options incredible. This quickly became my go to axe. Zzounds was the best and made this guitar available to me months sooner than I would have been able to get it by allowing their play now and pay over eight payments. Shipping was fast and efficient and the Taylor played like a champ right out of the box. All thumbs up. Thanks Zzounds!
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