Rainger FX Deep Space Pulsar Pedal with Igor Controller

This pedal lets you use sidechaining in your live rig! Trigger your guitar/bass to duck and swell along with drums for propulsive pulsing, pumping effects.

Rainger FX's Deep Space Pulsar is a sidechainer pedal, an effect that ducks your instrument's signal each time it gets a trigger -- capable of putting deep spaces into your sound!

It's an effect that's heard on many recordings, often subtly -- like when a rock rhythm guitar is sidechained with the kick drum, so every time the kick drum hits, the guitar volume dips slightly for that instant, giving a really powerful overall effect. The guitar sounds pumping, or spring-loaded!

Or it's sometimes used strongly, to make the signal completely disappear with each kick drum, as in big 4-on-the-floor club tunes. The Deep Space Pulsar doesn't affect your tone in any way -- just changes in volume -- and sounds great with bass guitar!

Whatever way you use it, this sidechaining effect has NEVER been so easily available and controllable as with the Deep Space Pulsar! (Up to now, it's always been an effect that's added in post-production hardly ever live).

It comes with a microphone; put that inside your drummer's kick drum, plug it into the top end panel of the pedal and you're ready to go! The pedal sits there waiting for the drummer to play.

The 'Dip' knob adjusts the amount of dip to the signal, 'Rel' controls the speed of the release; how quickly the sound rises back up, and 'Vol' is the volume -- the pedal can go quite loud, more than compensating for any loss in overall level due to all the ducking. The LED display gives a visual indication of the amount and length of ducking. read more

Tap Tempo
When you plug in the Igor pressure pad controller, the Deep Space Pulsar has tap tempo -- a fully correctable facility -- enabling it to work if you're playing along to a DJ or drum machine. Two presses of the Igor programs a tempo (the 'record' LED comes on to show that the tempo is being recorded and it's waiting for the second press), and at any point that tempo can be adjusted to bring it back into sync with the music, enabling the pulsing to stay in time for long periods.

Pressing on Igor for 1 second erases the tempo, for you to start again at a different tempo.

Or alternatively, trigger it from a gate signal voltage! This needs a mono cable (sleeve 0V, tip signal), and each jump in voltage creates a 'pulse' in the pedal (like a single bass drum hit would).

Push-Button Switches
There's a 'Pad' button to alter the sensitivity of the microphone, and also an 'Inv' button to invert the whole effect; no sound is heard until the kick drum (or tap tempo) hits, when a pulse of signal is let through introducing whole new kinds of sounds!

This is a revolutionary effect, designed specifically for those that play with other people -- whether in bands, clubs, or studios.

DIP: his adjusts how deep the volume dip is.
REL: This knob controls the release the speed that the volume returns. Have it low to purely 'make a hole' in your sound for the bass drum (quick return); turn it up high to create a more gradual build up of volume (giving a 'backwards' effect).
VOL: This decides the output volume.
Main footswitch: This is the on/off control, switching the whole circuit into or completely out of the signal path (true bypass footswitching)
INV: This pushbutton inverts the whole effect, the pedal remaining silent until it receives a trigger when it lets through a pulse of sound.
PAD: This pushbutton puts a stronger filter on the mic input to 'calm the mic down' if your drummer's snare is triggering the pedal as well as the bass drum.
Igor: This is a pressure sensitive controller that plugs into the socket on the top end panel. It's dual sensitivity; shiny side up for a hard press, rubber side up for a soft one. Press it for one second to clear the previous tempo, then tap it twice to input a new tempo. The tap tempo is correctable; at any time hit the Igor again to correct the tempo (enabling the Deep Space Pulsar to stay in time for long periods). Igor has a variable resistance between tip and ring (over 1MOhm down to about 100Ohms), the sleeve is unconnected.
Record LED: This LED comes on after the first Igor press, to show that the tap tempo is recording a new tempo, waiting for the second.
LEDs: These show the depth of the dip, and the amount of release (how quickly the volume recovers).
Microphone: Place the mic in your drummer's kick drum and plug it into the Igor socket. This cancels any tap tempo and the pedal is now triggered by the kick drum. Make sure it's switched on!


- Makes Very Cool Pumping/Throbbing/Backwards Effects
- Makes Sidechaining Ultra Easy in All Situations for The First Time!
- Triggered by Live Kick Drum or Tap Tempo
- Tap Tempo is Correctable -- Stays in Time
- 'Invert' Button to Invert the Ducking Action
- 'Pad' Button to Change Sensitivity to Live Drums
- Also Works from CV Pulse
- LED Function Display
- Comes With Igor and Kick Drum MIC
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- DC In: Connect 9v power supply unit here (centre earth, sleeve +9v).
- Dimensions: 55mm in diameter, 9mm thick
- Current Draw: 85mA
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 1.25 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 3 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): DEEP SPACE PULSAR

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Web: https://www.raingerfx.com/support


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