Roland Micro Cube GX Guitar Amplifier

Roland Micro Cube GX Guitar Amplifier

Get 25 hours of playing time on 6 AA batteries with this compact powerhouse -- plus a bevy of onboard effects, 8 COSM amp models, and even iOS compatibility.

Roland Micro Cube Portable Battery-Powered Guitar Combo Amplifier (2 Watts, 1x5")

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The Roland Micro Cube is a portable, battery-powered 2-watt amplifier. With 7 COSM amp models and 6 DSP effects, the Roland Micro Cube is a great little amp.

The Roland Micro Cube is a fantastic little amp, ideal for either practice or performance on the go. You'll be shocked by how powerful it sounds, and with its COSM effects modeling, the Micro Cube is more than a one-trick pony. Whether you're powering it via batteries or stndard power adapter, the Roland Micro Cube offers great performance and excellent clean tone.

Six AA Batteries, 20 Hours of Performance

Buskers, subway musicians, bedroom heroes, woodshedders, backstage rehearsers... listen up: there's someone you should meet, and his name is Roland Micro Cube. Though Roland has since released other battery powered portable amplifiers (such as the Cube Street), the Micro Cube was the first amplifier designed and sold by Roland capable of being fully powered by batteries, and it's still their smallest. Having Roland step into the battery-powered amplifier market with the Micro Cube is a true boon to the mobile artist. Roland has proven for years they have the tools to produce incredible sounding gear, with a solid track record in the miniature amp market.

A Wishing Well of Tonal Versatility and Depth

With a price tag as inexpensive as the one you'll find on the Roland Micro Cube, you'd expect to be given just one great sounding amplifier model and maybe some built-in reverb. Prepare to have your expectations shattered (in a good way). The Roland Micro Cube includes 7 digital models of famous guitar amplifier tones, thanks to the onboard COSM technology (that's right, read more the very same technology powering such Boss favorites as the GT-10 and ME-70) for nuanced and perfectly captured tonality, pumping out a loud and clean 2 watts of muscle.


On the thoughtfully laid out and easy to navigate top panel of the Roland Micro Cube you'll find a model of the time-honored JC-120 Jazz Chorus, perfect for jazzy and poppy clean tones. When Roland models their own amps, you know they're going to sound great. Take the Micro Cube's 7-way selector switch for a spin and you'll also find models suited for your acoustic guitar, a sparkly Fender-style clean-verging-on-grit tone, a glassy Class A in the vein of a Vox AC30 model, a mid-heavy Marshall stack sound, a high-gain Mesa-esque Recto model, and even a model perfectly suited for use with a vocal microphone!

FX Yourself Before You Wrex Yourself

What else could you want on your Micro Cube amp? Chorus? Check. Flanger? Check. Phaser? Tremolo? Check and check. The Micro Cube's effects section picks up where the amp models leaves off with a smorgasbord of colors and textures. Use whatever amount of any of the preceding effects you wish, and even combine them with a separate control for reverb and delay for a wealth of high fidelity tones and options.

Because a Digital Tuning Spoon Would Just Be Silly

Doing their best to give you everything they can cram into this tiny unit, Roland also have thoughtfully included a built-in tuner, which they're calling a Digital Tuning Fork. Hey, that sounds neat... literally. It's a reference pitch with support for a whole tone worth of flat tuning. Want to jam along with your iDevice? Connection is as simple as hooking it up to either of the 1/4-inch or 1/8-inch stereo aux inputs, and you can even go silent thanks to the headphone jack.

At home, just plug the included AC adapter into your wall socket and you can save your batteries for your next one man band gig in the local quad plaza. This thing is only eight pounds -- with the included carrying strap, you might even forget you have it on.
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Rated Power Output: 2 Watts

Nominal Input Level:
- INPUT: -10 dBu
- AUX IN: -10 dBu

Speaker: 12 cm (5 inches) x 1

Controls: TYPE Switch, GAIN Knob, VOLUME Knob, TUNING FORK Button, KEY Switch, TONE Knob, EFX Knob, DELAY/REVERB Knob, POWER Switch

Indicator: POWER

- INPUT Jack: 1/4 in. phone type
- REC OUT/PHONES Jack: Stereo 1/4 in. phone type
- AUX IN Jacks: Stereo 1/4 in. phone type, Stereo miniature phone type
- AC Adaptor Jack

