Morley Maverick Mini Switchless Wah Pedal

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Dimensions: 6.75" (L) x 4.5" (W) x 2.75" (H)
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Submitted March 13, 2015 by a customer from in Southern California, CA
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First off this wah has a nice classic sound. It is heavy enough to be stable on the board and nice compact size. Why didn't the wah makers do this years ago. I've had a Cry Baby sitting in the box for a few years. It's just too big and clunky for what it is. I went with the Maverick as I think it has a different sound than the one with volume and wah in one pedal from what I could tell on reviews. I could be wrong. And I do not need a volume pedal. Like any pedal there is a learning curve. i'm not a super wah player. But it didn't take long to find some sweet spots to add here and there. The only delay is the amount of travel the pedal moves before the wah kicks in. I shortened it a bit by adding a thin rubber bumper to the bumpers on the pedal. (The little rubber dots you can find anywhere) So the pedal does not have to move as far before the wah kicks in.. If that makes sense. The red light kinda helps to let you know when the wah kicks in also. So you can start your lick with the wah sound and not go from straight guitar to wah. Not to knock the Cry Baby but I plugged it in to compare and put it away after two pumps of the pedal. I never liked the push switch on it anyways. This optical on off switch is really nice. I don't plan to use this all through a song but just to add a nice cry to a blues lick here and there. I like it and I really like the size.
Musical Background:
Professional musician.
Musical Style:
Country, blues.
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