Mighty Bright Pedal Board Music Light

No longer available at zZounds
Powered by three tiny AAA batteries (included).
This fantastic addition to the Mighty Bright line was created for a newly recognized need in the music realm - pedal board lighting. Lighting the entire board, this new flexible LED pedal board light provides enough light to see all guitar effects pedal control settings. Often in low light or dark stage conditions, musicians can thus eliminate the problem of not seeing the controls, effects and "set lists" at their feet.

Adapted from the revolutionary and most popular XtraFlex Duet musician's light, the Pedal Board Light boasts two separate lighting heads, each on a flexible gooseneck arm for infinite maneuverability. The Pedal Board Light contains four state-of-the-art Super LEDs (light emitting diodes), two in each lighting head. Each Super LED produces three times the light of a standard LED - providing 12 times the light - and they last virtually forever (100,000 hours). Engineered to be versatile, one light head contains two white light LED bulbs, and the other two red light LED bulbs. Each light head has its own on-off switch, offering the options of using one or both lights on each head, depending on illumination requirements. All Super LEDs are manufactured with a lens to spread light evenly, eliminating hot spots. The Pedal Board Light is energy efficient and wireless, affording extra-long battery life and powered by three tiny AAA batteries (included). An optional AC adapter is also available.

With a strong, large-opening clip, the Mighty Bright Pedal read more Board Light can be clipped onto many different surfaces, and also comes equipped with a Velcro strip-mound. This very portable and invaluable light source is for all musicians who are tired of fumbling in the dark to adjust their controls, which always need to be "tweaked." The versatility of the light also allows for clamping to amps, music stands, soundboards, and other back stage lighting needs. read less
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Submitted March 6, 2008 by a customer from yahoo.com
"Total waste of money. Broke after a couple of weeks."
They ripped this idea off from one of the guys on The Gear Page and Plexi Palace. But his original light is the real deal. This copycat light is utter crap.
On/off on each LED. Runs on 3 AA batteries. Can't run on standard pedalboard power supplies.
Ease of Use
Have to bend over to operate the piece of junk.
It's a little PLASTIC book light that you would expect to find at a bargain store. It is flimsy as can be. Yes, it puts out light. All they did was to stick a piece of Velcro in the box and try to market it to us musicians for an outrageously overpriced MSRP. Broke the first time I accidentally stepped on it.
As said above; WAY overpriced plastic book light that doesn't belong on a pedalboard.
Manufacturer Support
Would never purchase ANY of their products. Their crooks.
The Wow Factor
You want to put a dollar store looking plastic book light on your pedalboard along side of your $$$$ boutique pedals? I didn't think so.
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Professional musician
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Jazz, alternative
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