PreSonus Studio 68C USB-C Audio MIDI Interface

PreSonus Studio 68C USB-C Audio MIDI Interface

A versatile, low-latency USB-C interface, the PreSonus Studio 68C has four XMAX mic preamps, direct monitoring, and the Studio Magic plug-in suite included.

PreSonus Firebox 6x10 FireWire Recording Interface

No longer available at zZounds
24-bit/96K FireWire recording studio. 6 ins, 10 outs. SPDIF and MIDI. Includes Cubase LE.
Compact computer recording!
Nothing compares to a computer-based recording studio in terms of features, versatility, and affordability. Tools, effects, and quality previously only available to million-dollar studios are now accessible right from your desktop. But how do you get the music out of your instruments and into your computer? The PreSonus Firebox puts all the power of a digital recording studio in the palm of your hand.

I/O connections for everyone
While most compact interfaces only give you one or two audio channels, the Firebox lets you lay down six input tracks while monitoring playback on any of the ten outputs. There's no need to record in steps, with each band-member trying to match the energy and intensity of the previous take. When a band records together, everything is tight and locked-in to the same groove. You capture the raw, gritty feel of live performance with studio-quality precision. Energy + quality = better tracks.

Low-latency FireWire performance
This bus-powered FireWire interface has enough connections to record the whole band with ultra-low latency, so there's no delay or echo while monitoring in realtime. A second FireWire connection lets you hook up an additional Firebox or Firepod for even more I/O options. Sample rates up to 24-bit/96 kHz are available for the most pristine tracks you've ever recorded.

Input options
Two front-panel combo jacks accept both XLR microphones and high-impedance guitar and bass signals. Selectable phantom power read more and independent gain controls let you dial in the perfect level, from the hottest pickup output to the most whisper-quiet condenser mic. Two balanced 1/4 in. TRS line-inputs are available from the rear of the Firebox, plus a special breakout cable for MIDI and S/PDIF connectivity. You can record keyboards, DJ gear, drum machines, and more to add flash and flavor to your songs.

MIDI controller support
Plug in a MIDI control surface for improved touch and feel during mixdown and editing. It can be difficult to maintain the creative flow when you are trying to tweak settings on a mouse and keyboard. With the Firebox and a controller, all the familiar pan, fader, and effects controls sit right at your fingertips. Mixing and editing sessions will go much smoother, and you'll find that you can spend your attention on the sound instead of the mechanics.

Flexible output routing
The Firebox's output routing is extremely helpful in the controlled chaos that exists in most project studios. You never know when you're going to need a custom mix for the band or the control room. The software-based mixer/router lets you assign separate mixes to any of the output connections on the Firebox. For realtime monitoring of recorded tracks or late-night mixing sessions, the front-panel headphone jack with independent level control lets you focus on individual sounds with no distractions. DJ's can also use it to preview a cue mix before sending it to the mains.

Multitrack monitoring
For multitrack recording sessions, you can send the entire mix to the control room, then create individual headphone mixes for each band member. Boost the drums in the bassist's headphones so the groove is deep in the pocket. The guitars will want the whole rhythm section, plus some vocals to unite both elements. On the second pass, bump up the lead vocals in the singer's mix for tight doubling or harmony parts. When everyone hears just what they need, your final mixes will really come to life.

Rackmounted design
In small studios, space is precious. The Firebox's 1/3 U design fits anywhere to help maximize your work area. It's also rackmountable with PreSonus' Maxrack system. Combine it with any two 1/3 U PreSonus devices, such as the TubePRE, HP4, EQ3B, or COMP16 for organized performance in a single rack space. You'll be able to move around the room without fear of tripping over cables and damaging your gear. Anything that pulls your attention away from the music is sure to slow you down, but a tidy rack keeps your project on-track!

Optional MegaStudio bundle
You can get the Firebox by itself, or with a full complement of accessories to beef-up your recordings and prepare them for distribution. The MegaStudio Artist bundle includes more than four hours of video instruction on how to squeeze every drop of performance out of your new hardware and software. It walks you step-by-step through the production process, showing you all the powerful features in action. You get Cubase 4 LE, a 48-track audio recording application, plus Sony Vegas Movie Studio for synching your audio to video. The bundle also comes with tons of virtual instrument and effects plug-ins, plus over 2 GB-worth of drum loops and samples. With all this support, you'll have everything you need to complete any project with professional results.

