Marshall CODE100H Digital Guitar Amplifier Head

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Featuring 14 preamp models, this head is perfect for nailing a variety of Marshall sounds. Further customize your tone with on-board speaker cab modeling.
Fully programmable, CODE combines authentic modelling of classic and contemporary Marshall tones with professional quality FX. CODE preamp, power amp and speaker cabinet models have been developed in collaboration with audio software pioneers Softube to create Marshall-Softube modeling, highly accurate recreations of classic and contemporary Marshall products and more.

See what the Marshall Code series amps are all about:

CODE has 14 MST preamps, 4 MST power amps and 8 MST speaker cabinets. It has 24 FX including: Compressor, classic stompbox Distortions, Auto Wah, Pitch Shifter, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger and Tremolo. It includes Delays with Tap Tempo, and studio quality Reverbs. CODE's MST preamps produce some of the most acclaimed and best loved Marshall tones: J45 2245, 1962 Bluesbreaker, 1959SLP Plexi, JCM800 2203, JCM2555 Silver Jubilee, JCM2000 DSL100, JVM410H and more. CODE features EL34, 5881, EL84 & 6L6 MST power amp voicings, and MST speaker cabinet models: 1960, 1960V, 1960AX, 1960HW, 1936, 1936V, 1912 & 1974X.

Connect via Bluetooth to control CODE and to stream music from your iOS or Android device using the Gateway App. Connect via USB to use CODE as a DAW interface to record, and to stream audio from your computer. Connect your MP3 player via CODE's dedicated audio input to jam along with your favorite tracks or plug headphones in for a personal CODE experience. Connect CODE's read more programmable foot controller to assign up to 30 Presets or control panel functions.

Marshall gives you a full tutorial series on the CODE amps:
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- MODEL: 100H
- PRESETS: 100
- Accessories: PEDL-91010 INCLUDED (2-way footswitch)
- WEIGHT (KG): 11
- DIMENSIONS (MM): 590 x 210 x 300
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 800-877-6863
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Submitted March 18, 2019 by Jeannette Fletcher in Jacksonville, FL
"The most wowed I have ever been in an amp"
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This is far from my first amp, and not even close to my first Marshall, but it is the first time I've ever had an amp so great that I felt the need to share my thoughts in a review. Let's start with the fact that this is a modelling amp, and as such comes with 100 preset tones that cover just about all you can ask for, all of which can be modified to your liking with gain, bass, middle, treble, reverb, delay, various amp heads, multiple cabs, and a plethora of built in pedals. This is in addition to the ability to fine tune so many settings that you would be hard pressed to try them all in their various ranges if you lived to be 100. And to make this even more exciting, Marshall offers the Marshall Gate app, a free application for your phone or tablet (not sure if it's available on PC or not) that gives you complete control of the amp and greatly expands the ease by which you can select, modify, and create tones without having to be within arms reach of the amp. This review will discuss the head, but I will note that I have paired it with the Marshall 4X12 slanted cab, also here at zZounds, which makes for a fantastic union. It also marries very well to other cabs I have connected it to with appropriate watt and ohm demands. I will address each of the extended categories offered in this review format, but first an overview.This head is mostly in typical Marshall black and gold fashion, with the only exception being the display screen. The user control features include gain, read more bass, middle, treble, volume for each tone, master volume, a preset selector knob, a knob to edit each preset and create your own, 3.5mm headphone input, 3.5 aux input, a single 1/4 instrument input, and an input jack for the included two button foot switch. You will also find control buttons for quick access to reverb, delay, amp heads, cabs, the built in tuner, and the huge store of effects. Flip it around and you get access to the single output jack and input for pre-amp pedals. What you won't find on the rear panel is a power switch, because Marshall had the common sense to make sure I didn't have to fiddle around behind an amp head to turn it on and off. Separating the master volume and edit knobs is the display screen, which I believe is about 3" diagonal. The display is clear, vivid, and easily read from a distance. You will also find that some of the user controlled inputs have multiple uses. For example, the edit knob can be depressed to adjust menu settings, and multiple buttons can be used in conjunction with one another to access features such as the built in tuner or bluetooth options. The bluetooth serves a few purposes, and is well worth setting up following the instructions. Not only does this allow you to connect to the Marshall Gateway app, which is outstanding, but it also allows you to connect other devices to be heard through the cab you're connected to. This is a great way to play backing tracks without the use of the aux input. As for the tonal quality, it just can't be beat by other modelling amps, you would be hard pressed to find another solid state amp any better, and even the high end tube amps are replicated quite well with some of the various presets in addition to user input options. I use a Marshall JCM 800 with a 1960A cab at gigs, and that is probably the only other amp I have ever used that I couldn't replace with the CODE 100. But before I head to the individual assessments of this review, it is only fair and honest for me to point out any negatives that I have found, which will be short because there is only one. This head is only suited for a half stack. That's great for home, studio, and even gig use at a moderate size venue, and that Marshall 4X12 with this head can really crank out some incredible volume crisp and clear. But I do wish I could have the second cab for my studio because of how I have my gear arranged. Nevertheless, it's just a personal preference and nothing that would prevent me from buying this amp again. In fact, when I complete this review, each of the ratings will be a 5/5, and this is the first time I have done that. Even my most beloved possession in the world, my Jazzmaster, got a 4 star on one of the options, and I plan on being buried with that guitar when my time comes. I will not be reducing the rating at all because of the inability to properly configure a full stack setup. That is not the intent of this head, and should not be counted against it.

