Mad Professor Snow White Auto Wah (GB) Pedal

No longer available at zZounds
Get your funk on with the Snow White auto wah. Dial in the perfect settings to make your guitar parts squawk and talk, bringing the party to any stage.

The Mad Professor Snow White AutoWah (GB) is a combination of the previous Snow White AutoWah and the Snow White Bass AutoWah pedals. Now both of those fabulous auto wah sounds are in the same pedal making the unit even more versatile.

Snow White AutoWah (GB) has a very fast tracking and accuracy rarely found on autowah/envelope filters. With the four knobs you can have a total control of the effect. SWAW works both with both guitar and bass and you can fine-tune the pedal to suit your instrument, your playing style and your taste of tone. The pedal has a unique decay control for the filter frequency fall speed. You can set it to be fast for wah effects on every note, or slower for a more traditional auto wah sound.


- Sensitivity: Sets the filter trigger level, tune this carefully to fit your guitar/bass output and your playing touch. You can further change the sensitivity from your guitar volume knob while playing.
- Bias: Controls the filter resonance frequency. When Sensitivity is turned fully off the Bias can be used as a sweepable filter.
- Resonance: Controls the sharpness or Q-factor of the filter.
- Decay: Controls how fast the filter frequency falls back to resting point (that is set with the Bias control). This can be set fast (CW) so you get the wah effect on every note or slow for a more traditional auto wah sound.
- Playing: Please take a time to get used to the controls and as this is a voltage control filter it will react to your playing touch. The read more envelope control circuit is carefully designed to follow the dynamics of guitar/bass and it might take some time to master the Auto Wah playing technics. Try also adjusting guitar volume between 8 and 10 to further expand use. read less

- Supply voltage: 9VDC
- Current consumption: 15mA at 9VDC
- Input inpedance: 500K
- Output impedance: 1K
- Max input: -20dBV
- Complete bypass: True bypass

No longer available at zZounds

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