Native Instruments Maschine MK3 Groove Production Studio

Native Instruments Maschine MK3 Groove Production Studio

The groundbreaking groovebox returns for round 3 -- now with a built-in audio interface, Smart Strip controller, full-color screens and more KOMPLETE sounds!

Native Instruments Maschine Studio

No longer available at zZounds
- Width: 432 mm / 17.0"
- Length: 350 mm / 13.8"
- Height: 58.5 mm / 2.3"
- 3.2 kg / 7.1 lbs
- 15V 1.2A power supply required (included)
- Integrated stand
- Two extra-large, high-resolution color displays (480x272 pixel)
- 16 high-quality multi-color, illuminated pads with velocity and aftertouch
- 8 multi-color group buttons
- One jog wheel with LED ring (30 steps)
- 8 endless rotary encoder
- 1 volume knob
- 58 click buttons
- LED Meters
- USB 2.0, 3.0
- 1 x MIDI in, 3 x MIDI out
- 2 x footswitch input
- Kensington lock

System Requirements:

Mac: OS X 10.9, 10.10 or 10.11.1 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

Windows: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

Supported Interfaces: Stand-alone, VST, Audio Units, AAX 32 and AAX 64, ASIO, CoreAudio, WASAPI

Please note: Native 64-bit support for stand-alone and plug-in versions. This product runs in demo mode after installation and must be activated before full functionality is available.

Additional Requirements
USB 2.0 port, 13 GB free disk space for complete installation
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 866-556-6487 or 323-467-2693

Native Instruments Maschine Studio

Native Instruments Maschine Studio is the flagship music production system for tactile, creative beat-making with acclaimed sound library. Maschine 2.0's audio engine adds side-chaining plus unlimited groups and insert effects to Maschine's powerful feature set. Multicore support ensures your computer handles it all in parallel with ultra-efficient processing.

Variation Engine: Humanize and Randomize

The Variation Engine helps add variety and spontaneity to your patterns. Humanize lets you shake off the shackles of quantization and loosen up a drum beat or melody. And Randomize kickstarts new tracks by creating new patterns with random velocities and positions -- the perfect tool for spawning new ideas.

Lock and Morph Snapshots

Whether you want to experiment creatively or just want to add some improvisation during a live performance, Lock has you covered. Simply freeze your current settings, tweak a sound's characters, change an envelope, open a filter, and when you're ready, return back to your initial settings at the press of a button, for up to 64 snapshots. And with the Morph function, MASCHINE blends seamlessly from one snapshot to the next, making it easy to discover new transitions.

Control External Gear with MIDI CC

With MIDI CC capabilities, you can control your MIDI-capable external instruments, like your favorite Roland groovebox or Korg synth, as if they were plugins. Simply load the controller template for your device in your MASCHINE software, and you can play with any MIDI-enabled parameters, like tweaking a filter or adjusting a sound's attack, directly from MASCHINE's ultra-responsive pads and knobs. To get you started, they've built a library of presets for popular devices, which you can find on our Downloads page–and if you can't find a preset for your favorite synth, it's easy to build your own.

Since the Maschine 2.5

The MASCHINE 2.5.5 update, free to all MASCHINE 2 customers, is out now. This update means that MASCHINE now supports Ableton Link, so you can easily tempo sync with TRAKTOR, Ableton Live, your favorite music-making apps, or any other Link-enabled software. Simply connect your devices over a local network, hit play, and you are ready to jam in tightly locked sync. Adjust the tempo on one device and the others will follow suit instantly.

A Different Way to Slice

MASCHINE's Manual slicing mode now features a new, intuitive way to work with your samples. Now, you can insert slice points on MASCHINE's pads while the sample is playing -- an ultra-fast and intuitive way to start turning a sample into your next beat.

There's More:

- Export audio in AIFF format
- Scene Export: Split by Scenes lets you export individual scenes for use as audio loops
- Automatically export the entire song range without setting a loop range first
- Eraser Tool now deletes a divider between slices instead of merging two slices
- Browse by product group (category /vendor) via MASCHINE STUDIO
- Remove all slices at once directly from the MASCHINE hardware to start again from scratch
- Directly access audio and MIDI settings from the regular preferences dialog
- "Pattern Grid" renamed to "Arrange Grid" and moved below the Group List in the software
- In the Slicer, "Manual" mode is now the default
- Added a field in preferences for custom names for export
- "Slice" Button renamed to "Split" and turns into "Slice" when a slice is played back
- Added a Loop control to the Transport in the software to enable and disable Loop playback
- Browse directly from KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboard using the Hardware Browse mode

User Interface

Maschine 2.0 makes it easier to get creative. A completely redesigned user interface accelerates your workflow with improved controls and even tighter visual feedback the perfect marriage of design and function.

