M-Audio MobilePre USB Interface with Microphone Preamp

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2 XLR inputs, 2 1/4 in. unbalanced outputs. 48v Phantom power.

Portable interface lets your record anywhere!
The independent spirit is alive and well among today's musicians. Instead of paying top dollar for studio time, many bands prefer to "do it themselves" with a computer-based digital recording rig. Today's powerful laptop computers make mobile recording easy. Produce scratch demos out on the road, capture the spontaneous energy of a live performance, or lay down pro-quality tracks for your next CD in the comfort of your rehearsal space. If you've already got a laptop, a digital audio interface is all you need to get started. M-Audio's MobilePre USB is specially designed to help you make music on your own terms, wherever and whenever the mood strikes.

Simple USB operation
This computer audio interface uses a single USB cable for plug and play operation on Mac and Windows computers. Forget about installing internal hardware or confusing software drivers; you don't need them. Just attach the USB cable to the MobilePre and your laptop, and you're ready to rock. The interface is even powered through the USB bus, so there's no bulky AC adapter to trip over. You'll be ready to gather samples out in the field or record impromptu jam-sessions in seconds. Capture high-quality audio right on the spot, then mix and edit it later at your convenience. The possibilities are endless.

Input options
You can record anything using the two independent input channels. Each channel features an XLR jack for microphone input, plus a 1/4-inch jack for high-impedance read more instruments or line-level input sources. The gain knobs let you dial-in a solid level, with signal LEDs to let you know the channel is active and clip LED's to let you know when you're pushing too hard. Switchable phantom power is available to accommodate studio-quality condenser microphones. Plug a mic in to channel 1 and a guitar into channel 2, and the singer/songwriter is ready to preserve those quick bits of inspiration before they slip away. Run a stereo keyboard into both channels to flesh out the idea and inject a little texture. Add a drum machine, some backing vocals, and maybe a little more cowbell, and pretty soon you've got a fully developed song. The MobilePre USB works with any multitrack recording software, so hook it up to your Pro Tools, Cubase, or Logic setup and layer as many tracks as your laptop can handle. If you prefer to record everything at the same time, a stereo miniplug lets you connect a stereo microphone. Get a good live mix, and the stereo mic will pick up everything, just as your ears are hearing it.

Zero latency monitoring
You can monitor your recordings in real time with the stereo headphone output. The independent level control helps get the perfect listening volume, letting the singer hear the rhythm section as he lays down the vocal track, for example. The speedy USB connection offers zero-latency monitoring, so there's none of the annoying echo heard on other input interfaces. Once all the tracks are recorded, two unbalanced 1/4-inch jacks let you connect studio reference monitors for playback and mixing. Blend your music to perfection, and prepare a two-track stereo master for distribution on CD or MP3 across the web. However you choose to make your music, M-Audio's MobilePre USB has the portability, versatility, and pro-quality sound to put all the creative control in your hands.
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Audio Performance Specifications

Resolution: 16-bit
Sampling frequencies (kHz): 8, 9.6, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48
Signal-to-noise ratio: 101dB (typical, A-weighted)
Dynamic range: 101dB (typical, -60dB input, A-weighted)
THD: .00199%

Minimum System Requirements

Pentium II 300 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
Mac G3 or G4 with native USB support, 64 MB RAM, Mac OS 9.1 or greater or OS X

Driver Features

Bit-Depth Supported: 16-bit, Input & Output
Hardware Direct Monitoring: Zero Latency w/ Software Level Control (Stereo or Channel 1 Mono path, Software-set)
Record & Play Outputs and Direct Monitor (Thru) Levels: Software-controlled (Mute & +12 to -50 dB, in 2 dB steps)
Master Output Volume Control: Software-controlled (Mute & 0 to -62 dB, in 2 dB steps)

***All MAudio USB products send or receive version 1.0 USB information but can be used with version 2.0, though will not take advantage of the additional 2.0 benefits.

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 401-658-5765

M-Audio MobilePre USB Interface

MAudio MobilePre 2x2 16-Bit 48kHz USB Interface with Microphone Preamp
MobilePre USB is the perfect audio interface and preamp for your laptop recording needs. A total of three kinds of audio inputs and outputs provide maximum flexibility for any application-including two on-board microphone/instrument preamps and high-impedance instrument inputs ideal for connecting guitars and basses. MobilePre USB is completely bus-powered so you can take it anywhere you need to record and play music-including field recording and sampling expeditions with your laptop. (Of course, you can use it on the desktop as well.) And, M Audio's zero-latency direct monitoring provides you with an easy and professional recording experience.


2 x 2 USB audio interface

Ideal for mobile operation

2 microphone inputs (XLR balanced) with 48v phantom power

Stereo microphone input (1/8 in.)

2 high-impedance instrument/line inputs (1/4 in. balanced)

2 analog outputs (unbalanced 1/4 in. @ -10dBv)

Stereo line output (1/8 in.)

Stereo headphone output (1/8 in.) with level control knob

Gain control knob for each input channel (+40 dB max)

Zero-latency hardware direct monitoring with software level control

Mono/stereo direct monitoring

USB-powered (no wall wart or batteries needed)

M-Audio USB solutions are the shortest path between inspiration and final tracks. Their advanced technology and seamless driver support allow musicians to take advantage of pristine sound quality with plug-and-play ease. No PCI card installation, no muss or fuss. M-Audio's USB drivers also let you independently scale bit depth and sample rate (up to 96k) to deliver the lowest USB latency anywhere.

Whether you use Mac or PC, M-Audio's USB solutions offer affordable, high performance recording, playback and performance solutions for today's compact, mobile musicians. And once you experience a laptop-based virtual studio running with an M-Audio USB interface, you'll wonder how you ever made music any other way. The killer rig now even fits in a backpack so you can make music on your own terms--anywhere, anytime.

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Submitted July 26, 2006 by a customer from gmail.com
"QUALITY, you gotta love m-audio"
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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i love this. i will replace it eventully im sure. but for my first amp and home studio soundcard its definetly worth it. i can record anything with 1/4 inch jack to XLR inputs. if this product got lost or stolen i would be heartbroken, i love it.
Okay let me say this thing has a serious digital sound. SERIOUS, the microphone obviously makes a difference and the performer recording. i own an audio technica 3035 and they work fantastic together. ive had it for 3 years and i still love it.
2 inputs phantom power, it has headphone jack, stereo output, digital connectors, basically exactly what i need right now.
Ease of Use
its straight up. nothing crazy to figure out.
its not to heavy, but sturdy for sure. i take this thing throw it in my back pack and get in my ac to hook it up to my labtop for on the road recording and its always on point. had it for 3 years i constantly bring it out. not in the case either.. just throw it in a backpack how it is.
it was 150, and well worth it.
Manufacturer Support
its the best. because i never needed them, i got this amp... never once had to call m-audio
The Wow Factor
Now it does.. the one i have isnt as sexy, but its still DAMN good amp.
Musical Background:
Active Artist
Musical Style:
Hip Hop Jazz Trip Hop
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