TASCAM 202mkV Professional Dual Cassette Deck

No longer available at zZounds
Rely on the TASCAM 202mkV Dual Cassette Deck for digital transfers, worship services, and anytime you need rock-solid cassette tape recording and playback.

TASCAM's 202mkV dual cassette deck is the only choice for professional studios, houses of worship and other installations needing reliable cassette performance. The two twin-head decks can be used for recording or playback, and Dolby noise reduction is provided (types B and HX Pro). The 202mkV can be used as a normal or high-speed dubber, and even sync reverse dubbing is provided.

What sets apart the mark V model are a return to zero feature and A-B repeat, which can playback a section of tape up to 20 times. Deck 1 still has +/-12% pitch control, and a front panel microphone input is available for convenient recording. Rely on TASCAM's 202mkV for consistant cassette recording you can mount in any rack.

Return to Zero

A-B Repeat (20 times)

Continuous Play

+/-12% Pitch Control on Deck 1

Power on Play and Record

Continuous Recording

Both Decks Record for Simultaneous Masters

Normal and Hi speed dubbing


Sync Reverse Dubbing

Dolby NR B type and HX PRO

Front Mic input with level control

3U Rack mountable

Tape type: normal, chrome and metal (play only)

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 323-726-0303
Web: https://tascam.com/us/support/contact

No longer available at zZounds

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