Neat Bumblebee II USB Condenser Microphone

Revamped with a sleek black body and removable desk stand, the 2nd-gen Neat Bumblebee USB mic gives you a convenient hardware mute button and volume knob.

Neat Microphones BumbleBee Desktop USB Microphone

No longer available at zZounds
This desk-friendly USB mic captures 96 kHz/24-bit digital audio directly to your DAW. Music/neutral/voice EQ settings let you shape your sound on the way in.

Bumblebees are social insects -- if they knew about the internet and computers, they'd be doing video calls with select friends from their colony, and recording their ideas and instrument practicing to play for others. And this Bumblebee can do the same for you: with its USB interface, excellent audio quality, and super-simple setup with three sonic options (music, voice, and neutral), the Bumblebee is the perfect personal mic for laptops, desktops, tablets, and any other audio device with a USB input.

Extra features include fully integrated headphone monitoring with volume control, mic gain control, a clever boom arm with swivel capsule for optimum positioning, Honeycomb pop filter, custom USB cable designed for digital audio, and the option to generate high-resolution as well as CD-quality audio.


- High resolution 24-bit/96 kHz digital output
- Proprietary "Bee" microphone capsule, internally shock-mounted
- 3 switchable sonic selections: Neutral, Music & Voice
- Zero-Latency headphone monitoring with volume control
- Microphone gain control for fine-tuning of recording level
- Boom arm makes for easy placement of capsule to the signal source
- Swivel capsule design for fine, detailed placement

- Includes: External "Honeycomb" pop filter, unique "Vinyl Figure", USB Cable & User Guide

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No longer available at zZounds