M-Audio Oxygen 25 IV USB MIDI Keyboard Controller, 25-Key

M-Audio Oxygen 25 IV USB MIDI Keyboard Controller, 25-Key

Put 25 full-size keys, 8 pads, and DAW control on your desk! The M-Audio Oxygen MIDI controller's knobs and buttons automap to Ableton, Pro Tools and more.

M-Audio Axiom 25 II Keyboard MIDI Controller

No longer available at zZounds
- 25-key velocity-sensitive semi-weighted-action keyboard with assignable aftertouch
- DirectLink mode automatically maps controls to common DAW and virtual instrument parameters*
- Dedicated Instrument mode button lets you instantly switch between controlling mixer and virtual instrument parameters*
- Intuitive custom LCD display, centered on keyboard for optimum visibility
angled top panel for easy viewing in any environment
- 4 zone buttons for stacking and splitting sounds on up to 4 MIDI channels
- 8 assignable trigger pads
- 8 assignable rotary encoder knobs
- 1 assignable fader
- 6 dedicated transport controls
- 6 edit buttons
- Dedicated track up/down, bank , mute, and solo buttons
- Dedicated patch +/- buttons
- Assignable pitch bend and modulation wheels
- Octave up/down; transpose up/down

Factory presets map controls to popular music software:
- Xpand!(R)2
- Hybrid(TM)
- Velvet(R)
- Strike(R)
- Oddity
- ImpOSCar
- Minimonsta

- 20 non-volatile memory locations
- Memory dump via SysEx
- 4 keybed velocity curves and 3 fixed velocity settings
- 4 pad velocity curves, 3 fixed settings, and unique 'step' velocity curves
- 2 assignable pedal inputs
- Class-compliant with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X
- Powered via USB or optional power supply
- Built-in USB MIDI interface including standard MIDI In and Out jacks
- All controllers fully programmable to MIDI controller number and channel
- Controller Mute function mutes controller output to avoid parameter jumps
- Snapshot function transmits all current controller settings
- On/Off rocker switch

Minimum System Requirements (PC)
Windows XP (SP3)*:
- 800 MHz Intel or AMD**
- 256 MB RAM

Windows Vista 32 (SP1) or Vista 64 (SP1):
- 1 GHz Intel or AMD**
- 1 GB RAM
- DirectX 10 or higher

Windows 7:
- 1 GHz Intel or AMD**
- 1 GB RAM
- DirectX 10 or higher

* Home and Professional Edition only. Windows Media Center Edition is not supported.
** CPU may be higher for laptops.
Please check the minimum system requirements for your software, as they may be greater than the above.

Minimum System Requirements (Mac)
Mac OS X 10.5.8 or 10.6.1
Intel Core Duo

Power Supply: USB Cable (Included) or AC Adaptor (Not Included - only required if using without computer)
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 401-658-5765

M-Audio Axiom 25II Keyboard Controller

The compact M-Audio Axiom 25 II mobile controller combines all the production power and performance you need to get the most from your music software and MIDI gear. More than just a "data entry" controller, the Axiom 25 features piano-style, semi-weighted keys for a musically satisfying playing experience--yet it's small enough to fit in a backpack. Large dynamic trigger pads make it easy to program beats and trigger one-shot samples--while the encoder knobs and buttons deliver complete real-time control over your software.

DirectLink mode provides easy, automatic access to common DAW functions* including transport, mixer, track pan, and virtual instrument parameters--no complicated setup required. The Axiom 25 controller even features a sleek, angled top panel for easy viewing in any environment.


- 25 piano-style, semi-weighted keys
- 8 smooth rotary encoders and 1 mixer-style fader
- angled top panel and backlit LCD screen
- DirectLink mode
- Axiom Instrument Maps

DirectLink: Streamlined Session Control

Direct LinkBuilding on the best-selling MIDI keyboard controllers of all time**, the updated M-Audio Axiom series features DirectLink, which automatically maps the onboard controls to common parameters in DAWs* like Pro Tools(r), Logic, Cubase, Live, and Reason. Take control over your software studio--directly from the keyboard. Use the fader and encoder knobs to fine-tune the mix. Easily navigate through sessions using the Transport buttons. Interfacing a MIDI controller with your software doesn't get any easier than this.

