SE Electronics SE2200a II C Studio Bundle

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Submitted May 8, 2017 by Steven S in POPLAR BLUFF, MO
"Perfect Home Studio Startup"
If you are planning to start doing your own recording, and you take your sound seriously, you will not find a better recording solution for the money. This sE mic is positively fantastic in every way. Every source sounds good, clean, and clear through the 2200, making your tracks easy to process in your mix. The rfx filter definitely makes a big difference if you are recording in an untreated room. I highly recommend starting your studio here - you may not even need to add to your studio.

This is such a versatile mic. It is mostly neutral-sounding throughout the frequency range but stays "full" sounding as well.

The only thing it doesn't have is a stand - and make sure you get a pretty decent one. The filter and mic are honestly just too much combined weight for dirt-cheap stands. Not that they can't be held up by cheap stands, but you'll be readjusting quite frequently.

Ease of Use
Everything is very straight forward with this setup. It can take a little practice to get quick and confident with setting up the filter, but everything works well and is very self-explanatory. The mic is a dream. Plug it in; hit record. Done.

Unbelievable quality for the money. There is not a single part of this that feels cheap. It looks great, and over a year later everything is still working the same as when I got it.

I would be read more willing to pay more like $700 for this package (if I could) and still feel that I was paying a fair price. But thankfully we don't have to! This is more than worth the money!

Manufacturer Support
I have not needed to contact sE. Everything has worked perfectly out of the box.

The Wow Factor
When I set this mic in front of singers, they look at it, and suddenly, their whole demeanor changes. I hear "Wow, fancy!" or, "This looks pro" quite often.

Musical Background:
Concert Pianist (14 yrs), Music Teacher (7 yrs), Home Studio Producer/Engineer (4 yrs)

Musical Style:
Classical & sacred piano, instrumental, and vocal ensembles
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No longer available at zZounds

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