Moog Subsequent 37 Analog Synthesizer Keyboard

Moog Subsequent 37 Analog Synthesizer Keyboard

Dial in classic Moog sounds or build brand-new ones! A hot-rodded Sub 37, the 2-note paraphonic SUBsequent 37 features fatter Multidrive distortion and more.

Moog Sub 37 Tribute Analog Synthesizer Keyboard

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Moog Sub 37 Tribute Analog Synthesizer

The Moog Sub 37 Tribute is a limited edition, paraphonic analog synthesizer, based around the award-winning Sub Phatty sound engine, but specifically designed to meet the demands of hardcore synthesists, sound designers, and professional keyboard players. It is also the first Moog synthesizer released in over 30 years with the ability to play more than one note at a time.


- 40 knobs, 74 switches, and a dedicated LCD display--all critical sound creation and live performance tools at your fingertips
- 2 Oscillators, classic Moog filter with resonance, MultiDrive and selectable filter slopes
- Paraphonic: play two notes at a time (through single filter and VCA)
- Two independent modulation busses with assignable source and destination options
- Syncable Arpeggiator and Step Sequencer
- Fast access to 256 presets (16 banks of 16 each)
- 37 note semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch
- Ultra-powerful DAHDSR envelopes with extended functionality and complete panel control
- Standalone/plug-in editor compatible with all major platforms available free on registration
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Submitted August 16, 2015 by Hoyt E in Portland, OR
"A brilliant instrument"
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The Sub 37 is the synth I've been waiting for. I was weary to get into hardware because I had such a connected digital setup. But, I can't say enough how important the Sub 37 is to my creative process now. It finally got me back into making music, and not just programming a song. You can see the specs, details and technical reviews anywhere, but believe when I say "The Sub 37 brought fun and creativity back into my music". It's a simply brilliant instrument.
Musical Background:
Semi professional musician, professional music producer
Musical Style:
All electronic styles for production, all genres for full band styled for live instrumentation.
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