Serious Production Power

When inspiration strikes, you need a keyboard controller that can translate ideas into killer tracks. That's why the M-Audio Axiom 25 is equipped with an ultra-expressive semi-weighted keyboard and eight Trigger Finger(R) pads for programming beats with incredible feel. Automatically map Axiom 25 to your DAW with DirectLink--or delve deeper by assigning the pads, encoders, and fader to whatever controls you wish. Each controller can map to just about any MIDI message available, along with independent channel addressing for each. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Axiom Instrument Mode

With other MIDI keyboards, assigning controls to virtual instruments has never been easy. Now thanks to the M-Audio Axiom 25 controller's instrument mode, a single button instantly maps the fader, buttons, and encoders to any virtual instrument inside your DirectLink-compatible host*. You get direct access to synthesis parameters such as filter cutoff, LFO rate, and envelope settings--without having to manually configure anything. It's almost like turning Axiom 25 into a dedicated hardware synth.

Intuitive Design

Whether you're on stage or in the studio, your keyboard controller should fuel your creativity--providing all the right information and controls at your fingertips. That's why we designed the M-Audio Axiom 25 with a sleek angled top panel for easier viewing of the display and improved ergonomics. Smooth rotary encoders deliver precise, continuously variable parameter changes, giving you a hands-on feel for the mix. The backlit LCD screen provides informative feedback from DAW hosts, including on-screen display of parameters, settings, and track/VI names. It all adds up to intuitive control over your MIDI software and hardware. Mobile Operation

The Axiom series is extremely compact and lightweight and all models are powered directly from your computer's USB bus. Choose the size that's best for your needs, then take your music anywhere you want to go.
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Submitted November 10, 2011 by a customer from brankovukelic.com
"Works as advertised. No extras in the box. Rugged and good looking. If you want a keyboard, you might miss the extra keys. If yo"
I already miss the extra keys. Apart from that, though, but at this price point, and with this feature set, I doubt I will want to look for another controller any time soon.

The semi-weighted keys have a nice feel to them, although they may be tough for people with no piano experience, as semi-weighted means extra resistance. If you are serious about learning keyboards, semi-weighted might give you good muscle training, but you probably to go with 49 or 61 keys instead. Pads are very sensitive but the strange velocity curve is a wee bit hard to get used to. Once you get used to them, though, pads are very nice to play on.

Axiom 25 is one of those rare cases where all features work as advertised. I gave it a 9 here because of the missing essential extras. The box doesn't contain much except the keyboard and the single USB cable, though. No power supply unit, and no MIDI cables. The provided disc contains only the PDF manual, and drivers that you may not even need. The Ableton Live Lite isn't very usable to me (but full Live is good, and you get 30% off upgrade from Live Lite). Personally, I'm a FL Studio fan, so I would have liked discount on some of their VSTs, but hey... keyboard itself is still awesome. :)

Ease of Use
You will probably see many mentions of M-Audio Enigma while researching this product. It's a piece of antiquated read more software that is supposed to be able to program this keyboard. It doesn't work at all on Windows 7, so you shouldn't count on it. However, programming it using the keyboard itself is very easy. You do have to read the manual, but it is quite a good experience. If you follow the rule of reading the manual before approaching programming, you will probably agree that ease of use is a solid 10. I don't have much experience with different DAWs. After a bit of fiddling, the keyboard worked like a charm in FL Studio. Your experience may differ depending on your particular choice of DAW. For some DAWs, this keyboard will offer straightforward integration in the form of altered functionality of some of its parts to suit the style/need of the DAW.

Don't take this 10 at its face value, as this is my very first MIDI keyboard. The device is quite rugged. It has rubberized sides that protrude off the surface to prevent collision with surrounding equipment, which I thought was a VERY nice touch. The tiny rubber feet it stands on give it a firm grip on the desk, and it can't be easily moved during normal usage. The encoder knobs feel a bit cheap compared to other parts of the controller, but they operate smoothly and seem to do what they are supposed to. Pads have a very nice, smooth touch. They do feel hollow towards the corners, so you might get a strange feeling if you don't center your hits. On the other hand, hitting them on the corners yield less velocity so this might be used as a feature. Some buttons have a nice blue backlight, which also indicates their on/off status. Difference in intensity between on and off states isn't very good for a well-lit room, though. The LCD is large and clear, and displays enough information in most situations.

The price tag may be lower than on similar products, but you do get a lot of features packed in very small space. As someone who doesn't produce professionally, though, the price is a little bit steep.

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Musical Style:
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