Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU) 896HD FireWire Audio Interface (Macintosh and Windows)

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Inputs and Outputs

analog 192kHz analog I/O on combo/XLR
8 inputs, 8 outputs

main outputs 24-bit 192kHz on XLR
stereo output

headphone output**
stereo output

ADAT optical (digital)
8* inputs, 8* outputs

AES/EBU 24-bit 96-kHz (digital)
stereo input, stereo output

18 inputs, 22 outputs

* 4 channels at 88.2 / 96kHz
** at 192/176.4 main and headphone outputs are mirrored
MOTU Warranty MOTU offers a 2 year warranty on all Firewire interfaces and all Video/Audio interfaces. USB MIDI interfaces and PCI Audio interfaces carry a 90 day warranty.
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 617-576-2760
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"Very versatile and expandable."
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This is the heart of my studio. Even though the pre's aren't incredible, you can bypass them and use an external pre. The a/d converters are great, so have no fear there.
The pre-amps are very clean, not warm, but clean. some of the input knobs are a bit "scratchy". I wish it had -20 db pads though, even at the lowest volume my NT5's peak when used for overheads for drums. A plus though, even when they peak, I hear no distortion.
I am not a Midi guy, so the lack of Midi ins and outs doesn't matter to me. I love how easy it is to hook your entire sound system into this unit. The CueMix software is great too. It has 4 buses with faders, Its pretty much a virtual mixing board. Also, the buses are zero latency because the unit will bus the audio back out with out running it through your computer first. Also It has the "motu audio setup" which allows you to use the unit as your main sound card and adjust all the settings. Instead of using the crappy built in mic in your computer to talk to people online, I use my GT55 with a compressor!
Ease of Use
Plug and play at its best. I use Motu's DP5 and it couldn't be simpler.
Only complaint is the "scratchy" pots.
Its great for live and studio. With 4 buses, you can record the live sound, then bus it out the the PA with no strain on your computer.
Manufacturer Support
No problems yet.
The Wow Factor
It looks boring until you use it and all the meters light up. Sound check is a breeze with the bright LED's.
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Drummer, recordist
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