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Submitted July 12, 2013 by Mr Knowitall in Reading, PA
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I have four decades of live and studio experience as a lead guitar / vocalist. I have used floor monitors exclusively. On of my current bands is leaning towards the top of the line Sennheiser in ear system. Eventually I would need to bring my own wedge/amp/mixer, or spend $$$ on the body pack / custom fit earbuds. I am a tinkerer, and have hot-rodded just about every piece of gear I own. If I were to design a system, I couldn't improve the POSSE system by much. Maybe EQ/Reverb for vocals. Due to an accident I sit when I play, so wireless is not important to me. If wireless is desired, they thought of that too, by combining a wireless system with the floor unit. I've used this system for two live gigs, and three rehearsals. I love it! The Room mics in the mic stand master volume / instrument input / tuner clamp on unit do distort with high stage volume, but are worthwhile for audience feedback, and balancing stage volume. I now rely on band members for instrument, and vocal stage volume, because we go without a sound man.

The vocals could use EQ and reverb, but is awesome for preventing blowing out your vocal chords. It also prevents breaking guitar strings by picking too hard, while competing with high stage volume. I did order foam earbud tips because the Teflon stock tips pop out of my ears when I sweat. I ordered two packs of small, medium, and large. The medium size is perfect. Much more base than stock tips.

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The assembly of the components are robust. Don't set the floor box on hot surfaces like a tube amp. I love the concept of using DIN (MIDI), and HDMI interconnect cables. I bought HDMI and MIDI couplings, and carry extra cables for larger stage runs. I haven't tried the condenser acoustic guitar mic, but is a great idea for non electric acoustics. I love the fact the unit has phantom power that even runs off a 9V battery!

Ease of Use
Since the main band I play with doesn't mic instruments, and has no monitor/AUX sends, I close mic my amp's speaker with a Shure Beta 57a via a 1/4" phone jack to female XLR. I plug the 1/4" into the mic stand clamp on component where the included condenser mic would connect. I don't like the sound going direct, or out of my FX pedalboard as the diagrams show.

The components are all made very well, and the knobs on the mic stand are reminiscent of Fender Black Face knobs. I don't use the tuner function, but is awesome that it's there if I should do larger gigs with FOH sound. The tuner button when depressed mutes the "Instrument Out" in the floor box.

It's a steel at $299.00. I was lucky to find an open box special at ZZOUNDS for $283.99.

Manufacturer Support
I did contact POSSE with questions about Phantom Power I asked if it would power a condenser mic using a 9V battery, instead of the included wall wart. The very nice gentleman (who gave me 15 minutes of his time), said that it would power a condenser mic while running on 9V battery. Since he had not been asked, and personally tried it, couldn't answer my question of the Alkaline battery life while using its phantom power. I cannot stress how easy the gentleman was to talk to. Awesome customer service skills.

The Wow Factor
It sets up in about five minuets, has 3 headphone outputs, phantom power, tuner, every I/O possible, and all fits in a small padded bag. I've let band / audience members listen to my mix via an extra pair of over ear headphones from one of the three jacks. I changed Master, Vocal, Instrument. and Room volumes, and they were blown away. The first question from band members was "Can I plug in to it"? I explained if the band members each had the system, we could daisy chain them. Otherwise they would only be hearing my mix. Great Job POSSE!

Musical Background:
Keyboard 2 years; Guitar 38 Years; Vocals 40 Years. I play in cover bands, Christian bands, I have a home studio.

Musical Style:
Blues, Classic Rock, Country Rock, Contemporary Christian, Contemporary Country, Jazz Fusion, and some Jazz Standards. It took m
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