Tascam DM24 24-Channel Digital Mixer

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Submitted April 2, 2004 by a customer from musician.org
"Good Features, Good Price"
This product will be a part of my project studio for a LONG time (partially because I'll need that long to figure everything out). The price was right on the model I bought, especially for everything you get. If stolen, I'd replace it, no doubt.
The sound is pretty good, but for some warmth in vocals and such, I have to use an outboard pre.
There's so much in this board that I haven't even found yet, and I've used a LOT of the features.
It's pretty heavy and nothing seems flimsy or easily breakable, but I still wouldn't take it on the road. Sitting on a desk is the best place for it. I back up all settings via MIDI just in case of a problem.
Lots of features crammed into a 2'x2' board. Automation makes it worth it.
The Wow Factor
Lots of buttons, knobs, lights, and an LCD screen -- a tweakers dream.
Musical Style:
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No longer available at zZounds

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