Power Supply: DC 9 V: AC Adaptor or Dry Battery (LR6 (AA) type) x 6

Current Draw: 185 mA

Dimensions (W x D x H): 9-5/8 x 6-9/16 x 8-15/16 in. (244 x 166 x 226 mm)

Weight: 3.3 kg, 7 lbs 5 oz (excluding AC Adaptor and Battery)

Accessories: AC Adaptor, Strap, Owner's Manual

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 323-890-3700

Roland Micro Cube Battery-Powered Amp

The Roland Micro Cube is the first Cube amplifier that runs on battery or AC power. Using six "AA" alkaline batteries, you can play for up to 20 hours--thanks to the Micro Cube's high-efficiency amplifier. A carrying strap is also included, allowing you to be heard just about anywhere you want. And the sound? It's a Cube, so you know it sounds great!

Featuring 7 Classic and Modern Amp Models

Looking for the sound of Roland's JC-120 Jazz Chorus(TM) or your favorite British combo amp? You'll find those and more in the Micro Cube, thanks to seven COSM amp models. Roland's COSM technology is the only modeling method that captures every nuance of the original amps--from the preamp and circuits to the speaker. All you need is the Roland Micro Cube for perfect tone.

High-Quality Effects

There's no need to lug around pedals when the Micro Cube comes with six DSP effects. All the essentials are included--from chorus and flanging to a phaser and tremolo effect. A separate Delay/Reverb processor lets you dial in anything from slapback and long delays to reverb and more (in addition to using one of the aforementioned modulation effects).

Digital Tuning Fork and More

Tuning up is a snap using the Digital Tuning Fork. Just press the Tuning Fork button (the harder you hit it the louder the sound) and you get an instant reference tone with support for flat tunings up to two semitones. The Roland Micro Cube also comes with a choice of 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch stereo Auxiliary inputs--great for connecting a CD player or line-level instrument--plus a Recording/Headphones output. Take the Micro Cube anywhere you go!


- Ultra-compact portable DSP guitar amp with 5 in. low magnetic leakage speaker
- Runs on battery or AC power (adapter supplied) and includes carry strap
- 7 COSM guitar amp models including JC-120 and a special mic preamp model
- 6 DSP effects: chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo and separate Delay/Reverb
- Digital Tuning Fork with support for flat tunings up to 2 semitones
- Recording/Headphones output and stereo Auxiliary input for CD players, etc

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Submitted November 28, 2005 by a customer from
"Perfect for the small room gig, back porch or practice."
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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If I lost it, I'd get another in a heartbeat. Might get a second one anyway, just to keep in the car all the time.

For it's size, it has some remarkable tones. I play lapsteel through it, and really love the Brit Combo, JC Clean and Classic settings the most. The effects are good. You can't control depth of effect, but you can control the speed (chorus, flange, phaser, tremolo) and duration (delay, reverb). Reverb is surprisingly good. Crank it to max, and it even does a very passable job for playing surf.

I just LOVE the fact that Roland includes the adapter with it, should I ever need it; however, I use the battery power all the time. Six AA's are cheap, and I love the "pick up and go" convenience. Lots of usabel effects. BOTH 1/4" and mini AUX INPUTS -- YES! Only wish there was an option to keep the speaker on when sending a Line-Out signal. As it is, it defeats the internal speaker, so I just mic it.

Roland (and BOSS) make highly reliable stuff. With the high volume of stuff they put out, it's pretty amazing.

For what it is SUPPOSED to do (i.e., be a VERY small, portable and USEABLE amp that can run on batteries), I give it a perfect 10. If you buy an amp to do something it won't, naturally, it will disappoint. Don't cry if you buy it to flap your pants legs and be heard for blocks. It ain't designed for that. That read more said, it saved me on a gig playing bass. Bass amp crapped out, so I used the MicroCube (I always have it along) as a pre-amp, used Line-Out to board, and cranked it through the PA! Not perfect, but all the guys were amazed that it worked and had some very convincing bass tone! My bass isn't active, so without the MC as a pre-amp, we'd have been screwed.

Manufacturer Support
Don't know -- never had to use them.

The Wow Factor
Great product. Fills that niche just about right. Just add a non-defeat switch for Line-Out, or a "single/double" click option at the jack (probably the easiest and cheapest way to do it).

Musical Background:
Professional Full-Time Musician

Musical Style:
Jazz, swing, jump-blues, Hawaiian, old-time country,
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