Randall RG1503212 Guitar Combo Amplifier (150 Watts, 2x12")

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Based on the legendary RG100 and RG80, this combo has the unmistakable FET solid state sound Randall is known for, voiced through two RS12-80-8 speakers.

The RG1503 combo amp has that classic Randall FET solid state high gain signature sound that every player will immediately recognize. Based on the infamous RG100 and RG80 designs, Randall then added modern improvements and features to this 2x12 combo. The Randall RG5103 is a 3 channel 150 watt FET based solid state closed back combo with Reverb, FX loop, spring reverb, 4 function footswitch and casters.

- Wattage/Power: 150 Watts at 4 Ohms
- Channels: 3
- Speaker: RS12-80-8
- Impedance: Internal 4Ohms
- FX/GATE/REVERB: Spring Reverb
- FOOTSWITCH: 3 channels and Reverb (RF1503)
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 27.56 x 12.99 x 21.65 in., (700 x 550 x 330 mm)
- Weight: 72.75 lbs., (33 kg)

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Phone: 800-USSOUND

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Submitted July 24, 2019 by Timmy D in Las Vegas, NV
"Exceeded expectations."
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I got this to transport in my car back and forth for writing sessions. At almost 100 lbs I didn't really think that one out. All I was concerned with was getting killer tone without hauling a half stack. I never expected this thing to be capable of such volume & clarity. Sounds killer for not being a tube amp! I did consider swapping out the speakers for some lighter ones but I have several cabs with various speakers (Vintage 30, Greenbacks, Greenback Heritage, EVM 12Ls) and I really preferred the stock speakers with this power section. This thing is definitely loud enough by itself to practice with a full band.

I run the eq bass-6, mid-5, treble-6. Mid scoop engaged. Bass boost on. It crushes!!! I prefer the red channel for rhythm.

Everything looks and works great. I was concerned about the box being made of particleboard. In my experience it seems that particleboard tends to suck some volume. That being said. This combo is beastly loud. I can't imagine how loud it would be with a solid birch plywood box.

Ease of Use
Super easy to use. Nothing complicated about this thing.

Only time will tell. It sounds great now.

Definitely worth the money. I knew the gain channels would sound good. I wasn't expecting the clean channel to sound so good though. Super crisp and punchy.

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Factory support was good. zZounds return/exchange process was super painless. 2 weeks after getting my amp the master volume was giving me issues. Either the pot was bad or it was a bad solder job. I contacted zZounds and they send out a return label right away. I contacted Randall also because I believed it would be an easy fix and didn't really think it was worth the trouble and expense to exchange. Randall said they wanted to get it back to see if they had an issue with the manufacturing process. This was good to hear. They said they weren't just concerned with making my amp work right but trying to prevent this from happening to future purchasers. I got my new amp fast! Thanks zZounds!

The Wow Factor
I have a pretty good collection of amps. I didn't NEED this amp but I love playing it and I'm glad I got it.

Musical Background:
Playing for 30 years. Drums, guitar & bass. Former professional.

Musical Style:
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