PRS Paul Reed Smith NF3 Electric Guitar, Maple Fingerboard (with Case)

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Experience the rich sonic character of korina wood with the PRS NF3 guitar -- and get the most of that sound with its 3 lively 57/08 Narrowfield humbuckers.

What's special about this item?

Feature: What it does:
PRS V12 finish Hard and clear, resonant and durable
PRS 57/08 Narrowfield pickups Focused tone and lively feel with great dynamics
Korina body Very warm, lively, and balanced tonewood
Rock maple neck Superior strength and bright sound

Featuring three Narrowfield humbuckers, the NF3 electric guitar from Paul Reed Smith has incredible tone with exceptional clarity. The modern Narrowfield pickups use the same wire as PRS's coveted 57/08 pickups, with a narrower pole-to-pole design and deeper front-to-back. Paired with a pattern regular bolt-on neck and flat body design, the Paul Reed Smith NF3 features classic appointments with modern voicing.


- Korina body with V12 Finish
- Rock maple neck and maple fingerboard
- Pattern regular neck shape
- Three PRS 57/08 narrowfield humbuckers pickups
- PRS tremolo bridge
- Includes PRS case

V12 Finish

Finish should enhance the look, sound, and feel of a guitar by accentuating the wood's inherent beauty and feel without hindering its natural resonance. And PRS Guitars' V12 finish does just that. Introduced at Experience PRS 2010, V12 is a very thin, hard, and clear finish that will not crack or react with thinners. After roughly 12 years in development, it is halfway between acrylic and nitro but with a classic feel all its own. PRS models with this finish feel like old instruments, said Paul Reed Smith.

Pattern Regular Neck Shape

Modern tooling and programming is behind the Pattern Regular Neck Shape for precision shaping and consistent reproduction. A guitar should feel comfortable, like home, as soon as you pick it up, and the neck is paramount to that connection. The Pattern Regular neck shape is similar to the traditional read more PRS regular neck found on guitars made in the late 80's at PRS's former Virginia Avenue location.

Pictured in Tricolor Sunburst finish.
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- Body: Korina
- Finish: V12
- Neck: Rock Maple; Bolt-On
- Shape: Pattern Regular
- Fingerboard:
- Frets: 22
- Inlay: Ring Dots
- Scale Length: 25-1/4 inches
- Pickups: Three PRS 57/08 Narrowfield Humbuckers
- Controls: Volume and Tone
- Pickup Switch: 5-Way Blade Pickup Selector
- Bridge: PRS Tremolo
- Tuners: PRS Low Mass Locking Tuners
- Truss Rod Cover: NF3
- Hardware: Nickel

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: (410) 643-9970

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 10 out of 10 stars. (3 ratings)
Submitted February 7, 2013 by JJ M
"well built, versatile and great sounding"
Overall: 10 out of 10 stars
As a previous reviewer mentioned, this guitar is not as flashy or downright beautiful as other PRS guitars, but once you grab and plug it in... That's where the magic happens. It sounds amazing, no doubt about that, it plays fantastically, I have the pattern regular model and it is one of the most comfortable necks I have ever played. It's a good middle ground between a beefy vintage style neck and a thinner more "modern" one. The construction is flawless, the finish, fret finishing, and just about every other aspect of the guitar is built to what we all expect from PRS. The sound of the guitar is very very nice, it doesnt exactly sound like a strat, but the narrowfields dont sound quite like humbuckers either, it's in a gray area, but it works perfectly and has a way of fitting perfectly in a band context, it doesnt clash with either humbuckers or single coils. One of the nice things about the pickups is that you get a lot of variety in sounds from the volume and tone controls, you can get a nice big round with an acoustic quality sound by just turning the volume and tone down a little and it can go into humbucker territory with the bridge pickup with the controls wide open. The best way to describe the sounds is like a very focused, articulate humbucker with single coil chime. Works great clean and works great with distortion. It can cover all sorts of musical genres, Maybe not my first choice for metal, but it retains its note to note deifinition with high gain setting on read more an amp. Overall a fantastic players guitar, this will definitley be my go to guitar for a long time. I have had this guitar for 7 months and it just keeps getting better.

Musical Background:
15 years playing, working musician, paying gigs and solo projects

Musical Style:
Rock, blues, jazz, Hard rock,
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