Orange OB1-300 Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier

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Give your bass guitar a fat thump with the OB1-300. This 300-watt bass combo features a lightweight 15" Eminence neodymium speaker and 3-band active EQ.

The Orange OB1-300 Combo houses a 15" Eminence neodymium speaker in a carefully designed front-ported cabinet, and this configuration is the ideal match for the OB1's fearsome tonal platform. The two elements combine to offer an immediate attack and a seriously punchy low end, dishing out warm contemporary cleans, grinding vintage grit right up to heavily distorted mayhem. Most importantly, the OB1-300 Combo remains focused at all extremes of its wide-ranging tone controls -- perfect for the bedroom, the bar or the big stage.


The Gain and Blend's range allows for almost anything, from a subtle level boost to cut through the mix, added girth and presence at moderate settings to fatten up chorus passages, to fully saturated savagery at the extremes. However you dial it, the OB1 always maintains the critical low end definition, right the way up to the most offensive settings!

The OB1's highly responsive active three band EQ has been meticulously voiced for maximum effect with minimal fuss. The EQ section is located after the Gain and Blend dials take effect, allowing full control over their massive sonic range. The Bass and Middle controls feature +/-15dB of boost or cut, whilst there is a range of +/- 20dB on the Treble control.

This offering from Eminence is the perfect mate for the OB1-300 Combo, capable of handling all the OB1 can throw at it. The bass response is deep and defined whilst the read more cabinet is front ported for extra low end girth. Whether you're after a super subby throb, a mellow mid scoop, or a raunchy growl, the OB1-300 Combo has got you covered.

The OB1 Series puts proper class A/B power back on the map. All circuitry is completely analogue, ensuring these amps sound expressive and musical even at ridiculous gain levels.

Balanced DI with ground lift and line level outputs for live and studio use.
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- Front panel (right to left): Instrument input with active/passive switch, gain, blend, bass, middle, treble, volume, footswitch input, mains switch
- Rear panel (right to left): Speaker outputs (Speakon), 1/4 line output, balanced output with ground lift switch
- Internal Speaker: 1 X 15 8 ohm Eminence neodymium
- Speaker output options: Minimum total load = 4 OHM (1 X 8 OHM EXTENSION CAB)
- Output Power: 300 Watts @ 4 ohm, class A/B
- Finish Options: Orange or black basket weave vinyl, black grille cloth
- Unboxed Dimensions (W X H X D): 55 X 68 X 35CM (21.65 X 26.77 X 13.77")
- Unboxed Weight: 29.65kg (65.37lb)

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 404-303-8196