Novation Circuit Groove Box with Sample Import

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System Requirements

Circuit can provide MIDI Input and Output via USB to a connected computer. It is class compliant, so will work on any modern Mac or Windows PC.

- Dimensions: 1.97" x 9.45" x 7.87" (H x W x D)
- Weight: 3.09 lbs (with accessories), 2.09 lbs (without accessories)
Novation Warranty Novation offers a 3-Year Warranty on this and all other Novation products.
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 800-431-2609
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Submitted July 3, 2016 by a customer from
"Useful tool for laying out ideas quickly"
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Well, curiosity got the best of me and I am happy to say that the circuit meets and exceeds my expectations. The unit is very well made and allows me the chance to put together a small set up for the small events that I want to go to and set up quickly. This, a small synth set up and PA system makes quite a bit of great sound in a short time.

The sound is very good, the synth presets are OK but easy enough to modify. I really like a few of them just as they are. The drum selection may be simple but it is very good for a minimal group of beats, the controls are interesting and once you get used to them, quite effective.

The ability to import samples and save them (or replace them with the original sounds) makes this extremely flexible. The max sample time is 60 seconds, more than enough for most songs. Using a second sampler for loops or whatever works well with this box. The lighting scheme is very good and gives a lot of information as to where you are are at in the process and makes the sequencing interesting. I could care less if there is a screen on this because this box is way intuitive. The selectors are laid out logically and interacting with them is enjoyable. The circuit really compliments my analog gear and gives me some basic drum sounds, the sequencer works super nice with my other sequencers allowing me to have a complex set up to tinker with and experiment. I have a couple of old read more school groove boxes still, for instance the Yamaha AN200 and RM1x, this is superior to them in many ways.

Ease of Use
This box is a snap to just fool around with but if you intend to get original you will need to learn about exactly what else this can do besides play preset sessions. Youtube is a great place to look for tutorials, if you already use Launchpads you should catch on even quicker. I got this because i wanted some of the launchpad style controls but i wanted to ignore the computer. Did you get that? You NEED a computer to update the OS and to use the free Novation circuit librarian or download the editor. This box is BATTERY operated or powered by a wallwart- no USB power. Batteries last a pretty long time. I would say that most synth freaks will be able to master this to a large extent in a few hours, to master it may take a few days of trial and error. The limitations are part of the charm.

The knobs are typical novation quality, solid feeling and smooth,same for the pads.I would not advise tossing this in a back pack though. The shipping box has a nice foam insert that some people put in a case they buy and that is my plan. The 1/4 inch line outs are excellent, the head phone jack is smaller though. The lights are beautiful to see and very functional.

This cost me less here at zZounds than it was listed at on other stores, buying from zZounds is getting to be my first choice lately. They answer my questions quickly and helped insure that my equipment got here fairly quickly. This circuit is a decent value even in a time when gear is being sold for fairly cheap, I consider this to be one of my better purchases.

Manufacturer Support
My other Novation products have never needed support, I hear they are responsive.

The Wow Factor
Looking at this thing running is a trip, lately it seems that a lot of equipment is lit up here in my little studio and this is probably the brightest, not counting the Roland sys 1m- when it gets to flashing during inactivity. Of course i can turn that off but I welcome the Novation Circuit's lights because they are a large part of knowing what is going on when using it.

Musical Background:
hand drums, digeridu

Musical Style:
Electronic, analog and digital, hybrid ambient and dance.
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