It would be very difficult to properly complete this category because the "sound" options are virtually endless. If you want clean, clear and crisp, it's there. If you want heavy distortion with a touch of delay, it's there. Maybe some fuzz, an octave pedal, some auto wah, or some chorus, it's there. Want to model a tube amp? You can. Like the classic Marshall 1960A cab driven by a Plexi head? It's got it. In fact, I can't find anything that I can't recreate with this head. And while I don't want to brew a confusing potpourri of brand and model stew, I will say that I have attempted and succeeded at modelling various Fender, Orange, Peavey, Line 6, Acoustic, and even Gibson amps. I think just about every Marshall tone from day one to present is available, and that doesn't even begin to note all the cab, pedal, and tone options available. You can even select acoustic, metal, a DSL, the JCM, and so many more that this page would crash trying to list them all. And as for the sound quality, that is to say the actual ability of this head to push a cab clearly and without any undesired audio interference, it is as good as it gets. Does it exactly replicate my JCM 800 with the 1960A cab? Maybe not indecipherable to a trained ear, but definitely as good as close as you will ever get without actually having each of the countless amps, cabs, and input options available in the CODE 100.

The most useful feature is the ability to replicate just about any amp, cab, pedal, and tone options you can imagine. See my overall review and the "sound" section of this review for more on that. Other very useful features include the built in tuner, which is even capable of handling intonation setup, the Bluetooth, which opens up a ton of possibilities with the Marshall Gateway app, and the user-friendly interface. Seems to be very well-constructed, and is convenient should you wish to use this head for gigs or have any other reason to transport it regularly.

Ease of Use
Given all of the available features, settings and modifications are remarkably easy to navigate. You don't have to try hard to get any of the 100 presets, just turn the preset knob. Editing and creating presets is very easy, and the Marshall Gateway app is probably the least confusing app on my phone. It's light enough to transport easily, doesn't take up any more space than a typical Marshall head....maybe even a bit less depth than most others, and while it may seem a non-issue to others, I love the location of the power switch so that I can have the head located against a wall.

This is the amp I use more than any other. On an average day it gets about 6 hours of use, whereas my JCM is only for gigs, drawing power 2 1/2 to 3 hours a night, three nights a week. My Orange CR120 gets a few hours a week, and my Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb gets a bit less than that. Yet the CODE, by far the most used, is also by far the one I have the least issues with....none at all to be exact. It just works on time, every time. It's my studio amp and home use amp, also used for writing music and learning for covers. I turn it on, it works great, and then repeat the next day. It doesn't overheat. It doesn't get noisy interference, it doesn't do anything wrong, ever. This is the only amp I have ever been able to say that about after so many hours of use, which is nearly 2000 hours at the time of this review. The case is solid, everything is tight, and there's not a loose screw or even so much as a burnt out pixel on the display. The quality is unsurpassed.

I can not think of any other amp in history that comes at a better value. When you buy the CODE 100, you're essentially buying a virtually unlimited supply of amps, cabs, pedals, effects, and tone input. And you won't likely have to buy another one for a very long time, if ever. The quality and features at this price is absolutely amazing. Sure, I would like that second cab to make this a full stack, but that one hardly glaring criticism does nothing to prevent me from calling this the best amp I've ever had, the best value amp I've ever had, and aside from my AM Pro Jazzmaster, probably the best gear I've ever had. You'd have a difficult time comparing the selling price to others because there's just no others like it. To best summarize how I feel about the value of this amp, if I ever hear that it is being taken off the market, I will buy another, or maybe even two, just to be sure I always have one. It's just that good.

Manufacturer Support
I have spoken with Marshall customer service in the past regarding other amps, and on one occasion when I overlooked a crucial step setting up the Gateway app for this amp. Nothing to complain about here at all. Everyone I have worked with has been very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.

The Wow Factor
It's very similar in design to most other Marshall amps, so the wow factor may not happen right out of the box. But as soon as you turn it on and see what it can do, you will be very wowed, and stay that way as long as you own it. One of the suggestions of this part of the review is to comment on "what makes you want it even if you could make good music without it?" To answer that, you just need to scroll through the presets, pedals, effects, head options, and cab selections. Sure, you can make good music without it, but this amp gives you limitless potential to make ANY music, replicate virtually ANY tone, and cover just about any song you've ever heard....all in addition to creating new ones. It's so simple, yet so powerful. Yes, I'm "wowed" by this amp. Nearly 2000 hours of use later and I am still as wowed today as I was the first time I plugged in.

Musical Background:
Semi-professional, primarily rhythm (Jazzmaster), and lead (Strat)

Musical Style:
Any and all. If I can play it, I will.
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