Once you've finished recording, editing, mixing, and mastering your tracks, the MegaStudio Artist bundle helps get your music out to the masses. You get 5 free uploads to iTunes with the TuneCore distribution system, plus a free membership to, a popular independent music site. Combined with a whole mess of helpful tips for sharing and selling songs on the web, you'll be ready to make money with your music, right out of the box.
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Computer System Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista
Computer: Windows compatible computer with IEEE 1394 FireWire port.
CPU/Clock: Pentium, Athlon with 900Mhz or higher (1.5GHz recommended)
Memory(RAM): 256 MB (512MB recommended)

OS: MacOS X ver. 10.3.7 or later (MacOSX Tiger 10.4.0 click here)
CPU/Clock: PowerPC G4/800Mhz or higher (G4/Dual 1 GHz recommended), all Intel/Mac models
Memory(RAM): 256 MB (512MB recommended)

Note: Due to a circuit design change, Mac Book Pro laptop computers will not supply sufficient power over the FireWire bus to initially boot up the FireBox. Once the FireBox has beeen initially powered on with the included external power supply, you may disconnect the external power supply, the FireBox can then be bus-powered.
PreSonus Warranty Presonus offers a one year warranty (parts and labor) on all new products. All non-new Presonus products are not covered by any warranty.
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 225-216-7887

PreSonus Firebox FireWire Interface

The Firebox is the most powerful 24-bit/96k FireWire recording interface that fits in the palm of your hand. The Firebox is a complete 24bit/96k personal recording studio combining two high quality PreSonus microphone/instrument preamplifiers, 24-bit/96k sample rate and Steinberg's Cubase LE 48-track recording software. The perfect hardware and software combination for a professional quality, powerful, yet compact personal computer-based studio.

The Firebox has the highest record/playback track count of its size with the ability to record 6 inputs and playback through 10 outputs simultaneously. Two ultra low noise high-headroom microphone/instrument preamplifers with separate trim control and 48V phantom power are on the front panel for quickly and easily connecting your favorite microphones and instruments. The Firebox also includes a high quality stereo headphone output with volume adjustment on the front panel. Two additional balanced TRS line inputs are located on the rear of the Firebox along with six balanced TRS line outputs. Two channels of SPDIF input/output and MIDI input/output are also included via DB9 breakout cable. Firebox comes with a software router/mixer to control your inputs and outputs in the computer. The 1/3U wide metal chassis of the Firebox is designed to fit the MAXRACK system from PreSonus and can be racked with the TubePRE, COMP16, EQ3B and HP4 for a neat and compact computer recording system.

Additionally, the Firebox can be powered by a computer that provides 6-pin FireWire bus power, or powered by an external power transformer. The Firebox is also equipped with a second FireWire port making it possible to connect a Firebox or a Firepod to your system for additional inputs and outputs.

ProPak Software Suite comes free with the FireBox FireWire recording system. The ProPak gives you everything you need to get started producing music immediately. The ProPak comes with recording software, real-time plug-in effects as well as over 2 GB of drum loops and samples giving a powerful bundle of software tools for music production.

Cubase LE is the new music production software based on award-winning Cubase SX technology featuring 48 audio tracks, VST plug-ins and full VSTi support. Cubase LE combines powerful audio and MIDI recording features with professional editing and effects. Cubase LE and all included plug-ins are compatible with both Mac and PC systems. Also, Cubase LE sessions are completely upward compatible with both Cubase SX and Nuendo. So if you choose to upgrade down the road to Cubase SX or Nuendo, you can seemlessly upgrade all of your existing sessions when you upgrade your software. Cubase LE is the perfect entry into professional recording software giving you the ability to produce professional level recordings right-away, and giving you a system that you can expand into the future!

High-speed FireWire audio interface

24-bit / 44.1, 48, 96K conversion

2 microphone / instrument preamps

2 analog line inputs, 6 analog line outputs

S/PDIF input / output, MIDI input / output

Low-latency monitoring

Headphone output with separate audio stream

Powered via FireWire bus or externally

Fits Maxrack rack mounting system

Free ProPak Software Suite (ver. 1) Included
Cubase LE 4 48-track music recording and production software

Audio Damage– FuzzPlus2, Filterpod plug-ins

Pluggo Jr. – Average Injector, Chamberverb, Feedback Network, Filter Taps, Generic Effect, HF Ring Mod, Jet, Limi, Nebula, Resonation, Resosweep, Spectral Filter.

Camel Crusher – Distortion Compressor plug-in

Voxengo - SPAN, Boogex, EssEQ , OldSkoolVerb, Tempo Delay and Tube Amp plug-ins.

