Ovation iDea Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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Body: Mid-Depth Cutaway

Top: Spruce

Top Finish: Satin Platinum

Bracing: Modified X

Sound Holes: iDea Elliptical

Neck: Eastern Mahogany

Neck Finish: Satin Platinum

Peghead Finish: Gloss Black

Fingerboard: Dark Rosewood

Nut Width: 1-11/16 inches (17.5 mm)

String Pitch at Nut: 1-3/8 inches (9.5 mm)

Pitch at Bridge: 2-1/8 inches (54 mm)

Fingerboard inlays: 12th fret i

Fingerboard Binding: Black

Scale Length: 25 inches (635 mm)

Bridge: Dark Rosewood

Tuners: Black Ovation

Preamp: Ovation iDea OPi-1

Pickup: Ovation Original; Black Saddles
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Submitted May 23, 2010 by a customer from yahoo.com
"More than a novel...idea. A worthy addition and a great tool!"
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Overall I would prefer a bit different of a look to the guitar as I said, but again it grows on me. A worthy addition and the price of admission is justified by the wealth of features and the value of the those features.

The sound is comparable to other Ovations of the Celebrity type. Has a nice acoustic volume with some depth. Worth the money for the most part. I compared it to a much more expensive ovation as well and while a little more subdued the iDea still sounded full and I actually thought the more expensive Ovation was a bit too bright. Plugged in it sounds about the same provided you have a nice amp of course.

The preamp is like a very minimalist studio really with it's tuner and Microphone and controls to scroll through all the settings. It's nothing I would call essential but great for another tool to utilize and of course as good as any ovation preamp at achieving sonic quality. My only quarrel is the lack of memory expansion. 100 minutes isn't bad when you consider that you can transfer right to you computer by USB, but it would be more professional to have an SD card slot or the like.

Ease of Use
I was slightly worried about the back, it had been years since I had really played an ovation or ovation style guitar and I was well pleased with the ease of which I was able to play it. It felt comfortable and sleek for the most part. The neck didn't feel the read more same as the celebrity I compared it too but it felt just as playable. Almost like an electric really. It's pretty easy to coax good sounds out of it. As far as the pre-amp goes there is much it can do that would take some time to utilize though. For the most part that time would be well rewarded.

Guitar feels solid and roadworthy really. The finish didn't seem perfect but there were no real problems that were really noticeable. I read reviews of people reporting flaws but I think it stands up to scrutiny pretty well. Looses a point for the Laminated top depending on the price you pay. plugged in it doesn't make much difference and sounds great. Unplugged it may hurt the volume a bit along with the high gloss finish. Still, I found the sound to be more than adequate and in face I am pleased with it. So that is all that matters.

Depends on where you buy it. I have seen that the price is dropping a bit and for that it is more than worth it. Considering the price of an iDea preamp alone the added cost of the housing is fairly reasonable. Plus it would be a great tool for which to hone ones skills regardless of whether they saw it as more than that.

The Wow Factor
7.5 really. I am not sold on the offset holes. The platinum finish though is nice up close, has a sleek, futuristic shine to it. The black is more subdued and sort of blends the holes in. Not sure which I want really. Overall it's a bit rough but I could learn to like it a lot. A minimalist modern design at best, a bit odd and, but unique at worst.

Musical Background:
Active Musician

Musical Style:
Classic Rock, Alt Rock, Folk, Indie
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