Nord Drum Virtual Analog Drum Synthesizer Module

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Unleash the versatile sounds of a multi-channel drum synthesizer. This Nord drum module offers an astounding array of customizable drum sounds. Module only, pads not included.

The Nord Drum is a revolutionary 4-channel drum synthesizer with an amazingly vast sonic palette and astounding level of playability that's guaranteed to change your perception of what's possible with synthetic, sample-free percussion.

The Nord Drum is designed with the performing musician in mind and its extreme dynamic range and super-fast triggering add to the feeling of playing a real instrument. 4 high-sensitivity inputs and MIDI lets you play the Nord Drum with a wide range of Electronic Drum Pads, Acoustic Drum Triggers and MIDI-pads/Sequencers for easy integration into any existing drum-kit or the starting point for something completely new...

Create classic retro-futuristic percussion with analog waveforms or use the harmonically complex waveforms together with different colors of noise for results that both sound and respond stunningly organic.

Sound creation

Each of the 4 channels have 3 sound generating sections and a mixer to set the balance of each section. Here's a quick walkthrough of the sound sections.


The Tone Section is where the sound gets its "body". Choose between basic analog waveforms (sine, saw, square) or a number of complex waveforms reminiscent of the harmonics of percussive instruments and drumheads. A low-pass Filter lets you muffle the tone and the Sweep parameter can be applied to make the filter close gradually over time. The Punch adds a short velocity controlled attack to sounds. The length of the tone is controlled with read more the Decay parameter, and can set to fade out gradually or stop abrubtly (Gate). The Pitch is set in quartertones from (B-1 to D7). Bend can make the tone travel up or down in pitch when triggered and is very dynamically responsive to your playing. Short Bend times can add a nice attack to the Tone.


The Noise-section lets you add texture to your sound and can produce a wide spectrum of noise, ranging from grainy rumble to silky white noise - adjusted with the Color parameter. The noise of your choice can be run through a neutral low-pass Filter or one of the 6 resonant filter Types. The Sweep parameter gives you control over the Filter envelope amount and time. The Noise Decay can be gated (soft/hard) or set to fade out gradually.


The Click-section is a specialized section for adding attack to the sound. Choose from 27 click types, from noise-based, tone/noise-based and tone-based. The length of the click can be tailored with a Decay / Gate parameter.


The flexibility of having both Trigger and MIDI-inputs lets you use the Nord Drum in numerous ways, and you can also mix Pads, Triggers and MIDI at the same time. Put an acoustic drum trigger on your acoustic bass drum, add two electronic drum pads as extra toms and let a MIDI sequencer play the last channel for syncing to a backing track. The adjustable input sensitivity and Trig Types lets you tailor the Nord Drum's response to the Pads or Triggers gear you choose to use.


- Virtual Analog Drum Synthesizer
- 4 inputs for Electronic Drum Pads / Acoustic Drum Triggers
-MIDI In/Out
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- 3 Character LED-display
- 99 Program locations
- Free OS updates

- Trigger/Pad-Inputs:
- 6 Trig Types, 3 for Electronic Drum Pads / 3 for Acoustic Drum Triggers
- Adjustable Input Treshold
- Adjustable Input Sensitivity
- Channel Peak/Activity indicator

- MIDI Channel Learn
- MIDI Note Learn
- MIDI Program Change

- 1 Audio outputs (mono) - 1/4 in., 6,35 mm jack, unbalanced
- 4 Trigger inputs - 1/4 in., 6,35 mm jack
- MIDI In, MIDI Out - 5 pin DIN connectors
- DC input (DC 12V 250mA)

- Dimensions: 199 x 45 x 42 mm (7.85 x 1.78 x 1.65 in.)
- Weight: 350 g (40.3 lbs)
- Included Accessories: User Manual, Universal Module Mount, Universal Power Adapter

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Submitted May 23, 2012 by George B in Vista, CA

"Just buy it.."

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Very simple to program with some great tones and textures you can achieve. I'm not a drummer in a band or anything to that effect and don't plan to use this as a live performance tool at all. Using it to create great percussive sounds and unique kits has been a great time. It took me about 20min before I programmed and saved my 1st kit. If your looking to program some of your own drum sounds from scratch and get creative this is a great buy. 4 channels may be limiting for some but if you need you can always use a vst plug in or a sampler to help fill in what you're missing. I am very very satisfied with this kit and am sure I will be getting great use out of it. The only negative thing I can think of is that it has no onboard effects but I've ran it through my Eventide Space and gotten some wild results..I've never had rouse the customer support.

Musical Background:

Been creating audio for over 4yrs

Musical Style:

Electronic, ambient, acoustic, soundtrack, downtempo
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