Discrete Drums Sampler– over 1GB of drum loops and drum samples

Twiddly bits – 100 MIDI drum loops created by real drummers

Optional MegaStudio Artist Bundle
The MegaStudio Artist gives you everything you need to record your music, create your videos and distribute and sell your music worldwide!

Included with the MegaStudio Artist are more than FOUR HOURS OF TUTORIAL VIDEOS showing you step-by-step how to produce professional-quality recordings and videos taking the mystery out of music and video production.

MegaStudio Artist features the award-winning PreSonus FireBox FireWire recording interface, more than $2,000 worth of music and video production software, 5 free uploads to iTunes from TuneCore, as well as free membership and a complete “Go Pro” guide with tons of information on sharing, distributing and selling your music and videos.

Included Software;
Audio recording and production:
Steinberg Cubase 4 LE
48-track audio recording and production software

Video editing and production:
Sony Vegas Movie Studio + DVD
Multi-track video and audio editing software and DVD creation software

Virtual instruments;
Reason Adapted (Synths, Sounds, Loops)

Drumagog LE (Drum replacer)

BFD Lite (Virtual studio drummer)

Ultra Analog Session (Synthesizer)

SoniVox PreSonus VI (Virtual sample instrument)

Lounge Lizard Session (Vintage electric pianos)

Amplitube LE (Virtual guitar amplifier)

KeytoSound (General synthesizer)

Real-time effects;
MasterVerb (Mono and stereo reverb)

EyeQ (Graphic EQ and spectral analyzer)

Chamberverb (Reverb)

Track Plug LE (Channel Strip)

Camel Crusher (Compressor)

PitchCraft (Pitch correction)

FuzzPlus 2 (Guitar effect)

SFX Machine (Virtual synthesizer)

Pluggo Jr (12 real-time effects plug-ins)

Drum loops and sounds effects;
Sony 1001 Sound Effects

Discrete Drums PreSonus Edition

Cycling 74 loops

Twiddly Bits

CD burning;
Sony CD Architect

House of Worship Video Toolkit from CCI Solutions

Distribute and sell on iTunes; one album (5 free songs) upload to iTunes included

Share and Promote;
Free membership

Instructional Videos and Booklets;
Cubase LE4 Demystified – video manual

Sony Vegas Movie Studio Training by VASST

How to recording a song using the FP10

How to make a live recording & video with the FP10 & Sony Vegas

How to make a music video with Sony Vegas

Mixing a song in Cubase LE4

Distributing your music on TuneCore

Tour:Smart “Go Pro” Guide written by Martin Atkins

House of Worship Toolkit by CCI Solutions
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Submitted June 3, 2005 by a customer from
"Very nice product."
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Buy this one if you are interested it. You would not be disappointed with this.

I am a professional song writer in Finland and I am staying in U.S. for learning Audio Engineering in Los Angeles. It is very curious that how this small and cheap audio interface sounds so nice including its pristine Mic. Preamps. Actually, I have never heard about this company in Finland, however, I found that Presonus is famous preamplifier manufacturer in United States. I bought Firebox this week for several bands's vocal and guitar recording. Honestly, before I bought this, I thought that I would return after recording bands, but I will keep this one and bring my country. This is portable and simple look, but presonus put technologies reasonably into this small box. Sounds color are Clean, Crisp, and Clear. Generally High sounds with nice head room. Do not hesitate for buying this one if you are not working for the professional studio works. Save money and enjoy with this one.

There is Cubase LE, this is nice for anyone who are newbie in the computer sequencing programs. Remember, the reason why many people raise presonus hands are that presonus firebox and firepod has pristine mic pre (also Instrumental preamp) with excellent sounds for its price. In my opinion, the sounds of firepod or firebox (Actually same feature except number of mic preamps and in/out puts) are same level as MOTU 828MkII or 2408MKIII. However, this read more has much nicer mic preamps.

It is well made and sturdy. I hope that there should be rubber holders (like 3M models) in the bottom of firebox. But, overall, it is built well.

Firebox or Firepod is one of the Most valuable product for the money, I bet.

Manufacturer Support
Presonus answers every my requests. People are very kind and knowledgeable on their products.

The Wow Factor
I already have this.

Musical Background:
Active Musician

Musical Style:
Jazz, Electronic, Classical, Asian Music, Afro-Cuban, Blues, Modern Country, U.S Southern Blues, Irish Folk songs, Russo-Mongoli
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