Maschine Drum Synths

Maschine 2.0 comes equipped with a set of sonically-outstanding drum synths. Design hi-fidelity drum sounds with ultimate ease thanks to a broad sweet spot and intuitive interfaces.


Maschine 2.0 now features a professional audio mixer. Finalize your tracks faster than ever with a paradigm in visual immediacy one view shows you groups, modular routing, aux sends, and more.

Improved Sampler

A plug-in view, zero-crossing detection, and overlapping slices make sampling in Maschine 2.0 simultaneously easier and even more powerful. And 8-point sample interpolation gives you the highest quality possible.

Plug-In Strip

Maschine 2.0's plug-in strip gives you a different way of seeing your instruments and effects. Each internal instrument and effect now has its own, individual layout for lightning fast visual recognition. Load any VST or AU plug-in into Maschine, load unlimited effect plug-ins, and get perfect integration with all KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects.

Tag-Based Visual Browser

Find your sounds faster with Maschine 2.0's tag-based visual browser. Browse by attribute, product name, and NI product visuals the most intuitive way to find your sounds yet.

Extended Library

Maschine's library has never delivered more possibilities. Kits and samples across all genres, drum synth kits, sampled instruments, MASSIVE presets, and projects give you everything you need to start creating immediately.

Included Komplete Instruments and Effects

On top of the workhorse synth for basses, leads, and pads MASSIVE, Maschine now includes full versions of the model synth for unique, percussive textures REAKTOR PRISM, the perfectly-sampled electric piano SCARBEE MARK I, and the high-end SOLID BUS COMP a full production arsenal ready to instantly enhance any track.

Studio Integration

Maschine 2.0 now lets you import MIDI files directly, send CC control to your studio gear, control Maschine parameters directly from your host DAW (without going through Macros), and send MIDI program changes to VST/Audio Units plug-ins for even more seamless integration into your studio environment.


- Combines the flexibility of computer-based music production with the ease of a hardware groovebox
- Unprecedented physical control via touch sensitive multi-color pads, dedicated edit buttons, level section, 8 display knobs, and jog wheel for precision editing, scrubbing, browsing, and more
- Create and perform rhythms, harmonies and melodies in moments. Powerful sampling, slicing, time-stretch, sound shaping, and editing ultra-fast workflow for maximum musical creativity
- 2 big, high-resolution color displays show waveforms, patterns, scenes, track levels, mixer channels, visual browser, and more
- 8 GB sound library with samples, one-shots, sliced loops, sampled instruments, presets, patterns, drum kits, and projects all easily accessible via tag-based browser
- Mixing and metering on the hardware, sidechaining, pre-listening bus, aux sends, unlimited groups and effect inserts
- Sonically outstanding, multi-mode drum synthesizers for perfectly-tuned acoustic and electronic sounds fast, powerful drum design with on-the-fly parameter automation
- Classic groovebox features including 16 velocity levels, swing, pad link, note repeat, step sequencer, and vintage MPC 60/SP 1200* sampling emulation
- Seamless KOMPLETE 9 integration with preset browsing, product visuals on the hardware, and automatic parameter mapping includes 4 functions
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Submitted August 1, 2014 by Douglas Clark in Kailua Kona, HI
"Worth the upgrade for me"
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I'm an owner of MK2 that was purchased around 2 years ago, and I immediately thought it was the best studio purchase I've ever made. Now here comes the Maschine Studio with all the fancy buttons and 2 cool color display screens. I purchased this during the NI sale at $799, and at $799, I am more than pleased with my purchase. CPU hog? I honestly can't tell the difference. Now I have to say that when I bought my PC, I knew what I'd be using it for, so I did my research and didn't skimp on the CPU and memory. I'm sure this had made for a better experience when using Maschine Studio. I now find myself with my hands and eyes more on the controller than the mouse pad, and this has no doubt been nothing but a plus for my creativity and productiveness when working. As many have said, I do agree - The possibilities are endless with when it comes to creativity, and with that there is a much stronger learning curve here. But truth be told - If not for the sale, I would've never bought it. As much as I love this piece of equipment, I do think the $999 normal price tag may be asking a bit much especially compared to the other choices in the market.
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Keyboards - Professional producer
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