MusicLab RealStrat Guitar Plug-in Software

With the MusicLab RealStrat plug-in, you can add the sound of arguably the most famous electric guitars to your productions, even if you aren't a guitarist.

The Fender Stratocaster is and has always been one of the most popular electric guitar since its creation in 1954. Its unique sound is the favorite of many of the world's finest guitarists and has been featured on countless historic recordings in all genres of music.

RealStrat sample-based virtual instrument faithfully reproduces the Stratocaster sound from both the sonic and playability perspectives. The advanced technology gives its users the freedom to create everything from simple strumming techniques to the most sophisticated solos.

RealStrat 5 is a combo of two instruments: RealStrat Standard - our original RealStrat model with loads of new playability features, fully backwards compatible to RealStrat previous version, and RealStrat Elite - the debut of our new sample set recorded from each of 3 Stratocaster pickups, having four patches and two tuning selections for each.

Sounds and noises

MusicLab carefully and meticulously recorded high quality dry samples of each fret of all strings directly from Stratocaster pick-ups which let you easily create any desired guitar sound using your favorite amplifier simulator. RealStrat sample library includes not only sustain sounds, but also other guitar-specific sounds with dynamics and nuances an experienced performer can get from his/her instrument.

Techniques and control

An authentic sounding guitar part cannot be recorded by using samples on their own, but requires a bunch of guitar-specific techniques, which are read more simulated in RealStrat. Whether you are playing live or programing a DAW, these techniques are controllable by using special gestures, key switches, key velocity, modulation wheel, sustain pedal, key aftertouch, MIDI CC, DAW parameter automation, and any combinations of these.

Chord voicing

Guitar chord voicing is very unique depending on guitar construction and is absolutely necessary to reproduce in order to achieve authentically sounding chordal parts. Our patented technology provides accurate reproduction of guitar chord voicing automatically for 30 chord types in all existing inversions, extensions and alterations.

Rhythm patterns

In order to record an authentic accompaniment track, most session guitarists carefully study characteristic rhythm parts for the required style. We created a huge rhythm library consisting of 1250 patterns. It can be easily used for quickly creating guitar accompaniment parts in the DAW or in our internal Song sequencer.


Sophisticated humanization algorithms vary samples, technique and control parameters, timing, chord strum aspects to reach best possible realism in guitar tracks. That helps you bring a digitally simulated guitar performance maximally close to an analog recording of a best-in-class session guitarist.


- Intuitive keyboard layout allows Live/MIDI Keyboard Performance with numerous articulations, noises, guitar-specific tricks, strumming and fingerpicking techniques.
- Any guitar performance produced on a MIDI keyboard can be recorded or directly programmed in a MIDI track of any DAW.
- Built-in Song Sequencer designed to arrange up to the entire song by simply inserting chord symbols and selecting pre-recorded guitar rhythm patterns.
- Strat
- Strat Double Track
- Elite
- Elite Double Track
- 12-string A
- 12-string B
- Standard and Baritone tunings
- 24-bit samples
- Three pickups (neck, middle, bridge)
- Seven pickup combinations available
- Solo, Harmony, Bass&Chord, Bass&Pick, Chords
- Multi mode (universal)
- MIDI Guitar (normal guitar via MIDI interface input)
- Up to 30 Key/Pedal/Velocity/Mod.Wheel Switch FX
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- -Operating System: mac OS X 10.9-10.15, 11.2 (Intel only)
- -RAM: 2 GB
- -Hard drive space: 5 GB
- -Additional Requirements: AAX support: Pro Tools 11/12/2020 AAX64.
- -Supported Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AU, AAX
- -Operating System: windows Windows 7 SP1/8.1/10 32bit or 64bit
- -RAM: 2 GB
- -Hard drive space: 5 GB
- -Additional Requirements: AAX support: Pro Tools 11/12/2020 AAX64.
- -Supported Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AAX
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Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 1035-30

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