Stanton ST.150HP Direct Drive Turntable

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Durable enough for serious DJs, this rock-solid turntable has Stanton's super-strong torque motor, ultra-stable platter and tone arm, and even S/PDIF out.

The Stanton ST.150HP direct drive turntable is designed for the cost-conscious DJ or vinyl enthusiast. Stanton re-engineered this high-torque turntable from the ground up to provide everything a DJ needs -- for far less than you'd expect to pay for a professional turntable. Get your hands on an ST.150HP, and you'll see for yourself. Whether you're looking to scratch records or simply listen to them, the Stanton ST.150HP is a great-sounding record player for an affordable price.

Everything a DJ Needs

Two of these babies and a mixer is all you need to start spinning your collection. With sturdy, steel construction and an aluminum platter, the Stanton ST.150HP turntable is robust enough for some serious gigging. It packs all the features a DJ would expect, including weight and tracking calibration, three selectable speeds, start/stop button with adjustable start/brake speed controls and reverse button, as well as analog RCA and digital S/PDIF outputs.

Digitize Your Performance

The ST.150HP's S/PDIF digital output makes it easy to record your performance in crisp digital quality, by connecting to an external sound card. This allows you to record your gigs or practice sets by plugging into your audio interface's S/PDIF I/P. Or course, the ST.150HP also comes equipped with the standard RCA output you would expect on a turntable -- so whether you're looking for an analog or digital connection, this turntable is ready for action.


- High torque 4.5 Kgf-cm read more brushless DC motor
- Heavy duty steel construction (unit is over 35 lbs)
- Die-cast aluminum platter
- Height-adjustable tone arm
- Three speeds (33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM)
- Selectable pitch control (+/- 8%, 25%, or 50%) and robust pitch slider
- Stanton 68HP cartridge included
- Knobs to adjust start and brake speed
- Reverse, key lock, and pitch lock buttons included
- Target light included
- RCA or S/PDIF digital output
- Selectable phono/line level output
- Tracking force range of 0-3 g
- Cartridge weight range of 13-18 g
- Needle pressure of 2-5 g
- Adjustable feet
- Slipmat included

Note: Some assembly required.
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Turntable Specifications:

- Starting Torque: more than
- Motor Direct Drive: 16pole, 3phase, brushless DC motor
- Turntable Platter: 332 mm diameter Aluminum die-cast
- Pitch Controls: +/-8%, +/-25%, +/-50%
- Wow & Flutter: less than 0.1% WRMS (JIS WTD) with 33 1/3rpm
- Braking System: Electronic brake
- S/N Ratio: more than 60dB (DIN-B)
- Channel Separation: more than 15 dB- Tone Arm Section Measurement
- Tone arm type: Static balanced straight tone arm with Cardan's suspension and detachable headshell
- Effective Arm Length: 194mm
- Tracking Force Range: 0-3g
- Applicable Cartridge Weight: 13-18g
- Channel Balance: Within 2.5dB at 1 KHz
- Needle Pressure range: 2-5g

Cartridge Specifications:

- Stylus Type: Spherical 0.7 mil; Special High Polish
- Frequency Response: 20 to 18 kHz
- Nominal Output @ 1kHz: 7.0mV
- Channel Separation @ 1 kHz: 30dB
- Channel Balance @ 1 kHz: within 2dB
- Tracking Force: 2 to 5 grams
- DC Resistance: 1300 ohms nom.
- Inductance: 930 mH
- Cartridge Weight: 6.3 g
- Tracking Ability: 80 mu @ 3 grams
- Recommended Load: 47k ohms and 275 pF
- Supplied Stylus: N 680

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-444-2766

Stanton ST.150HP Direct Drive Turntable

In creating the ST.150, Stanton went back to basics and re-engineered everything. These "no nonsense" turntables have everything professional DJs need, and nothing they don't. Built with a standard S-shaped tone arm, the Stanton ST.150 turntable offers durable construction designed to minimize feedback with an industry-leading torque motor -- up to 4.5 Kgf-cm -- and an ultra-stable platter and tone arm. And with features like Key Correction, Reverse, up to 50% pitch adjustment, and S/PDIF digital outputs, the Stanton ST.150 is a strong contender for the title of Turntable Supreme.


- World's Strongest Torque Motor (4.5 Kgf-cm)
- Heavy Duty Steel Construction
- Ultra-Stable Platter and Height-Adjustable Tone Arm
- Start/Brake Speed Adjustment
- Digital Output [S/PDIF] Plug straight into CD-R or computer sound card
- Key Correction
- Selectable Phono or Line Output (Key correction works on line output only)
- Dual Start/Stop Buttons
- Reverse Play
- 3 speeds [33,45,78]
- Quartz Lock
- Selectable pitch control [+/-8%,+/-25%,+/-50%]
- Motor Off Feature
- Removable Target Light
- Adjustable Feet
- Includes slipmat and L-shaped cables
- Includes Stanton cartridge mounted on headshell

Note: Some assembly required.

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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Although I'm not a DJ, but an audiophile, I found the Stanton ST.150HP turntable an excellent value. It is a very hefty turntable weighing in at around 50 pounds; which makes it very stable and not affected by vibrations like a lighter one. I found the Stanton Trackmaster cartridge more than adequate which will satisfy all but the most finicky music lover. I highly recommend this turntable.

Musical Background:

I've been a audiophile since the early 1960's

Musical Style:

All styles from classical to heavy metal including country and rhythm and blues
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