Soundcraft Notepad-12FX USB Mixer

Get Soundcraft quality in a small, desktop-friendly mixer! The Notepad-12FX gives you 4 mic preamps, a 4x2 USB audio interface, and built-in Lexicon effects.


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Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK Multi-Track Mixer, 12-Channel

No longer available at zZounds
Get Soundcraft quality in a tiny footprint! The 12 MTK gives you 8 Ghost mic preamps, Lexicon effects and 14-in/12-out USB I/O for easy computer integration.

The Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK incorporate Soundcraft's iconic Ghost mic preamps, directly drawn from the company's top-of-the-line professional consoles, to deliver extraordinary audio quality with high headroom, wide dynamic range and exceptional resolution and clarity with a superb signal to noise ratio. They employ Soundcraft's Sapphyre Assymetric EQ for perfectly equalizing every vocal and instrumental element in a mix with the unmistakable musicality inherent in every Soundcraft console, plus the GB Series audio routing technology famous in thousands of live venues worldwide.

It includes a wide variety of built-in Lexicon studio-grade reverb, chorus, modulation and other effects and dbx limiters on the input channels. In addition, the console's multi-track USB audio interface allows any VST/AU/AAX/TDM/RTAS plug-ins to be inserted on any input channel, enabling studio plug-ins to be seamlessly integrated with live performances. Accompanying the consoles are free downloads of the Lexicon MPX-L native plug-in and Ableton Live 9 Lite.

The console is designed to deliver pristine recordings. Both have an ultra-low-latency USB interface that flawlessly captures every channel, which can then be mixed or transferred to a DAW for further mixdown and production. The consoles offer XLR and switchable Hi-Z inputs that enable guitars, basses and other instruments to be directly connected.
The Soundcraft Signature 12MTK features smooth, premium-quality faders with GB Series audio read more routing with flexible pre/post switching on each Aux, and subgroups with powerful routing and switching options as well as dedicated outputs.

Both the Soundcraft Signature 12MTK and Soundcraft Signature 22MTK are built using tour-grade robust metal construction and top-quality components. Both have an internal universal power supply.

Get an overview of the Soundcraft Signature series mixers:


- High-Performance 12-input small format analogue mixers with onboard effects
- Multi-channel ultra-low latency USB audio interface
- 14-in/12-out USB playback and recording
- Iconic Soundcraft Ghost mic preamps with ultra-low noise performance
- Renowned Soundcraft Sapphyre British EQ with sweepable mid-bands per channel
- Lexicon Effects Engine featuring award-winning Reverbs, Delays, Choruses and Modulations
- dbx Limiters (High-ratio Compressors) on input channels
- Switchable Hi-Z inputs for guitars, basses and other instruments
- Hi-Pass Filters (low-cut) and 48V Phantom Power on all mic channels
- Comprehensive Soundcraft GB Series audio routing
- Smooth premium-quality faders
- Robust metal construction for tour-grade build quality and reliability
- Internal universal power supply
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Dimensions: 19.3 x 17.9 x 8.27 inches

- Channels: 12
- Soundcraft Sapphyre EQ: 3-band (1 band of swept mids)
- dbx Limiters on inputs: 2
- Lexicon Effects: Single Engine
- USB Interface: 14 in/12 out
- Auxes: 3
- Subgroups: 2 mono/1stereo
- Faders: 60mm

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 844-776-4899

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. (4 ratings)
Submitted November 4, 2017 by David Belcher in Bluefield, WV

"Fantastic Console with Great Features!!"

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
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This IS a Great console and you will NOT match, much less exceed, its quality and what it offers at this price....period!! All these wonderful features and it's NOT a Behringer or's a Soundcraft!! You would have to spend At least $1,000 or more to even match its quality and features!! What can I say......BEST of both worlds!! 12 tracks recorded to your DAW at once or one at a time.....thru a very hi-fi usb, so the signal stays uncorrupted. So awesome that you can take full advantage of quality analog pre's, the use your Plug-in effects and ANY other great features your DAW may offer, Then back into your analog console for some good old-fashioned analog quality mixing!! Hybrid recording/mixing is all the rage now.....and for Very good reasons!! I LOVE being able to utilize BOTH analog and digital. The slight drop in volume when the signal comes back out is on can Easily regain the volume if you need by various means, the simplest being by simply adding a few db to the track in the daw...."problem" solved!! Ghost preamps are VERY quiet and clean. At first, they were quiet until I raised the gain up around 60% of the way, then I heard a fair amount of static noise.....Finally, I realized it was picking up a fan running in the next room. Now, these things are Quiet all the way up!!! They pick up very well, yet are quiet as can be.....hence, the name "Ghost." Damn good preamps!! Many will argue that the Sapphire EQ is perhaps the BEST feature read more of all. I dunno, it has a lot of good features.....but Damn these Sapphire EQs sound GOOD!!! They aren't exactly transparent like the preamps, but any color they add will be a Plus. Look at reviews online, even the few people who didn't like the board will mention how great the EQs (and preamps) are....Very Musical. The onboard Lexicon effects are totally decent and usable. They aren't the top-notch Best Lexicon has to offer, but they are still very usable and decent quality and will likely get used on your recordings. Various routing options to do all sorts of wizardry to your signals. The dbx limiters work as they are meant to....they are NOT a substitute for regular compression, they serve a very particular purpose. EASY to get setup and recording. All you have to do is make sure you have everything routed properly in your daw and it's damn near plug-n-play (once you do routing and have the right driver downloaded. Super Low latency....NO problems at all there!! Though Most reviews are good, I saw just a few bad ones....nobody complaining horribly, just not what they expected. I have to say, MOST people who don't like these boards simply did not understand how to properly use it or they had problems caused elsewhere they blamed on the board. For the price, I am VERY impressed with what you get with this board....VERY Satisfied!!! You are NOT gonna get anything nearly this good for anywhere near this have to spend Much more to even match it!! If you cannot make quality Pro recordings with one of ain't the console!!! *zZounds has possibly the Very BEST customer service I have EVER received!! You Never sit on hold for 20 minutes, they answer SO's crazy how fast they answer you and are always helpful and nice. Great company!!!

Musical Background:
Played multiple instruments and produced for several years......Semi-pro to Pro level

Musical Style:
ROCK!!! and a few other genres
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