MOTU 8pre 16x12 FireWire Audio Interface

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MOTU has Vista-compatible drivers available for all MOTU FireWire, PCI and USB hardware interface products.
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"Top-Tier For a Mixerless Setup"
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I am very satisfied with the 8pre. I own two, daisy-chained via lightpipe and they have worked very well for my needs so far. I am hoping to use the units to record small ensembles in the near future. The only reason I may consider switching away from the 8pre is the lack of output channels; this is a big deal if you want to use outboard effects or other equipment, but not so much if you're just interested in recording an ensemble.
Sound is clear, and very quiet even with the preamps turned near max.
ADAT Lightpipe is very useful; LED's for each input is also a big help. Each channel has its own preamp and phantom power option for each individual channel. The only thing that kills me is that there is only a headphone jack and one balanced pair of main outs. I would like more output channels to route to effects or other equipment.
Ease of Use
There are driver problems when daisy-chaining two or more 8pre's together. Hardware-wise, the unit is easy to use.
A very well-built product. The phantom power switches feel a bit cheap, but that's the only apparent con in quality.
Competing against the FP-10, I'm not sure the 8pre is worth the extra $150 in retail price if only because of the lack of output channels. However, the 8pre does have a phantom power switch for each channel (which isn't really a problem in the FP-10), and importantly lightpipe ins and outs for daisy-chaining or whatever else.
The Wow Factor
The unit looks sharp, and it performs.
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Musician, Aspiring recording engineer
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