NUX Metal Core Deluxe MKII Hi Gain Distortion Pedal

Dial in distinctive high-gain amp models with ease! NUX's Metal Core Deluxe MKII sports three beastly amp models including the Duo Rect, Fireman, and VH 4.

The NUX METAL CORE DELUXE MKII is a high gain preamp pedal with 3 distinctive high gain amp models including the Duo Rect, Fireman, and VH 4. It is basically an amp in a very small box. You can select these models via the 3-way toggle switch.

The Duo Rect is based on the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. The familiar 90's American metal sound with the iconic metal front panel that reminds you of countless classic records, from metal to punk to grunge, including Metallica, Tool, Korn, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters and Blink 182.

The Fireman is based on the Friedman BE-100, the man behind the signature tones of rock icons including Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens, and Jerry Cantrell. For over a decade the "BE" circuit has been hailed as the epitome of British tone.

The VH4 is based on the Diezel Amp of the same name, which revolutionized the industry with its 4-Channel and individual inserts design. This amp covers a wide range of tones. It has a thick, articulate and "meaty" sound, that is loved by many players. And because of its flexibility, the VH4 is used in many recording studios all over the world.

Ampless & Impulse Responses
Impulse Responses play an important parts when it comes to going ampless, as it gives you that cabinet sound to complete your tone quest. Each of the included amps on the METAL CORE DELUXE MKII have a matching IR to go sonically along with it.

You can load your own favorite 3rd party IRs via the MetalCore editing software. Please visit the product page and read more download the editor (METAL CORE DELUXE MKII supports 512 samples IR resolution.). The MetalCore editing software will convert the IR file automatically, just make sure that your IR file is in WAV format.

The USB-C port is for firmware updates and connecting to the MetalCore editing software (see below). To update the pedal, connect a USB cable to your PC and hold the footswitch to boot-up the device and to enter the DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode. Once connected you can perform firmware updates using DFU updater software.

MetalCore editing software:
You can tweak the parameters and load 3rd party IRs through MetalCore editing software. Connect the USB cable to the pedal and PC, open the editing software, and that's it. Make the tone all about you. The METAL CORE DELUXE MKII offers you 5 user slots to load 3rd party IRs. (4~8) It supports 512 samples resolution.

EFX Mobile APP with OTG connection.
If you don't have a computer, you can edit the pedal on the go for live applications with the EFX Mobile APP. (For iOS, you must use a Lightning to USB adaptor. While some Type-C to Type-C can work with Android, using an OTG adaptor, can ensure that most Android systems will work with METAL CORE DELUXE MKII properly.

Footswitch & FS Indicator; Engage/Disengage the IR
With the pedal not connected via USB, hold the footswitch while plugging in the power supply to boot-up the pedal. If the LED indicator flash GREEN 3 times, the IR is engaged. If the LED indicator flashes RED 3 times, the IR is disengaged.


- 3 high gain Amp Models in a compact enclosure.
- Duo Rect: Based on Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.
- Fireman: Based on Friedman BE-100.
- VH4: Based on Diezel VH4.
- IR out for amp-less application. (512 samples resolution)
- True-bypass.
- Parameters auto saving into 3 models.
- Low power consumption. (less than 120mA)
- TSAC-HD modeling offers realistic playability and response.
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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- Input Impedance: 1M
- Output Impedance: 1k
- Dynamic Range: 104 dB
- DSP Processing: 48KHz / 32-bit
- A/D D/A Sampling Rate: 48KHz / 24-bit
- Power: 9V DC (Negative tip, Optional ACD-006A adapter)
- Current Draw: less than 120mA
- Dimensions: 122(L) X 72(W) X 47(H)mm
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 2 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): Metal Core DLX MKII

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 626-800-7466


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